15 thoughts on “I sent the boy who I met on myspace naked pictures of myself”

  1. i find i jerk off to guys.. but i wouldn’t kiss them or anything.. and sometimes i think i’m a homophobe.. i dont know if i’m gay but i get the excitement of doing thigns like that too..

  2. listen boy’s from my knowledge, i don’t think your gay but definatley bi sexual or curious. you both enjoy performing or recieving pleasure from males. i just hope theres no other partners involved as their gonna get hurt. women will not understand. so an explanation about ur feelings would be appropriate before serious relationships can take place….. ive seen it happen b4, male friend of mine had a serious relationship wit a girl for 4 yrs, had a baby together. he had been doin the same n watchin gay porn, sendin naked pics… he has now came out to is gf as bein bi and has been for the 4 yrs theyve been together. she is heart broken and says she will never trust him again! be warned ppl, u have to think bout what ur doin!

  3. That’s not necessarily true – plenty of people fantasise about things they have absolutely no interest in realising.

  4. Alot of straight guys love it when gay/bi guys find them sexually attractive. I know many people who find it to be a heavy compliment that I like them, it’s more common than one may think, also it doesn’t make anyone gay (except for the obvious gay/bi party)

  5. What? I’m a girl, and I have no problem dating bisexual guys. Hell, I’ve dated two bisexual guys at the same time. And I like the idea of watching gay porn WITH a bi guy I’m dating, since the men in gay porn are so much better looking than the men in straight porn!

  6. Because you are searching for flattery from gay men does not make you gay. You like the attention. There is nothing wrong with that. The important part is that you are open and honest with the other person. You must inform them that you enjoy showing off for them but that you are straight and that you do not want to do anything more than show off to that person. You would be gay if you had a desire to have sex with someone of the same gender as you. Since you do not have that desire, you are straight. Think of it this way, there are many gay porn stars who are straight. They do the porn because they make more money being straight and doing gay porn. It does not make them bisexual or gay, it makes them businessmen selling their bodies as a commodity.

  7. Uh. I don’t think you’re a homophobe. You could be acting taht way to compensate for the fact you know you masturbate to men.

  8. Uhm. I don’t think he’s gay. I flirt with other (wo)men online simply because I like the attention (though I don’t give out pictures) and I’m super happy with my boyfriend. I think wanting to feel sexually validated is a very human emotion.

  9. Why were you on myspace and not facebook? Lol all kidding aside, your not gay. Your definitely not straight though. Live your life how you see fit, and stay happy with every decision you make. Don’t come to post secret looking for reassurance. You are a beautiful person, who needs no validation.

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