32 thoughts on “I am falling for a Drag Queen”

  1. Underneath it all, they are a person, and probably a good one, too since you love them. Tell him!!
    I, too have had crushes on drag queens.

  2. Hellooo, it’s a man dressing as a woman. That isnt exactly standard behavior.

    If he cant understand that you love him like that, he’s not worth it.

  3. I am female, and have been in a relationship with a drag queen/transvestite for 5 months. I love it. As long as you aren’t bothered by it then there is full opportunity for an amazing and fruitful relationship. I hope that you tell her that you love her, I’d love to think that someone else can be as happy as I am. Don’t let things like that hold you back, life is too short. Good luck. xxx

  4. I’m a straight woman who dates a guy who does drag sometimes. Not everyone who does drag is a transexual. The guy I date is a man. He just dresses like a woman sometimes. And he’s hot whether he’s wearing pants or a dress! (Though I prefer him without a wig.)

  5. you cant chose who you fall in love with,, Roll with it and enjoy the fact that you love 🙂

  6. *smile* My best friend IS a drag queen. I’m a proud lesbian, who while she is physically female, is mentally male and knows it, who has had the pleasure and honor of dating a woman who was born male. We are not weird, or mentally unstable… We are people, just like you.

    Chances are, if she (( Yes I mean the drag queen )) walks around in drag, she is comfortable with her sexuality and herself.

    Why then, would she think you strange, for feeling the same way?

    Love is love. Gender does not make you who you are.

    Tell her how you feel.

  7. Beautiful! Why would your friend think you are weird for being attracted to him? Doesn’t matter what he is wearing.
    I have some male friends that sometimes dress up. I think it is super sexy to see a masculine body in a feminine outfit.

  8. Evidently your friend is comfortable being a drag queen.
    That being what it is, why would he consider you strange for falling for him?
    I think your only hindrance should be his girlfriend.
    You’re not weird, it doesn’t make you a lesbian, and no, it doesn’t make you strangely bi.
    You are who you are.
    He is who he is.
    Labeling only confuses the issue.
    But if he’s already taken, and happy, maybe you shouldn’t go for it.
    Wouldn’t do to break up a happy couple if you’re not sure what you want.

  9. You are not weird. I am a drag queen and i have a girlfriend who admitted that she likes it when i dress up so you aren’t alone and most likely she wont think of you as weird (if anything i was flattered when my girlfriend said she liked me in drag) also you must takes chances, even if you think they are a big leap. Trust me, im a lot happier in drag than i ever thought i would be 😉

  10. I’ve done something similar…but in my experience, most drag queens are gay men. Don’t be sad if that’s the way it works out.

  11. I’m in exactly the same situation. Only mine is also on oestrogen to become more female. And she just got her name changed to ‘Michelle’.
    Best of luck with yours, it gives me hope to know that there are others out there in such an unusual circumstance as i find myself in 🙂

  12. Didn’t you say s/he had a girlfriend? So obviously you have a shot. It makes you bisexual I think. Not that sexuality matters if you’re in love. Tell her!

  13. This is a complicated question. Is the drag queen a transvestite? (A man who likes to wear women’s clothing but still identifies as a man.) Or, is the drag queen transgendered? (A person who identifies with being of the opposite sex.) If the drag queen is a transvestite, you have nothing to worry about. If the person is transgendered, she is not going to be interested in you. Either way, you are not bisexual and you are not weird. You are just in love with someone who is different.
    But, here is something to consider: When the person of your desire is in women’s clothes, it is polite to refer to that person as a woman. Again, it does not make you bisexual. Transvestitism and transgender are about that person, not about the person who is in love with him/her. What concerns me most is that the person you are in love with is with another person. If he has a girlfriend, he is probably a transvestite. Regardless, he still has a girlfriend. It is best that you just remain friends for the time being.

  14. wow. that happened to me too!! shes gorgeous in and out of drag. we ended up becoming friends when i started to do the shows up there too and now shes my makeup artist for the shows!! 🙂 i dont think its weird. they are beautiful people and have more confidence than most people have in half their body. i told her i used to have a crush on her and her boyfriend is totally cool with that. now its a joke between all of us. 🙂

  15. I think that youd definitely have a shot (minus the girlfriend) and she definitely wont think youre strange. theres nothing strange about it. there are a lot more people who feel the same way that you do right now, and many others who either dress in drag, or take it even further. I hope you tell her your feelings one day.
    As for whether you are bi or lesbian, I think it depends on if you like the average straight man (ie: someone who doesnt dress in drag). if you dont, i would say youre probably a lesbian. good luck with all this sweetie!

  16. I don’t think that you need to label yourself…
    Sexuality can get really, really confusing. Personally, I’ve just said “Screw this, I give up,” and I refuse to think about it anymore. XDD I don’t know if I’m bi or whatever, I just know that I’ll fall in love with whoever I’ll fall in love with.

    I doubt that anyone would think that you’re weird if you told them that you liked them. If he thinks you’re weird for liking him, then he has serious self-esteem issues 😛

    Finally–don’t say you like him while he has a girlfriend. 😛

  17. I love boys in drag. My boyfriend wears panties for me (love him) but the biggest issue here is that he has a girlfriend.

  18. effff labels. If this person likes you back, nothing can stop you two from having a healthy and mutual relationship!

  19. what id that cook say in Muppets Take Manhattan? “Peoples is peoples.” The only issue here is the girlfriend thing, because cheating is bad no matter who you are or what kind of underpants you wear.

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