22 thoughts on “I’m afraid to J walk”

  1. i know the feeling, i do that in my car some times just want to push the gas peddle and stear for the closest tree! Hang in there NO BODY is WORTH ending your life!!!!

  2. If you end it by walking out in front of traffic, you could cause a serious accident and hurt other people. People who care about living….

    Have some consideration people!!

  3. hang in there ppl, open ur eyes and see whats around u! life is never that bad that you have to end it…been there and came out the other side a stronger happier person! u have t all to live for believe me i know! i used to wake up everyday wanting to end my life, one day i really looked at myself and thought why? im so lucky to be here. i have more than most people, i have my house, my health and family a job. clothes on my back and food on my table… look at all those poor children all over the world who have nothing!
    i still was not happy, i had to change it for myself. i went out and retrained myself as a support worker, helping meet the needs of individuals who suffer from homelessness due to drug n alcohol addictions.
    that may not be ur way but all im saying is, only u can change things, no1else can do it 4 ya….
    open up and talk to sum1 bout ur feelings. it’ll take a huge weight off ur mind. please ppl dont give in, be a fighter n u’ll get through it! good luck n best wishes 2 ya all x

  4. I used to imagine what it would be like to cross the yellow line into the path of a semi. But I didn’t want that driver to live the rest of his life knowing he played a part in ending someone else’s life. Just because I lived in misery (or so I thought) didn’t mean someone else had to.

  5. Used to be, but not anymore. No where near it. Even so…I love mountain hikes, and the view from the top. But I still cant get too close to the edge, because the urge to take another step is still there.

  6. sometimes i get afraid to be on the road alone late at night, i always get the urge to miss the next turn at high speed….

  7. you took the words right out of my mouth… it’s like a glass wall. you can get as close as you want to the real thing, but never make it all the way…

  8. I J walk hoping that one day i will get hit, i want to call my mom and tell her i got hit by a car.
    it’s my goal for this year

  9. I lust for the day I finally get the courage to take advantage of this very obvious and very easy suicide option.

  10. @Lady

    Hi, I don’t know if you’ll ever get this. It’s been over three years since you typed the first comment about how you were feeling and I just wondered if you were okay? This might sound creepy but I know how it feels to be alone in the world.
    Hang in there.

  11. @Lady
    I agree with anna! I’m sure you’ll never read this, it’s been a long time, but still, it’s ok!
    Take a deep breath. People care about you. YOU have to care about you, too. It’s worth it.

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