I wish

I wish

I wish…

I had no secrets, like everyone thinks.



9 Comments on “I wish

  1.  by  E

    Maybe if I convince everyone else I don’t have any secrets I’ll start to believe it is true. Maybe eventually I’ll forget all my secrets ever existed.

  2.  by  Laura

    I have no secrets any longer, I wish I could have my secrets back. I hate people knowing who I am and what I’m really like.

    I wish people would think I had no secrets, maybe it would stop the gossip?

  3.  by  e

    i tell everyone i keep no secrets and that if they ask me, i’d tell them everything.
    but the truth is, no one will ever know the truth because if i told i know everyone would be so disappointed in me.
    that look kills me.

  4.  by  what happened to loging in

    Me too! Everyone thinks I have no secrets….that’s a good one!

  5.  by  ManiaAz

    am I the only one who finds this picture just a little bit creepy.

  6.  by  jaymonigga

    Get real dude everyone has secrets. There are skeletons stacked up in my brain. Its a fuckin morgue in there. Get over it.

  7.  by  justastar

    I wish I could have my secrets bk. To be a mystery again, to not be so open and judged. I wish to start fresh in a new place where noone knws anything abt me and I am an enigma. I am a good, geniune, sweet person I just hate that it’s overshadowed with the things ppl knw happened to me and replaced with pity.

  8.  by  sjdfjasdfsdjklfjaslfj

    I have done way too much too lead me to this point, but I know how you feel. I’ve actually buried myself in a sea of lies and I don’t know what is real anymore. I just want to be me again, but I have no idea who I am. And so, I choose to kill myself everyday with drugs.

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