It’s been over a year since you dumped me

It's been over a year since you dumped me

It’s been over a year since you dumped me



96 Comments on “It’s been over a year since you dumped me

  1.  by  Me

    This postcard and the comments in response to it really hit home. I feel for each and every one of you, I know how this goes…

    I was with my exboyfriend for two-and-a-half years. He was my first real relationship, the only person I had ever really opened up to and trusted. Although we never had sex (because of moral and religious reasons), we shared everything else together, both each other’s first’s. And then, he ended it one day. His reasoning? That he had become someone he didnt want to be, and treated me horribly. We split up in order to “keep me from hating him in the end”. It hurt, but I still admired him for it. Even after splitting up and experiencing all of the hurt that I had gone through, I couldn’t bring myself to say or think one bad thing about him. I was devastated, seeing as every little thing had reminded me somehow of him. We promised to stay friends, although that quickly fell through and we stopped talking for a brief period of time. A month after the split, he used me for sex. We both had wanted it, but I had seen more in the situation than there really was. I was looking to get back together, he was not, and made that blantantly clear after the fact. I was more devastated than before, to the point where staying home in bed crying had become routine for me. We lost all contact after that… This was four months ago, and I am still not over it. I lost more than a boyfriend, but a best friend and a lifestyle. Life isn’t as enjoyable as when I was with him, and I sometimes think I am developing depression because of it. Although I put on a strong face on the outside, the inside crumbles to pieces every day. No one knows, but I still cry at night, secretly hoping that things with him and I will go back to how they were.

    So heres to you, Brad. I love you. I always have, and I always will. Please think of me once in a while, because I’m always thinking of you.

  2.  by  jennifer

    I love this post. It’s hasn’t been a year for me yet but I imagine this is how I’ll feel in a year.

  3.  by  jerome87

    I’m going through the same thing. The past year and a half was devoted to my girlfriend and now she is gone. Everything I loved to do, I also did and loved to do with her. Now I’m stuck because I’m scared to do what I used to love.

  4.  by  leonie

    This was me six months ago. And just as I started to fully move on, he came back. And as wonderful as it as that he is back and loves me., it’s very hard hard to accept that he left me and loved someone else in that time because I never stoped loving him. And he has his issues with my past in that time too.

    So just remember that if any of them do come back, it’s not going to be easy. But hopefully they are all worth it (:

  5.  by  will

    this looks a lot like a ex of mine also. weird.

  6.  by  Evie

    A lil’ bit redundant, un got here first, but the actual handwriting is from a lady.

    It’s not necessarily the style of the writing, it’s the characters, they are rounded, the actual penmanship is female.

    but granted, I have brothers, so I know guys feel this way, too.

  7.  by  B

    You need to move on…

    I feel exactly the way you do (it’s been a year since he left me, and I *still* think of him almost daily, unfortunately!), but you know what? All this pining and thinking over our exes, who are no longer in our lives, does nothing but take up valuable mental space and energy! Wouldn’t it be better to use all that energy to build up our lives instead?

    It’s extremely hard…but fortunately it’s also do-able. Good luck!

  8.  by  Amber

    It seems to me you will always have that first love or the one that got away the trick is to not let it get to you and hold you back so much that you let the right one slip away too because your to caught up in the past…it hurts to hear and is hard as hell to understand at some points but if you just let it go everything will work it on the end

  9.  by  amburger

    its been over 2 yrs since I broke up with her and I miss her more as each day goes on… I wish I would have never left

  10.  by  Lara

    It’s been 8 years. He was the one. He even flirted with me a few months back. I stopped him because as far as I knew he had a girlfriend. I found out later he didn’t and now he won’t talk to me. I ruined my second (and last) chance.

  11.  by  love

    i hear ya, it hasnt been a year yet for me either, but it hurts more and more ever day. i cant live without her even though i have my three bestfriends to help me through it. :( everyday i sit there and talk to myself about what could have been if her mother didnt get involved, i treated her like gold. the only reason her mother broke us up is because im a girl to. and she was upset that we were happier than she is. she didnt say that. but im thinking that that is the reason why.

  12.  by  Lanna

    It’s been six years, and I love him just as much. But we’ve never been together. And I still have hope that he will one day love me like I love him. Because, ever since I fell inlove with him, I only date women. He will be the only man.

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  14.  by  Yeah

    It’s been ten years…I think about him all the time. How do I get over that?

  15.  by  LY

    You’re not the only one, I was in a 3 years relationship and he broke up with me because of religious reasons, this breaks my heart because I really saw something different in him. Now all I see is that ALL men are the same. Its been a month and I pray every night that he’ll learn from his mistake and just come back to me, but then all I’ll do is brush him off because I’m scared of what my sister would think of me. All I want to do is just be with him and continue where we left off.

  16.  by  mackenzie

    my best friend told me the day after he dumped me..
    “build a bridge and get over it.”
    it’s been 3 years. i’m no where near building that bridge.

  17.  by  TW

    Reading this made me realize that I truly am not crazy.

  18.  by  B.

    I am in the EXACT same situation right now.

  19.  by  K.P.

    It;s the very same, my ex told me he’d love me forever, he lied and I’ve let him use me for sex multiple times since we broke up because it was as close to his love as I could get.

  20.  by  Secret Girl

    I left the only truly good man I’ve ever dated because I was young and didn’t want anything serious. I loved him then but wasn’t ready for it and wanted to live my life with some freedom. It’s now 15 years later and I think about him everyday and wish I could have been the woman then that needed him and loved him the way he deserved, instead of ending up the woman now wishing and waiting for him to find and love me again.

  21.  by  jaygirl

    I too have had this happen,17 years ago and thought and dreamt about him almost every day even though I had two 8 yr long relationships since then. 4months ago I left the second relationship and got “friended” by him on fb. We’ve been together now for the last 3 months, and we both have had the same feelings all this time. Sometimes the best things come to those who wait.

  22.  by  jason

    I understand exactly what you are going through. I went through this a while ago, and then again after a 5 year long relationship recently. I don’t know if it is a healthy thing to do or not, but I used anger to get over it. The way it was done was very bad and I was so upset over it. I just had to tell myself that I would not let this keep me down and that I would move on. It has gone alright, but I still think about her every day. In time this too shall pass… I hope.

  23.  by  Heart Broken

    I cant live a day without the guy im in love with even though i will never have him, hes my best friend and means everything to me but its been a couple monthes since the split and i will never be abe to understand that my heart still beats for him. i can never get him out of my head…….and like u, i wont if he feels the same way :/

  24.  by  Aurora

    These comments deeply depress me. I don’t want to be pining over him in a year, or even this time next week. Let it go; if they were right then they’d still be with you. They’re not, so accept it and move on. And for those letting their exes use them for sex… YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN THAT. You deserve so, so much better than that. And you know what? While you are pining over the jerks that cut you out of their lives you might miss out on meeting someone a million times better for you. I am still upset and hurting over the end of my relationship… But I will NOT let it haunt me for the rest of my life. Every day I think about him less and it hurts less. I know there will be a day soon when I don’t even think about him at all. And I can’t wait for that day :)

  25.  by  your.biggest.regret

    I was in love with my best friend for the longest time, and it was until he finally told me his true feelings for me. We dated for about 2 years and his reasoning for breaking up with me….according to him we lost the spark after 1 and a half months but he didn’t “have the heart to tell me then.” so he waited for our two year anniversary to do it. nows hes talking to one of my best friends behind my back even though he’ll never admit to it. he said he thinks we said i love you to each other too fast..he said it at 2 months. i said it at 9 months. and every day after he thought we lost the spark he just used me for all the sex in the world. it has been killing me every day since we broke up. i miss my best friend, but mostly i just miss him being right next to me every day and every night. then the one time we talked after our breakup he told me he missed me more than anything but he followed it up with a “but i really shouldn’t have said that to you, i don’t want to break your heart all over again.” as much as i want to….i can’t hate him…i still want him back. i don’t think i will EVER move on from him even though i have 3 amazing guys in front of me ready to date me.

  26.  by  Tom Belmont

    My girlfriend of 2 years left me for a guy who looks like Barack Obama the body builder lol.

    I still think about her, even thought it was a year and a half ago.

    The thing is though it does get easier. Keep busy, spend time with your friends, work/study/exercise or do whatever it is you do. Just don’t let it overwhelm you.

  27.  by  ashbash

    To “Me”
    I cried when i read your comment. No one has ever come so close to how i feel. This secret and the comment you made hit home. Thank you.

  28.  by  Take care

    it’s been over 2yrs since me and my ex divorced, due to him being lost and wanting to find himself. He wanted to stay friends and when I finally got over it to be his friend he no longer wanted to even be that. I told him I would rather have him in my life,as my friend then nothing at all but all of a sudden it was to hard for him even tho this was his choice, and I was forced to move on. I think about him all the time, and wonder where we lost each other. He is now in a relationship that he isn’t entirely happy with.I always think what would it be like if maybe we both would have fought harder for each other,and not giving up so easily. Although he is on my mind everyday I wish him the best and try everyday to move on, everyday is a struggle,but I have hope that what is meant to be will be, and with who ever it may be with, just keep having faith.

  29.  by  unknown

    this is what im afraid of.
    my current boyfriend is everything that i ever wish for. we have been together for 1 and half years now. i’ve never been happier. but im scared that one day he will just tell me everything is just a lie, because he’s just so perfect.

  30.  by  still miss him

    This is still me now 3 years after breaking up, he was my high school sweetheart was with him for 13 years then we got engaged a year after and months before our wedding he broke my heart. Within 1 month i had to moved out (we were living together) find my own place and live alone for the first time on my own. Another hard thing to go through is that I work with him so I still have to see him everyday. My 3 bestfriends have supported me a lot from literally dragging me out of bed and taking me out and just keeping me company. I love them all thank them for everything they have done but like you I am still unhappy. He WAS my bestfriend

  31.  by  bear

    well ok I met this guy online ever since day one on phone e hit it off i met his family he met mine he said he was gonna marry me since day one that I awsome lol but then one day i had a huge accident which lift me in bed rest and he didnt come till next day thats not even the end of it. He never came back too see me ever again after dating him a year and 4 months if i can count the 4 mounth he could just call me. I never really fell in love with a man like I did with him. I could go on on on with the crap this man did too me and how he treated me but why keep saying it ill never freakin get it. When we talked that last time the breakup i asked him for half a hr harassed him and demanded him too tell me who he was talking too a girl he finally told me he as but they where not dating only talking I mean really who does that too there gf on bed rest ,,takes off when things get defficult e had a plan and soo much more a place plans and he thru it all down the drian. Oh my gosh sorry once i start talking about this i cant stop lol its just this makes me mad :(.. It shouldnt in febuary it well be a year ago we broken up this is a in month. Few months after hte breakup my firned looked him up on facebook and he had a girl the girl that just made me soo mad.. like i wondered what did she have i didnt then i realize she worked at his job figures she was everything he claimed he never wanted too date… oh my gosh ill stop now ahh iam gonna punch a wall if i dont..

  32.  by  bear

    Lose the spark I hate it I mean when girls keeps trying but guy doesnt anymore sorry iam comment number 33 lol and here I go again men are just ughhh iam a man hater i hate them all i want a real guy but iam afraid he well do me wrong agian i cant stand one even one lie seriouslly

  33.  by  Kim Denny

    its been 4 years 9 months 13 days and 45 minuets. I wake each morning aware of your essence be fore I am aware of my own breath. I was power washing your porch .. you took my breath away. the steam from the water hid my tears.

  34.  by  Maddie

    I’ve been there before.. I was with my boyfriend for a year and six months. Throughout the relationship, we had our ups and downs like any normal couple would. There was an extreme emotional problem I had been trying to deal with even before he came along, I’ve never spoke to anyone of it until he came along. It was as if he was my safety from my fears and my emotions. He showed me something that no one has ever showed me before… but of course, we had to go our seperate ways at one point in our lives and we split up. It’s been about 9 months since the break up, and he’s been with his current girlfriend for 8 of those, but there is still days where we will talk and catch up, and there has been days when we have been hanging out and he tells me his feelings are still there but he doesn’t know how to act on them. I’m not entirely sure if I should have hope, or if I should just move on.. It’s so hard to move on because he was my first real relationship, my first love, my first dance, my first date, my first time. I’ve never been so close to anyone as I was to him, he was my lover and my best friend. Maybe, one day we will end up back together, but as for now, I will try to move on with my life, but keep him and the memories in my heart.. safe and in good shape just incase he decides he is going to come back.

  35.  by  Dimenticami

    We were together for 3 years. He broke up with me over a year ago WITH A 10 LINES E-MAIL. I never saw him or talked to him again… But still every single time I think about love, I see his face in my head, and it still hurts.

  36.  by  Smith

    My ex dumped me a week before valentines day and a week before our anniversary. It was totally out the blue!! I’ve never felt so much pain and cried so much, to make matters worse he stays 5 minutes from me and is friends with my friends! 7 months later I still think about him everyday but know he doesn’t even care about me or what he’s done to me!

  37.  by  Unsure

    I broke up with my ex over a year ago because he become a whiny dick. He’s at art school now with his new girlfriend. I still miss and still possibly love him. I’m pretty sure they belong together but I’m still alone.
    But hey, everything will be okay someday

  38.  by  Carly

    Love does some serious damage…my ex-broke up with me about 5-6 months ago. I can’t seem to have even 10 minutes to myself that won’t remind me of him. I have a feeling that I will still be this same way in the next few years. He and I shared everything except sex because of age laws. I do have to thank him some what for breaking up with me though because he taught me that a relationship can only work if you put everything on the line and risk it all. When you find that right person don’t let them go. If you do there’s a good chance that all your happiness will go with them and stay with them forever.

  39.  by  Sarah

    I dated my ex for 5 years, we lived together and were engaged. I come home one day to find his mom sitting at the kitchen table waiting for me. She tells me to go up to our room and inside it looks like a completely different girl has been living in my room. Sleeping in my bed. He left me that day. It was the worst day of my life. After knowing her for 2 weeks he took everything we owned and got a place with her. I hate him, he ruined everything I am. I loved him with my whole heart and he just turned out to be the biggest mistake I ever made.

  40.  by  Can't get it right

    This makes me tear up. I was with someone for 7 years. He was my best friend but I was always afraid to take the next steps (i was young when we met) and felt like there was someone better. He dumped me three years ago and is now happily married to the girl he cheated on me with two weeks before we broke up. I still think of him him and dream about him, 3 years later. A year after we broke up I did meet someone better, way better. But i never loved him the same way and never felt myself around him. I broke up with him three days ago.

  41.  by  Katherine

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  42.  by  Cecilia

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