22 thoughts on “My heart’s wall was built years ago”

  1. The sad part is that the person who made you build that wall around your heart has moved on and is happy but you are the only one who still carries the scars and perpetual lonliness

  2. I have so many of these walls
    Sometimes I wish someone would even push against them, just once
    But everyone is too lazy, and so they move on…

  3. Maybe one walled-up person is supposed to be the one to break down someone else’s wall. I’ve decided to make 2009 to be the year of let a few of my own bricks fall and hopefully someone will come along and tear down the rest. Good luck to you(s)!!!!!

  4. I would just like to use this space to express my dislike of the “rate this” function that was added, since I do not see an overall comment page. This is a place where people are telling their secrets to let them out, not to compete for the highest rating. This is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard of and it shows how much the internet is getting degraded. I really hope that it is removed.

  5. at least people try for you, I’m alone and anything left behind my walls died years ago, thanks mom and dad for making me feel like being gay made me a monster 😀 an inability to connect with other people is the perfect gift for a teenager!

  6. I tear through his walls… but I’m afraid to let him know me because I’m scared he’ll look through me like everyone else.

  7. I spent a year climbing that wall. One of the best things I ever did… looking back I’d definitely do it again. Then life happened and we had ten months of hell, he helped all he could, and then build another damn wall. I don’t blame him… we were pretty good at slaying dragons together, but I kept allowing more in than we could wipe out at once. And he felt like it was his job to kill them all not matter what.

    Peek back over that wall, baby. I’m still here. I’ll never be anything close to perfect, but I’m learning not to let in quite so many dragons, and I bought dragon repellent, AND I’M GOING TO CLIMB THIS WALL TOO! Please don’t throw rocks at me.

  8. This is exactly how I am too

    As long as someone show interest and shows that they love me I have the ability to love them…They just have to care enough to try =/

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