Sometimes when you’re drunk you scare the shit out of me…

Sometimes when you're drunk you scare the shit out of me...

Sometimes when you’re drunk you scare the shit out of me…

but the fact that I think I’m in LOVE with you scares me more than anything you could say or do….



14 Comments on “Sometimes when you’re drunk you scare the shit out of me…

  1.  by  burn after reading

    I wish she would call me and say that very thing

  2.  by  justmercy7

    I feel this way with my ex… he is my best friend and I’m scared I’ll never get over him even though he can’t stop drinking.

  3.  by  Amy

    I once felt the same way. Then I realized, in my case, that it wasnt that I was scared that I loved him. I was scared not to. So I left. Best decision I have ever made.

  4.  by  ray

    I know exactly how this feels. I am in the same place right now.

  5.  by  Dillion

    I know the feeling. He terrifies me sometimes when he’s drunk because he is so unpredictable but it scares me more because I know I would never call the cops.

  6.  by  chris h

    God that picture makes me sick, just knowing I caused faces like that when I was drinking. If you have EVER made your kids scared and cry like that, get your ass some help.

  7.  by  hm

    I find it sad to see that when posts about alcoholism shows up, the first reaction is “run away”. How about getting some help for the individuals that are suffering from this addiction?

  8.  by  kurikulum 2013

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