10 thoughts on “Sometimes what we want”

  1. well, i know how that feels. i had this make out buddy and i really liked him. we got into a fight and didnt talk for a while, then started talking again. i’ve always wanted him back and he recently just broke up with his girl friend. i was so excited about that because i thought this could be our second chance. turns out hes a major t00l now a days.

  2. when i first read this secret, it changed my life. Sometimes, I feel like people won’t let themselves have something because they think they are just being greedy or selfish. But there are those special cases when what you want can be the thing you need the most in your life. Sometimes you have to take the risk and go for it.

    i sincerely thank you for posting this secret.

  3. We don’t always know what we want, and often we change our minds. If there’s something we want, yes, there could be a chance that it’s what we need and will be good for us. When it comes to love, I say go for it. Sometimes, you just have to ignore what other people may be thinking, and follow your heart, what YOU want!

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