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  1. And you’re probably more normal than a lot of us. And because of the horrible things you’ve had to go through… you can now truly enjoy ever moment of life and not take things for granted.

  2. we all go through struggles
    you and i have had alot of the same issues
    and you’ve overcame them
    Congrats! You’re officially better than
    everyone whos ever fucked you over

  3. i have been through the same shit, i wish that i can say that the experiences has made me a stronger person, but that would be a lie. these experiences have fucked me over and under.

  4. I’ve also had to deal with similar shit, and in a certain way, I think it’s made me who I am. I feel like it’s such a big part of my life, that I would have turned out completely different if it weren’t for aforementioned shit. I think i’d be more whole and happy but also less compassionate, less forgiving, less loving and even more self-absorbed. I think i learned to make real connections with people, and recognize true beauty in people because of the struggle, depression and broken-ness.

    I’d also add, a pivotal part of my “recovery” was talking about it, with someone trustworthy. The first time I did, it lasted all night, we talked and talked and talked, and she let me cry and cry and cry and it was like poison being drained out of my being. I was reborn.

  5. This is my secret too. I’m 20. I went through different things- depression, drugs, sex, suicidal thoughts and attempts, getting kicked out of my house, being homeless for 2 weeks, getting hit by a car, going to rehab, going on prozac, getting raped by someone I trusted as a friend, and bulimia. I feel so different than other people, but no can tell. Everyone is always shocked when I tell them what I’ve been through. But I know they can’t really possibly understand how these experiences have shaped me, made me the person I am today.
    I have scars, some physical, mostly emotional. I never want to forget where I’ve been and what I have survived. I am the happiest I have ever been (except when I was a little girl) and I stopped taking my prozac 6 months ago because I didn’t need it anymore. I am excited about life again and I have stopped being so destructive towards myself. If anyone who has been through difficult times and would like to talk about it, or trade advice, my email is [email protected].
    I may not understand everything, but I do understand alot.
    My prayers and positive thinking go out to those who are viewed as ‘normal’ by everyone else when they have been through more than most go through in a lifetime.

  6. I get what you’re saying. I also feel like I am more compassionate and caring. *claps* bravo. I love your attitude about it, it reminds me of my own.

  7. Such sound advice. If one could just give psychotherapy with the right therapist a try, they could also feel “re-born.”

  8. You need to tell your Mom about the boyfriend if you did not already so she knows. She also needs to know about the abortion. Where is your Mother? Average and normal life? Right.

  9. And you need to stop being such a condescending bitch. People like you truly make me ill.

  10. i was raped. i had friends like this. friends that had never experienced anything similar to my situation but always felt the need to tell me what to do and how to feel about everything going on around my after what had happened. friends that since what has happened have refused to talk to me because i did not take their advice.

    people deal with things in their own way and unless you have personally experienced it, you have no idea what it is like to go through such things.

    altough i can say it has helped me tremendously to talk to others about this who have had similar experiences. however, i do agree that “mother” is being very condescending.

  11. i agree. talk to a loved and trusted one.
    sometimes, even strangers have the time of day.
    i know i would listen if someone wanted to pour their heart out to me.

  12. the exact same thing happened to me throughout the 15 i lived with my mother and despite of my sacrifice she choose him, and even though i love my mother i hate her more than anything in this world and i hope she suffers all the things that i had to go through just because of her. and i really wish with all my heart that she ends up alone and suffering, just like she deserves, and if not… i hope God sends her to hell for all she has done.

  13. blah! this sucks…. I know it’s hard to believe know, but time heals all wounds. Sometimes it takes a good bit of time, but you’ll see.

    In the words of Yoda “there is no why”.

    I got abused as a kid, and later on, raped by a stranger. There is no reason why those things happened, it’s the abstract cruelty of life.

    You can’t focus on the negative, though I know it’s hard. you have to think about the blessings, keep your eyes on what’s ahead and what you do have going for you.

    If you have the ability, get some therapy. if you can’t afford it, see if there’s a psych training school that has an outreach clinic. Regardless, hang in there kitty!

  14. i cannot understand people who say its made them who they are. people can be compassionate and kind without all that stuff happening to them.
    i am a good person and i still wish it hadnt happened

  15. It’s probably not good that no one knows what happened to you, but it is good that you don’t let the bad things that have happened in your life keep you down forever. I hope that you continue to live a happy life.

  16. Woww!While i feel like both of the rapes that happened to me, made me who i am today, which, for the most part (among many other reasons) I hate myself beacuase. The person that i recently fell in love with told me thats the first reason why he wanted to be with me, becuase he noticed that i would do anything i could for people i care about, weather i knew it would piss me off or fuck me over, and he wanted to be that person I give everything to. Thats what Ive always been about, trying to make other people happy, hes literally the only person in my 19 years of life that has ever noticed that. And I truly now believe that the reason i do that is becuase i know what it feels to be fucked over. What has happened to me, and Im nowhere near healing from it, has made me much more of a compassionate and understanding human being to what other people have been through. It has taken me 3 years to even start being able to talk about it and accept and even believe that recovery is possible for the things ive been through. And this guy basically told me that every single negative feeling i had toward myself would have never existed if that hadnt happened, and not in a bad way, that was the first time that anyone told me that it wasnt my fault and i truly believed it. It was someone I trusted, I loved all 4 of his kids, and his wife, so it literally killed me to have to (becuase my boyfriend of that time made me press charges) put him away, and break apart his family. I knew he wouldntve done it if he wasnt fucked up on drugs. But most important of all, once i started talking about it, it made me realize, it didnt make me a weak person, it made me more strong to be able to even admit that it hurts and reaching out for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. and sooo many people had told me that before, it just didnt register in my brain i guess. No matter how much time has passed, its not too late, get help, and know your not alone. I know ive rambled, but its my first time saying something on anything like this, and reading these comments made me feel alottt better, so I thought id share my pain to hopefully share with someone else that feels like theyre as alone as i felt like i wasss. Thoughts and prayers are with you alll <3

  17. I’m 14 and have sex more often than my older siblings and parents put together, i was raped by my ex girlfriend and i cut. I’m normal and happy (and a straight girl) too.

  18. I think you did an amazing thing by getting over it enough to live a normal life. I hope you can talk about it eventually and heal a little bit more.

  19. It is always interesting when you look like an ‘average’ person.
    I’m smart, funny, pretty, and rank… when the rank comes out everyone looks at me like an alien.
    You learn to survive anyway you know how, and sweets, all you darling people who have suffered…. you are not alone, and you truly are average, and most of all beautiful.
    No one changes who you are, nothing makes you who you are. Things come and go and one day all of this pain will be a distant memory.
    I’ve never been happier in my life, and it took 20 years of beating up on myself and being abused to realize that that is their shit, not mine.
    Take care and God bless!

  20. Just letting you know, you’re not the only one, I read that and seriously had to think if I submitted that while I was high one night. Everything on there happened to me. Know you’re not alone.

  21. I had a abortion nearly 2 months ago. I dont feel like there is anything i can do to ever forgive myself, I was forced into the abortion by my parents as i didnt know how to tell them i wanted my baby. How did you work through it?

  22. Split. Run for the hills. Get the fuck outta there. Do not repeatedly get raped and then turn to drugs and sex which were clearly an object in which caused these atrocities to happen to you. Call the cops. Dont sleep around and cut yourself.

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