You said that you would love me forever

You said that you would love me forever

You said that you would love me forever

So why did you marry her?

And then lie about it.



11 Comments on “You said that you would love me forever

  1.  by  littlebones8

    I know exactly how you feel, and i slept with him two weeks before his wedding and didn’t know.

  2.  by  ksdjsao

    maybe he lied about the loving you part or um…i dunno if that happened to me thats the first thing i would assume

  3.  by  lady k

    me too. i slept with him afterwards aswell…he still says e isnt married now..a year after the fact!!

  4.  by  Lies

    Wow, I can’t believe this happened to anyone else! He told me he loved me still even when he let me know he was about to marry her. That was last month. We’ve been friends forever..and she’s 3 months pregnant…

  5.  by  ebaby

    URG my sister’s ex husband was one of these disgusting men. people never knew he was married and he would NOT bring my sis to parties because a girl who liked him would be there. so fucked up. luckily she realized how much of a dick he was. i hope the other girls in these situations realize it too.

  6.  by  Been there

    I lost my virginity to a guy like this. We lived in separate states and he told me for the longest time he loved me and wanted to marry me but he got engaged to another girl without telling me and when his friend told me the truth, he denied it. He’s still married to her with a young son. Now i am too. He has told me in recent years that he is miserable with her and he wishes he had married me. Sometimes i feel the same way. I’ll never know what’s true and what’s a lie but I believe one way or the other he is a deeply troubled individual. The problem is part of me is still in love with who I thought he was when we were younger. But I doubt that person ever existed and he surely doesn’t exist now.

  7.  by  tishyface

    I’m the girl he married…. doesn’t feel good on this end either

  8.  by  ChazzaBazza

    This is my secret….he’s divorcing her and is now marrying me, like he should have done in the first place, and I’ve never been so happy in my life!

  9.  by  CharlieB

    He married her and in the end they’re getting a divorce and he wants me back. Part of me moved on but part of me remembers how good we were.

  10.  by  Juanita

    Here I thought I was the only one… after 5 years it feels like a divorce, but the only wedding that happened was to someone he never said a good thing about. Now he wants me to be friends with her.

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