32 thoughts on “I want to have an affair with a teacher”

  1. hey. bad idea. that just happened to a chick at my school and now she’s the school whore.
    …but i fantasize about it too. 😡

  2. I have. To echo most everyone else’s comments… it’s so totally not worth it. After it ended badly, which was inevitable, I’m still working to put the pieces of me back together.

  3. She is not the school whore. She’s the girl at school that everyone, including you, calls a whore.

    Shame on you all, that will come back to you one day.

  4. its a bad idea. i was/ am in love with a person that was my teacher. But, because i wanted something real with him, not just some fling, I waited until after graduation (10 months after graduation) to make any sort of move. Now we’re together. yay!!
    but it’s a bad idea to go for it while you’re in school. it puts both of your future’s in jeopardy.

  5. It loses its appeal when you are past the teaseing and flirting and he becomes truly interested in you. Especially when he’s married. It’s just no fun when he starts chasing after you…

  6. to all of you who say you have, i can’t help but feeling jealous, even though they all ended badly.

  7. I spent two years wanting to date my english teacher…now he’s married and I’m off to college to become a teacher.

  8. I had sex with one of my teachers.
    I never wanted a relationship with her.
    Just the grades.
    I feel like me telling you this undermines what you guys are saying.
    But I want to see if there’s anyone else out there whose just plain fantasized about fucking their teacher.
    Not fucking and falling in love.

  9. Wait.
    And DON’T let it influence your subject choices.
    Trust me, the feeling only gets worse, and it leaves you a MESS when you never see them again.
    I remember.
    I’m sorry 🙁

  10. Yeah totally jealous of those who say they’ve had a fling with their teacher. Wait until you get to college it gets better. But seriously it usually does end badly for both parties.

  11. if i knew no one could ever find out i would in a heartbeat, i think about it everyday. the fact that he’s married doesn’t even bother me.

  12. I flirted quite a bit with my grade 12 math teacher, UNTIL i found out about a month into the year he was living with a long-term partner and their child. By this point i already had some feelings for him, not love, but i did have a crush. the one thing i can’t ever fathom doing is having an affair with somebody who’s taken, so i STOPPED flirting with him completely, i just couldn’t do it.

    i’ve never been good at math and with all the time i had to spend with him over lunch and etc we actually became and stayed quite good friends.
    we were REALLY close and although it was never sexually innappropriate, we definitely depended too much on eachother for somebody to lean on and divulge secrets to. him just as much as me, i knew a lot about him and never told ANYONE.

    then on graduation night he walked me home from the after party ( i lived in a farily small town where all the kids from the graduating class and teachers would go to the same club after grad). we sat by the football field on the way to my house right by the school and he told me how he’d been attracted to me all year and wanted me so badly. we talked for ages and it was one of the hardest things i had to do, but i had to tell him no.

    the next week was hell and i felt unbelievably guilty despite my decision to take the high road. i lost a lot of respect and admiration for him and my whole perception of him and the person he was changed.
    that was one of the HARDEST things i’ve ever gone through. he was among my best friends and i felt so betrayed to be put in the situation to have to tell him no.
    i had to be the adult, and i was 18. he was 36.

    he was the reason i got that credit and graduated, and he meant the world to me as my teacher but also as my friend. i’d be hard pressed to find any teacher who wasn’t atleast somewhat a friend who would take that much time out of their own schedule to put into a student not just passing but GETTING the subject material. he did that for me, but i started to question why.

    i’m more at peace with it now and i know i made the right decision, however my naivity and ability to put somebody on a pedistole is gone, they have to go WAY out of their way to proove to me they are worthy of that. in a way it’s good, but i’m also sad that i lost that part of me so soon. I’m twenty now and I feel too old for my age, I don’t like it.

    It’s a nice idea and i certainly was wrapped up in it myself in high school, but the reprocussions are severe. Mine are stark in contrast to those who get found out and punished by law/authority, i only had to deal with my own concsience.

    enjoy your fantasy but remember it’s best as just that…a fantasy.
    reality is more complicated.

  13. I had an affair with four of my professors throughout my four years of college. One of them turned out great. She had just gotten divorced, and I was just getting out of a long relationship. We were exactly what the other needed at the time. I am still friends with her today, and she has remarried.
    The other three did not turn out so well for me. The second professor was not someone that I had in class. The third professor I actually lived with one summer. She broke my heart. Administration found out that we were seeing each other. I came home from work one summer day to find all of her things gone. I have not talked to her since. I hear that she is living in another state and doing well. I have tried to contact her with no response.
    My senior year I fell in love with my journalism professor on a spring break trip to New Orleans helping hurricane victims. Our relationship continued for a while after I graduated, but she eventually broke it off and returned to her ex. She was afraid of what people were saying. We have no communication now. I have a job that requires me to return to that campus. I run into her every once and a while. She simply smiles and says Hello. We don’t say anymore than that. We are soul mates, but can’t be together. She will always be my muse. I recently received an email from the college saying that this will be her last semester to teach. Someone told me that she is quitting because of me. She cant be on campus without sparking memories of us together. It kills me. She has kept me from getting in another relationship and it’s been almost two years. I miss her more everyday. I hope she calls soon.

  14. I teach high school English. In the last decade, we’ve had three teachers marry former students. They have all ended BADLY. The staff member ends up doing all the work, and the student complains that the teacher stole their childhood.

  15. I am obsessed with ezra and aria from the show “secret little liars”, ezra is this sexy high school english teacher and aria is one of his students, and they are in love and have a secret relationship.
    I have something that I hope to become a relationship with a teacher at my school. I am 16 and he is in his 20’s, and he actually teaches the mentally challenged kids, so I offered to help him in the mornings, so I can be with him every morning. He was really happy when i asked to be his helper, and he gave me the mos gorgeous smile 🙂 I cant wait to spend time with him, and get to know him and have him get to know and love me, I really want to be with this guy, he’s perfect <3

  16. So do I. I understand it’s not a good idea, not emotionally or politically, but I think that’s half the reason for it. The balance of power and authority combined with the taboo makes it a very romantic idea.

  17. Thats fuuuckin proooo! Bro bone down on Ms. Jones if shes fine as shit. If not stick with your lady bro, bein a teacher doesnt make her any more sexually inclined.

  18. I’ve always wanted to have an affair with a teacher. Maybe not a blown up, sexual affair. But I definitely like the flirting. Just kissing and such would satisfy me. I would never do it, because they’d risk their job, but I can’t help but fantasize every now and then. It also doesn’t help when they say you can skip in their class whenever you want, even if it’s their planning period…

  19. I had the affair. Things went great for about six months then downhill very very quickly. Luckily the worst of it didn’t come until after I stopped taking his classes. The anxiety of someone finding out or it affecting us negatively was too much to handle sometimes. However, somehow we got through it all and six years later he’s a great friend. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  20. I got caught. I wish he hadnt wanted anything, and I was niave enough to fall for it. We were caught and he was fired. And not one day goes by where I dont miss him. I have no closure. And the temptation to contact him is horrible. But its been a year. I should let him move on.

  21. I had a relationship with a much older teacher, he was my sexy chemistry teacher, I had kind of been dropping little flirty comments all year, but only to him. Then one day I stayed after school to get help with some chem I didn’t understand, so he helped me and then when we finished we both sat there then he ran his hand up my skirt and pretty much from then onwards because his wife was a shift worker i would go to his house after school and we’d have sex. It was amazing, all the sneaking around, and sometimes during school he’d drop me little things like when he would come to help me at my desk while nobody was watching he would touch me. Having just a sex relationship with a teacher was the best decision i ever made. SOOO GOOODD! So much more sexy. xoxo

  22. I did it, and it was simultaneously the best and most painful experience of my life. But that being said, I do it again in a heartbeat. It’s been over 12 years and I still think about him every single day. He was my first and only true love.

  23. what the hell! I’ve been working it since September and still I have nothing, yup I agree 100 freaking percent with the people who haven’t had teacher affairs, I’m dying of jealousy at the other end of this screen x_x

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