I wonder

I wonder

I wonder what you’re thinking about when you hold our son because I know you never wanted him in the first place.

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  1.  by  K.T.

    I never wanted my daughter and when i had her it changed everything for the better, I love her more than life

  2.  by  cherie

    I had a little girl that i love dearly too. Too bad her father only pretends to. It’s even sadder that i love him to much to leave him. i am torn between the two.

  3.  by  RW

    My child never got the chance to be held because his father wanted him dead so badly.

  4.  by  Cali

    My firstborn is his fourth unwanted, and I am pregnant again with his fifth. It doesn’t mean I don’t want them, and doesn’t mean I don’t wonder.

  5.  by  me

    My sons father never wanted him, now we are broken up he takes him to spite me.

  6.  by  biggerman

    I wonder if thats the way the mother of my little girl feels.
    … i really dont understand how she could have left.

  7.  by  v.k

    My daughters father did’t want hes dissapeard and tried to have her taken in to care. He would rather see her with strangers then me. Hes not told his family or his now wife. My family dont know this! It breaks my heart….

  8.  by  laura

    I started crying when I read this, because it’s true for me too.

    I know he loves our son, I know because I see them together and he really, really does. But sometimes I break down because of the horrible things he said 3 years ago when I told him I was pregnant.

    I don’t know if I’ll ever totally forgive him for that.

  9.  by  JustMe

    That’s heartbreaking…
    When I see things like this it makes me want to slap the fuck out of the douche that said they didn’t want their kid…
    Man up.
    You stuck it in, you get what comes out.

  10.  by  Chelsea Kasmiskie

    My boyfriend doesnt want to have his own kids because hes scared that there will be something wrong with them.
    He only wants one child so they can be spoiled and he wants to adopt.
    I want.. NEED to be pregnant before i die. I want a son… i even have his name picked out.
    He doesnt like the name because i came up with it before i knew him and he says it would feel like it was mine and someone elses child.
    But i love that name and i am going to be pregnant one day.
    If he doesnt love our child…i dont know.

  11.  by  Ronnie

    I am the unwanted child of the father, it change change the person i am today, only becauce i have met him once, in 21 years, and realize you are who you are, regardless. Have no fear for your child, just show him the love he deserves and he will grow into the man you would want him to be.

  12.  by  amanda

    the moment he saw his baby, his whole life probably changed. if he’s there with his son, that says so much. everyone has their fears in the beginning, but becoming a parent is the most incredible feeling in the world, regardless of how you feel beforehand.

  13.  by  I'mStillHere

    I think this same thing, only about my friend and her boyfriend. Sometimes I wish I could tell them both to look what they almost gave up- and didn’t, only because it was too late.

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