6 thoughts on “I DID kiss you back”

  1. Is he MARRIED! If so you both DESERVE each other. KISS back again, but if he cheats on her he WILL cheat on YOU! GOOD LUCK with that!

  2. That’s not necessarily true. I cheated on my ex-husband, because he was a bastard…. I am now happily married (to the man I cheated with), with a baby, a house, and everything else I’ve ever wanted. I couldn’t be happier!

  3. I love it! You’re the only TRUE story i’ve heard of where a situation like cheating doesnt end up horribly…..you give me hope

  4. I cheated too. My husband was a drug addict and I didn’t know that, at the time, I just knew something was wrong. I was young and needed affirmation that I was ok, I hated it and never did it again. Stayed married way too long to him, hoping it would get better. Finally left and remarried to a great guy. Haven’t thought about cheating since that first time.

  5. Love makes you do strange things, hm?
    Lust does too.
    I’ve been cheated on.
    I hold no ill will toward you.
    This was your secret to tell.
    I’m glad you found it in you to be able to share it. 🙂

  6. cheatin is fucked up. there is no situation that can possibly justify cheatin on a man. congratulations, you have dropped pretty low on legitimate people scale

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