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  1. I have fallen in love with someone i met online.. fallen deep and crazy in love. but he is scared of going through the long distance relationship thing so he looked for somebody else who was actually within reach. I wish I could meet someone like him again. He is my soulmate.

  2. just very nice? i hope for you that it isn’t just very nice. i hope that its irreplaceable, priceless, and the absolute best thing that has ever happened to you. if it isn’t then it’s not the kind of love worth finding.

  3. i met my boyfriend on facebook
    we’ve been together for more than a year.

    .. my record was 2 months before him.

    .. he changed everything.

    who says online dating is bad.

  4. I have met many people online and had relationships with three that lasted longer and ended far, far more amicably than relationships I started from meeting people in real life.
    I don;t think the danger in meeting people off the internet lies so much in not knowing who they are and the ease with which lies can be given – people lie and cheat and fuck people over everyday down whatever street you live. Its just as easy to lie or manipulate someone you meet in a bar as someone you meet online. The danger is because it IS easier to become far, far more emotionally attached beyond reason, to someone you have never met. And meeting someone can change it. Not necessarily because of how they look, but the way they act, habits, offhand unthought out comments. Building fairytales on someone you have never met IS dangerous.
    But I think you have met this person and it sounds like you are happy and with that I wish you all the luck and love in the world in a new life. There is nothing wrong with falling in love with someone who you first made contact with on the internet. Good luck to you!

  5. I’ve been with the love of my life for 5 years. We tried living together for 4 moths, then we ran out of money. He is the love of my life, I’ve never felt this way about anyone.. We live 2,400 miles apart and I can’t take it anymore.

  6. I’ve fallen for a guy I met online. I’m afraid I’ll never tell him because he’s way too good to have to handle a long distance thing and I don’t think he likes me back either :(. I wanna see him in person someday, though it seems impossible for now.

    yola, i love you. I’m sorry.

  7. This is the description of my life. I met my now girlfriend online and I knew as she did that she was the one I was gonna have children with and love and protect as my own for the rest of entenity. I’m going t see her in japan in march and shes moving into my apartment in June.The Internet gave me my will to live back because it gave me her. Don’t ever feel ashamed for falling in love.

  8. I’m 19, 20 in march…I met a 31 year old man on myspace a year & a half ago when I was 18 & I moved in with him weeks after meeting him, he’s 33 now & I’m 19…were still together! I’m so inlove with him I don’t know what I would do without him! I’m afraid one day or one day soon, were going to end! )’:

  9. I met him a year ago online. I never thought I would be one of those people who fell for someone they’ve never met. But honestly, i don’t regret it one bit

  10. This is cute. I hope if works for you, truly I do! I just read the other comments, and I found one JUST LIKE ME! By Mrs. Unknown.

    I am nineteen (20 next year), and he is 31 (32 in a few months). We both met online, and we like each other. BUT, we are smart enough to not do anything yet. We met a bit over a month ago, and we know there is something there between us. We won’t ask one another out yet, because, even if we had met in real life, I wouldn’t ever accept someone asking me out in such a short amount of time. 🙂

    Take it slowly. Learn about one another more and more each and every day. If something is meant to be, it will happen. If it isn’t, it won’t be such a hard fall. 🙂

    Good luck~!

  11. I met my boyfriend on POF and we went on our first date 2 weeks before I deployed to Iraq for a second time. 4 months later we skype more than ever, he sends me presents all the time and he’s all I think about. He blows my facebook up with sweet messages and his friends love me. I can’t wait for the day we’re back together in person. Online dating was the best thing I could have done and I’m head over heels for this guy. Congrats on feeling this way about someone even though you haven’t met in person yet! If the connection is there online it will be there in person you can feel it!

  12. i met an amazing man on the internet 5 years ago. we dated online for 11 months and he moved country to live with me. we married last october. he is the love of my life and i am so grateful to his friend for adding him to the msn conversation that magical night.

  13. Hi! It’s me again, from one of the comments down below. That 32 year old man whom I spoke of and me (20 in a week and some days), well…we ended up falling in love with one another, without ever actually meeting him. We shall meet in the summer, but I already know him. We ooVoo, text, talk on the phone, and play video games online together. Everyday is the most perfect day that I have ever lived. We had a rough patch in September, due to a horrible misunderstanding, and a cruel woman who wanted us to break apart. She nearly succeeded, but our feelings were too strong to let go. But…if it was not for her, we might have never had the courage to take the next step. I Love Him. With Every Bit of my Entire Being. I hope that you have been having luck with your dear, as well.

  14. I totally know how you feel! I’m in the same situation and its been the most incredible surprise of my entire life! i’m very excited for “our life” together! good luck to you!

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