went from being “single” to “in a relationship”

went from being

We haven’t been together for nearly 8 years, I have am amazing boyfriend, but this still makes me cry.
If you ever would have come back to me, I would have loved you forever… actually, I will anyway, just from a distance.



14 thoughts on “went from being “single” to “in a relationship””

  1. I’m afraid that someday I will realize i had it all wrong, and I let it all go right before it really started.

  2. I have compared every guy i have ever met, including my current boyfriend, to the one who i no longer have. I would pick up and leave everything, im just waiting for my phone to ring.

  3. Sick job leaving your name in the original post, ass clown. Stop being a complete pussy and cowboy up, fagballs.

  4. Mackenzie, I will always love you. No matter who I have if you ever find your way back to me someday…. I will love you with all my soul without giving it a second thought.Hurry up my goober<3

  5. I’m telling this to the people on here, who seem really encouraging and has kinda helped me through the shit I’m going through… Thank you.. You all made me realize that she was way, waaaayyyy too good for me… I treated her like shit at times.. She never, ever should have been treated that way, by anyone. PERIOD. But there I was, continuing to do so.. She asked me to change; I tried. She deserved to be treated like the friggin’ Mistress of the Universe, but no…. Now that we’re not together and she barely talks to me, I don’t blame her.. But, I’ve changed, I can feel it. However, its way too late for me now…. I respect her decision and I’m trying to let her go.. I’m sorry, cupcake… But that won’t take back everything I did… Nothing will…. She really is absolutely beautiful, but she deserved someone better a long time ago..

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