47 thoughts on “I would let you use me again”

  1. I met her before college.
    I feel in love, she didn’t.
    She dumped me.
    We remained friends – yeah, that lie.
    Years later, she was dumped.
    I wanted her to use me.
    She used someone else.
    Even after we were married, it was the one thing I got mad about.

  2. =[
    I let him use me when I didn’t think my boyfriend and I were connecting.
    I was drunk and I know that’s no excuse but now I have two people that my heart belongs to.

  3. Trick yourself into feeling closer to someone, but then in the end you’re just letting yourself get used

  4. i always told myself i wont let ne guy use me there is this one i let use me and i ended up really liking him and i wnt him everyday

  5. what the hell is your problem? you post this shit on like everything look sorry your life sucks and your significant other cheated on you, but why upset other people that’s rude disrespectful and being all gloomy and depressed isn’t gonna find you a date anytime soon. Obviously these people are going through a bit of a rough time too STOP BEING AN ASSHOLE!!!!

  6. I would let him use me again, because I have so many other times.
    I loved him he loved me. He left me, but he cam back for me.
    He’s in a relationship again. He’s still using me. I keep letting him.
    I’ll probably always let him…

  7. I know he doesn’t like me. But I let him use me because I have a huge crush on him.

    I’d let him use me again too.

  8. I know right now he is using me, but I let it continue in the hope that he will pick me over her…eventually!

  9. I will always let him use me too. I don’t want anything more from him than to be used by him. I know he loves me too. And that’s enough. Simply because he anything more wouldn’t work. He’s not capable of more, and if we had it now it’d be tainted. I’ll know I’m settling and I’ll do in anyway. Just to be used by him.

  10. He lives 30 steps away from me.
    Every time I walk by his room, I wish he would come out so he can use me.

    I know he doesn’t love me.

    I’m not sure I love him.

    Around friends we don’t even talk to each other.

    And I blame myself for being such a whore on ruining our friendship.

  11. My boyfriend and I were together for only a week, and we weren’t completely connecting yet either. I was feeling alone and upset, and I slept with the only man to ever break my heart. He hurt me when we dated shortly 3 years before. I was 15, and he was 19. I knew that this time around, when he cheated on his girlfriend of 2 years with me, he was just using me. I guess physically i’ve always been his dream girl, but he never really wanted me for anything else even though I could’ve loved him. The thing is, i’m finally, finally free from him. He no longer has a spell over me, because I used him back. And even though he was the BEST SEX OF MY LIFE, its never going to happen again, unless i say so. because he still wants me, bad. and if i do sleep with him again, i will be the one using him.

  12. It seems there are a lot of horny ladies here…


    I promise to be the BEST SEX you can imagine. And I never break promises 😉

  13. i lost my virginity to this boy i’ve liked for two years now. we were never really anything and i gave up on all hopes of me and him ever being together.. but for some reason, for me, he’ll always be that one guy i’ll always have feelings for. now, we use each other. i used him when me and my boyfriend of three weeks broke up, and he uses me when he’s back home from college.. even though he has a girlfriend. i feel bad but it makes me happy. i think i still secretly want him really bad but because i know we will never be together, i settle for less..

  14. I lost my virginity to a girl I had a relationship with for over a year. I was madly in love with her. I will never tell anyone but I don’t regret a second of it.

  15. He used to be my best friend, and then one day he wanted me the way I’ve wanted him since we met. Now we never talk when other people are around. But I still let him use me whenever he wants. I think I always will. And I’m afraid that its keeping from finding someone who really loves me. I still want him to love me.

  16. this guy is awesome, i dont know who you are but you are really what this post needed.

    i mean all you fellow women get a grip, if you always let a man use you he is never gonna respect you.

    keep every relationship between your legs and don’t let a man compromise who you are.

    don’t be a push over, remember you have the advantage if you want it.

    fuck him, dont let him fuck you.
    and mr. secret lover kudos

  17. I totally understand.
    But I wasn’t even drunk.
    I like to qualify it with the fact that he’s cheated on me too, but that was after.
    And he still doesn’t know.

  18. I keep wishing you sent this. I’m sorry I used you, but you used me too. I wish we could just have fun again without any dumb emotional strings.

  19. I would let him use me a hundred times over again as long as I get to use him too 🙂 mmmmm my boyfriend will never know!

  20. Why thank you. My middle name is “awesome” and I was born in Awesome-land 😉

  21. I went out with a guy, we never got to doing it before he cheated. I’m a virgin, I wish I could use him for practice, but I’m afraid of falling for him again.

  22. I would definately let him use me again.

    It’s been almost four years and that still was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life. GAH!

    Jeez, now I miss him.

  23. I would definitely let her use me again.
    To see that sparkle in her eye for one more night.
    Is worth all the pain I endured the year afterward.
    Until she used me again.
    And the pain is definitely STILL worth it.

  24. I met him lsat year. We liked each other from the moment we met. Or at least i knew i liked him.. a lot. And he told me he felt the same. A few months after he confessed to me that he had a girlfriend the whole time. I was devistated. So hurt, but i couldn’t get over him. We continued to see eachother, and he continued to date her. I wanted him to be with me, not her. So out of desperation i handed him my virginity. and he held on to his girlfriend. But swore to me that eventually we’d be together. This went on for months. Until i finally said im done waiting, and im done letting you take advantage of me. A few weeks later, my best friend starts talking to him, flirting, and such. knowing how much he hurt me, and seeing me cry over him countless times. i asked her to stop because it hurt me. she promised that she would stop. 3 days later, she tells me that they had sex. I will never speak to her again. But i’d still give him what he wants..

  25. These comments make me sick.

    Get some dignity and self respect.

    Find a guy or girl that reciprocates your love and do your dirty deeds with THEM.
    You don’t need an old flame to do the job. Sex is so much more rewarding with actual feelings attached anyway.

    Boo hoo to all of you. Get the fuck over it and find someone new.

    I understand that losing someone is painful and being lonely is crap (I’ve been there too), but you’re allowing yourselves to be put right back into that same shit fest of a situation. Break the cycle. Stop being ho bags.


  26. I’m a girl who wishes to be used by a girl….sexually because I want it so bad. The problem is, I’m only 12 years old && already a lesbian.

  27. he was a phsycopath who was extremely rude
    I was extremely desperate
    I let him use me
    everytime we go together a piece of me died…

    but I would let him do it again if he asked…..

  28. I let my best friend use me, he promised nothing would change between us, but everything did. I didn’t know he had a girlfriend when it happened, and i felt like a total whore afterward, and he doesn’t even talk to me anymore. But honestly, i would give anything for it to happen again

  29. I feel used, I don’t know if he meant it to be that way – but I do. But the excitement, the forbidden nature of what we did. I’d let it happen all over again.

  30. I think I will let that girl use me for the rest of my life not just because I love her but because….thats what best friends are for.

  31. i would aswell, we werent even together and he was my first to do anything with, when i was with my boyfriend he didnt know any time we done things id think of him, id do anything to get him again, worst part: im 14

  32. i lost my virginity on november 5. i’m only 15 & the guy was 17… but i thought he loved me. and i thought i loved him. so it seemed right. even though i only knew him for a few months. it was scary and fun all at the same time. i don’t regret it.. i don’t want to atleast.

  33. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her. I knew her boyfriend had cheated on her and she was just having sex with me because of what he did to her. It’s been over 4 years now and I would still do anything for her to be with me and even though I told her I love her, she doesn’t want anything to do with me. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to love again because I still think about her all the time.

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