i am your first and only girlfriend

i am your first and only girlfriend

i am your first and only girlfriend.
first kiss, first time, first everything.

you say you want to stay with me forever.
& i believe you.

i’m so scared you’re going to regret staying with me & not seeing “what else is out there”

i swear,
you’re not missing anything.

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  1. …until you grow up, look back over your life and smile at your string of flings…then turn around and realize you’re alone.

    Don’t get me wrong, not wanting to die alone is no reason to try and force a sincere relationship. But life is meant to be shared. Where is the joy in living if you have no one with which to share your joy? Sad…

    The nightlife is great but the lights go down, and who wants to go home alone?

  2. God bless men like you. Sincere men are hard to find, I hope your girlfriend knows how lucky she really is!

  3. My boyfriend said we should go on a “break” cos he got that “I wonder what’s out there” feeling, so he just wanted to screw around and come back to me, when I realised he was a knob and dumped him, he realised how good we were together and begged and cried for me to get back with him and it took him a year to get over me….moral of the story, dont break up with someone thinking there’s something else out there unless you’re 100% sure!!!!

  4. i was my ex boyfriends first everything
    i hate thinking i was just there to be his first and nothing else
    i wanted to be his first and only
    and since we are not in highschool or anything, it seemed realistic

    i am still the only girl he has slept with
    i really want it to stay that way
    i want to be with him
    or i dont want him to be with anyone

    in a selfish way
    i am so glad he is inexperienced sexually because it keeps him more shy about getting with girls
    and keeps me as the only girl he’s slept with

    am i disgusting for thinkign that =/

  5. I hate to break the mood, but SWEETIE BE CAREFUL!!!

    i was my fiance’s first and only, we had a baby together, and after all this, he sleeps with my best friend, a hundred metres from my house, while i am at home in BED waiting for him.

    Things between us will never ever be the same again.

    I can’t forgive him.

    He isn’t all mine anymore.

  6. There’s a few things wrong with your statement. =/

    For one thing, you call yourself his first and only, but clearly you’re not his ONLY if you know he’s sleeping with someone else.

    Second of all, you say he’s sleeping with your best friend. This is untrue, because a BEST FRIEND would not sleep with your fiance.

    Finally, you still refer to this guy as your fiance.

    Why are you letting these people walk all over you? Break up with the guy, and let that girl know exactly what kind of “friend” you know her to be.

    Please do not make the biggest mistake of your life by marrying this scum bag.

  7. Well, i was his only until then.
    and she was my best friend at the time.

    however, he is still my fiance, i do not want to deprive my beautiful son of his father.

    i just cant bring myself to do it.

  8. You could always try an open relationship (whether more swinging style or more polyamorous). He can see what’s out there but still be with you!

  9. my boyfriend is my first everything (I have had other boyfriends when I was younger but nothing serious, and nothing ever happened).

    I would actually marry him right now if I could.

  10. i feel exactly the same. i’m so afraid that my boyfriend will get tired of me, and want to try “something else”..

  11. These relationships are just a pathetic excuse to be a whore and it be “morally okaaay” Its stupid to say you have a boy/girlfriend but can still be with other people. It just gives you both the “okay” to cheating and you shouldn’t be together in the first place. If you are both curious about “who else is out there” then maybe you both aren’t truly happy and need to move on.

  12. i dated a guy who i was all his first!! and i felt bad for him he was tlkin about marriage 2 1/2 months into the relationship…. his parents were eachothers first and he wanted to do the same.. and since i was his first he wanted us together for ever…. but i knew how that was , and i remember breakin up with my 1st cause i didnt want to live wondering wats out there and i thought ifi ts meant to be ill find him again.. and we will be together.. and i ahve had wonferul people come into my life since then sooo i know its better to let go SOMETIMES.. soooo i basically broke up with him and told him he needs to go out and look for somethin diff.. and if it was meant for us we would be together again but he was to hurt after.. he still had no gf.. 2 yrs later and hates me for leavin him

  13. It makes me so happy that the guy I finally had to guts to tell I liked, has been with other girls, and I’ve been out with other guys. Now, if things work out, neither of us will ever have to worry we missed out on other people. Finally, something to take solice in.

  14. My dad was my mother’s first everything too, and they have been happily married for 20 years.

  15. My boyfriend and I have been dating for over 6 1/2 years. I am his first girlfriend. Now he is unsure of our relationship. It kills me because I know without a shadow of a doubt that we are meant to be together. I hope he comes around and remembers how he felt when he was looking for engagement rings…

  16. My boyfriend and I dated for 3 years. We were each others first everything. We broke up 6 months ago because he said I wasnt worth it anymore. I still look at pictures of us every day. I still talk to him every day. Because I do not know how to be whole without him. I do not mean to sound pity party. Just be careful. Everything is perfect until it isnt.

  17. we lasted 1 year 7 months. he said he’d never hurt me. he promised forever. he said he loved me. he is the first guy i ever believed. 5 months of getting screwed around breaking up and getting back together later here i am. Today, at 12 midday is the last time we will ever be together. i cant be without him, he wants to see other people.

    i love him so much. i have never loved like this. it feels like he’s punishing me for him not being with other people first.

    its 11:23am.

  18. where are the dates on these things? If that guy is who I think he is then they’re not together. And if I’m right then he’s better off…

  19. he was my first everything. first love, first kiss, first time, everything.
    we were going to get married out of high school, live our lives happily ever after.
    i broke up with him because i wanted to know what else there was out there.

    it was the biggest mistake of my life.

  20. it’s a hard thing to be with someone who doesn’t have experience and have them think “you’re the one” it’s selfish in a way to keep them to yourself and not let them explore their options, and not wonder “what if” ……

  21. I’ve been there. I got cheated on two times by someone who I thought I could spend the rest of my life with. Now he’s dating a grosser version of me…

  22. This is my secret. I wish more than anything for this to be true about my boyfriend too. He’s everything to me. Good luck and I hope you stay happy.

  23. Same with my girlfriend. I’m her first everything, and she’s going to college. I’m so worried she’ll leave me for everything else she’s never tried. Not only that but we’re in a lesbian relationship and she isn’t secure in her sexuality. What happens when she wants to try being with a boy? =\ I’ve dated boys and she isn’t missing anything, but the girls in college are so much more attractive and experienced than me. I hope she doesn’t leave me for one of them.

  24. I understand EXACTLY how you feel. I am the first everything with my boyfriend and we met in college. It CAN happen after talking to other people I have met at least 11 couples who were each others first’s and it worked out wonderfully. You don’t have ex’s and other things to worry about. If you truly love each other than nothing will get in the way. Congrats! You two have something special.

  25. We were each others firsts. Together since I was 15 and he was 17. When I was 20, I was curious about whats out there. Got drunk, slept with a man I barely knew and didnt really feel that attracted to, had rubbish sex. Regretted it instantly. Plucked up the courage to tell my bf a month later, because I couldnt live with the lie. He eventually forgave me and we are still together now. Don’t go looking, if your not in love, its not the same and you hurt everyone involved.

  26. This sums up how I feel pretty well. I’m my boyfriend’s first… everything. We both are realistic about it and yet also think it won’t change. Far as I know, we’re pretty happy. I am!
    And, true, we’ve been together for more than 6 months now. And in the few other relationships I’ve had the cracks have begin to appear by now.
    I’m nearly 22. He’s just 21.
    I’ll get it if he wants to take a break, even date other girls. Though I know it would hurt. And I’m scared that it might happen. But I wouldn’t have him unhappy either.
    I love him so much it hurts. It feels so good!

  27. Now i dunno bout that shit. Me n my girl both been around the block. Better keep him tho, if he dont wana run around n experiment u must be doin somethin right.

  28. I am my boyfriends everything. We’re 18 now, and i swear to god i’ll be with him till i’m 80. He worries that i will want to know what’s out there, but i know enough guys to know that nobody even compares to him. Im off the market and i’m 18 ๐Ÿ™‚

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