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  1. the only reason i dont is because i wonder, what if this IS the afterlife…..and it only gets harder from here

  2. I’ve experienced some of what you’ve mentioned here.
    It is hard sometimes to find a reason to go on, but there are many wonderful reasons to live. Though people may have treated you incredibly unfairly you still have a right to a happy healthy life.

    You can’t change your family but you can find ways of dealing with them or setting some small borders for how they can and can’t treat you.

    If your friends are annoying you that much, get new friends, and when your comfortable enough with your new friends then let the others go if they’re still making you feel bad.

    Talk to a therapist or a priest if your thinking of killing yourself.

    Its your life, not theirs.

    I hope you have a wonderful life,


  3. Sarah,
    Talk to a therapist or a priest if you are feeling suicidal.
    You have the right to a wonderful life.
    Think about taking some small steps to make your life better.
    Maybe try some new things or go somewhere you haven’t been before.
    It can be a hard life I know, but if you live through the hard times theres always easier times ahead which will make you grateful you stayed here.

    See Zee’s wonderful comment about also.

    Take care of yourself, there will only ever be one of you.

    I wish you well.

  4. You know, I actually think part of this comment is good advice. For someone who is seriously suicidal, they will not be talked out of it easily. So when you tell them, “fine, kill yourself, but wait until next summer to do it,” you’re giving them the “permission,” but also distracting them from their thoughts. So as they wait for the next summer, they may change their mind, find new friends, be happier, healthier, and realize that suicide is simply not the answer.

    At one point in my life, I told myself I’d commit suicide during Christmas break. But on Christmas day, surrounded by my family (who I didn’t think cared at the time that I was depressed), life seemed to be okay. It was like a smack to the back of the head, that I can change my life and my view of the world.

    So basically, my advice is to just tell yourself “one more day” or “one more week” and remind yourself that tomorrow you may feel differently.

    I have some pretty severe mood swings, one morning I’m hating the world and later in the day I feel alright.

    Just take it one day at a time, and just KEEP GOING.

  5. I know exactly how you feel. I feel the same. I would end it in a heart beat if I knew for certain I wouldn’t go to hell for it.

  6. I have tried to commit suicide several times. I ask God for forgiveness as I took the pills…in the ambulance I ask God to let me die… as I died in the ambulance I saw the light so although man brought me back from death and I am still suicidal…I don’t beleive people go to hell after commiting suicide…cause i saw the light…I still wish I was dead.
    The first time I tired to commit suicide I was 13. the last time I was in my 40″s ..so that feeling doesnt go away…but I hope everyone that feels the way i do will NOT try to commit suicide…540 877 5731

  7. I don’t know if I believe in God, but that’s why I never tried. Because I was afraid to find out he did exist.

  8. please don’t…
    there is only one YOU in this world
    what would we do if you just left us
    if it wasn’t you time yet?
    hang in there…please

  9. I’ve felt this way before. Don’t do it. You’ll find hope again, you’ll find your friends that mean the world to you and you’ll find laughter again. Don’t give up on heaven or whatever you believe in. For me? I hung onto the idea of seeing my grandparents again wherever they are it wasn’t going to be in hell.

  10. Me too. That and guilt of what my depression (and possible suicide)is affecting those I love.

    It is a vicious cyle since the guilt only makes me more depressed. Some days are dibilitating because I just don’t want to ‘rise to the occasion’ of just getting through a day at work. The fear that I’ve felt seams to resemble yours. Just know there is one more person that can relate to what your going through and how some days the only thing that keeps you from suicide is that it is considered a major sin. One that a large part of society has condemned. Please take good care of yourself – I wish you well.

  11. There was a time where I wanted to end my life more than anything… but I couldn’t think of a way to do it without making a mess, destroying property, or possibly being stopped. Besides, it would hurt my family and I didn’t deserve to have relief from my suffering. I’m better now, but I understand what it’s like to be at that edge.

  12. Short term goals help, and thinking things like, “They need me at work on Monday so I can’t this weekend” but then I think of elaborate way to set aside enough time where everyone won’t be expecting me around to not notice– But as I’ve finally grown really close to people for the first time in my life really, I’ve discovered that there ISN’T enough time you can give some people to recover. For me that’s what’s helped the most, and all the post secrets about just missing people. Life if full of surprises, and hope in unexpected places. Suicide is for when you think there is no more hope. But there is now, and there always will be. I never though I would let myself be as happy as I am now, but I am.

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