Part of the reason I became a wildland firefighter

Part of the reason I became a wildland firefighter

Part of the reason I became a wildland firefighter

was the hope that it would get me laid

… it hasn’t


7 Comments on “Part of the reason I became a wildland firefighter

  1.  by  Friend

    It’s ok…

    I think this is the driving force behind a lot of what people do. More so than they even realize it.

    Evolutionary psychology would say this is a fact. At least your cognizant enough to realize it. 😉

  2.  by  mary

    if i had meet my husband when he was active with the CDF, i would have been to scared to go after him. Women love a man in uniform, expecially hot firefighters.

  3.  by  Regretful

    Unfortunately, not everyone who wears this uniform is a HERO.

  4.  by  Harry

    That’s the reason most boys join the military and it doesn’t work for them eithier.

  5.  by  Hones

    I would gladly hook up with a soldier or firefighter! They’d just have to ask.

  6.  by  Keith Shannon

    I joined the Marine Corps because I had physically and emotionally abusive adoptive parents. I’ve been out of the Corps for 18 months now and am engaged to the most beautiful and wonderful girl that I met a year after I joined. We were friends for 5 years before dating and she definitely did not go for people in uniform. I’ve never been as happy as I am now with her. We both live in San Francisco but today she left to spend Summer Break from school in Orange County with her parents. I never thought I’d cry seeing a girl leave me even though I know I’ll be seeing her multiple times over the summer.

    I don’t think most boys join the military to try and get girls, I think it’s just something that they hope will happen after they’ve joined. Most of the girls I’ve seen that went after my friends because they were in uniform were nothing to write home about and knew what to do in order to take all the military man’s money. They get a lonely military boy to marry them and in a military divorce the civilian woman ALWAYS gets everything.

  7.  by  Leon

    yeah, well rural/forest fire service is a bit like meals on wheals or garbologist..

    What do you do ? Mostly you light more fires, the fire you light will then burn little creatures in their homes…
    (has to be done ,but still… )

    City firefighters,police, Military.. much sexier.

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