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  1. Yeah, same. “/ dont really talk to anyone else on msn or anything, and just smile when he comes on
    it sucks.

  2. You are not the only one that is the only reason I am online so much I hate being online really
    I just never want to miss it when he is on so I can talk to him.

  3. I know how you all feel, and it sucks to know that i’m so lonely that a couple of lines brightens up my days, knowing full well that she’ll never love me the way I love her and her child

  4. i hate this secret.. because my first love was guilty of this. he was too weak to tell me in person, &he was too weak to give me a reason. but he was never too weak to neglect me or make me feel like i was going crazy. he was weak.. &so is this secret. i’m sorry for those i’ve offended, which i’m sure i have. i hope you understand.

  5. I go online to check if he signed into his myspace that day. My only joy comes in knowing he’s alive, and that’s the only way I can be sure.

  6. That’s right. You’re not alone. And we finally gt together – going strong for a year plus now. 😉

  7. This simple statement describes me to a tee. I started off just wanting my own little area in cyberspace in which to exist. I certainly wasn’t looking to care for anyone in particular. She and I just hit it off really well. We have the same sense of humor and interests. Now 8 months later I seem to have feelings for her that I didn’t mean to develop. I was open to friendship and now I think of her a lot and wonder what it would be like. Theres just one problem. My wife certainly wouldnt approve. This whole thing just kind of creeped up on me. I havnt physically done anything but I think about this other person a lot. Man I suck!

  8. Me too.

    Sometimes I even go on and sit around when shes on, like Im busy, but really Im waiting to see if she will IM me first so I dont look like a stalker with no one else to talk to.

  9. He doesn’t talk to me anymore. So I check his Facebook to see if he’s been on lately, because even though he lives on a different continent and has a girlfriend there, I still love him. I’ve accepted that we’ll never see each other again, but I still break down crying from thinking about him.

  10. I’ve been in like with the thought of this guy for 10 years.

    He came out for a business trip and I went to visit him at his hotel.

    While in his room, he made a move on me and I gave him the Heisman.

    I had a bf at the time who I thought I was going to marry.

    I am single now and kick myself every time I think of that night.

    I should have slept with him. No one but him would have known.

    We laugh about it now if he goes online… I still am in like with him.

  11. I do the same. It’s supposedly to talk to my husband but really it’s to talk to my boyfriend. My husband wouldn’t mind since we have an open marriage but I still feel guilty about it. He’s also better equipped than my husband but I would never tell either one of them.

  12. I’m happily married to a workaholic, but when he’s gone I am so lonely. I met “my Brit boyfriend”(my husband’s name for him) on FB. The fun, flirty chat was the ego boost that I needed and filled a void for me. After almost a year things went bizarre when he admitted to having feelings for me(even though I think I may have felt the same). We are both married and that was a line I didn’t want to admit had been crossed. We didn’t speak for a long time. Now that we’re back in contact it’s awkward and sporatic but I still check obsessively for a message.

  13. I go online just to talk to my best friend, I am a female and my best mate is a guy, his fiance has banned him from seeing me, talking to me, or contacting me in anyway just as she is scared that he will leave her for another female, there are a few of us in the same situation, and we all miss him. I know he’ll never be online but i sit and hope. I miss my best friend. It’s been a year and a half now. I hope he misses me as much as i miss him. xxx

  14. i think i’ve probably failed most of my exams because instead of revising or sleeping i sat up talking to you on msn til 4 in the morning most nights……..id do it again xxxxx

  15. I haven’t had a good nights sleep in weeks and i really don’t care because you mean more to me =] Even if technology hates us… it only makes me want to be with you more. (L)xxxxxxx

  16. I used to do this
    Then stuff got messed up :/
    I really miss you even after how you treated me

  17. I fell in love two years ago, i’m still in love with the guy. But i started to talk to this other guy on myspace who is just simply amazing, and i write in his truth box all the time telling him that he is the best guy in the world, that he needs someone like me, that me and him show be together. But it’s to bad that he live in Iowa.

    And believe i started to talk to him i was going to delete my myspace but then he changed my mind and now he is the only reason why i have one…

  18. I still go online everyday just so i can talk to her. She means a lot to me but we’ve both moved on… or at least we think we have.

  19. i go online cause my shift is hella gay and i pass the time by writing shit on sites like this. your reason seems way more legit. Keep it up

  20. This happened to me for months and after many sleepless nights for both of us i finally summed up the courage to tell him. Now, 2 years later and 2928 miles away..we’re still together 🙂

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