mom – i love you

mom - i love you

mom – i love you and i wish i wasn’t so afraid to tell you because one day it will be too late.




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  1.  by  ..

    tell her.
    my dad died in june.
    please tell her.
    its the worst feeling to know you didnt.

  2.  by  Me

    Please do.
    My mother died two years ago and I regret it everyday for not saying it.

  3.  by  Eddee Sims

    It’s already too late for me, and i will never go a day where i don’t hate myself.

  4.  by  Sarah

    My dad died the summer after I graduated high school. I got kicked out of the house two weeks before he was admitted to ICU. The night I got kicked out we fought and I hit him, and he choked me. I was homeless and stuck it out for 2 weeks before I called my parents and begged them to come get me and that I wouldn’t do drugs anymore or throw up. My mom came and got me and it was then that I learned he was in the ICU and that he had pnuemonia, and combined with his lung cancer, he couldn’t breath. I got to tell him how sorry I was, and we talked and talked. He told me he loved me and he knew I could overcome any obstacles in my way. I got to tell him I loved him. He died three days later. When I think how close I came to having him die remembering me fucked up and fighting with him, it gives me shivers. I found it helped me come to terms with his death faster and easier also. Tell your mom!!

  5.  by  ghulab

    the comment above just made me cry..and you should definitely tell your mother!!!!

  6.  by  rebel

    for two years I didn’t tell my mother I loved her, because I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to care about anyone because I was always so close to suicide. I attempted 8 times in those two years, but now that I am better I tell her every day. It’s still scary, but it feels good and we’ve never been closer

  7.  by  Mother

    I did not tell my pop until i was in my teens. It was all worried and i said it over the phone and i was scared but i just said it. ” I Love You”
    He said it back. It was so weird because we never said things like that to one another but i heard my friend say it to her parents so i figured why shouldn’t I?
    Just say it and get it over with. It really isn’t the big deal you are making it into like i thought it was.

  8.  by  anon

    He had no right to fucking choke you.

    Neither did mine. I hope he dies knowing how much I hate him for that.

  9.  by  koyasha

    I agree that he had no right to choke her but I think it was his reaction to her hitting him, you know like a “wake up call”. Not that it would justify it or anything but I honestly don’t know how I would react if I my child hit me.

  10.  by  JustMe

    I tried to tell my mother I loved her for the first time since I was 7 the other day…
    She’s too far gone, swimming in the bottom of those glass bottles to care…
    She hung up on me…
    I’m 20…
    I have a feeling she’ll be dead before I’m 25, and I can’t do anything about it but walk away…
    It’s breaking my heart but I don’t know how to stop it…
    If you’ve got the opportunity, please do so…
    I hope you find the strength to tell her before it becomes too late… Physically or emotionally…
    Both hurt just as much…

  11.  by  R

    the only regret I have in my life is not going to see my grandmother before she passed away. we didn’t know she was going to pass, but something inside me told me I needed to go see her, and I didn’t listen. I regret it every day of my life.

    tell her. I promise you will regret it if you don’t.

  12.  by  Keith Shannon

    My Grandma was in the hospital when I got back from Iraq and they said it looked like she was getting better so I used all my post-deployment leave to do whatever I wanted to and while I was out enjoying my first time off in ten months my Grandma died and I hadn’t seen her in a couple years or even spoken a single word to her in that long. I regret it more than almost anything else and would give up anything to go back and have 30 seconds to say a hello, goodbye, and I love you to her.

    Instead because I was told her condition had improved I selfishly used all my time off to see friends. I’ll never get over the guilt from it. I didn’t need anymore guilt. After two Iraq deployments I already had & still do have an enormous amount of survivors guilt for outliving some of my friends and other Marines in my unit. Now I have the guilt of not taking 1 or 2 days out of my 30 days off to see my grandma.

    Don’t make the same mistake, say what you want while you can. You NEVER know when it could get ripped away from you even if you have a vice grip on it. Life doesn’t care if you needed just 1 more day, 1 more hour, one more minute, or even one more second to say what you need. A loved one can be there one moment and completely removed from your life in the next millisecond.

  13.  by  Skylar

    It’s not too late! What are you talking about??

  14.  by  Aubrey

    Tell her! I lost my Daddy five years ago…there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think of him, miss him and wish he was here. And you know those days where you just NEED your Mommy? I still have those days where I just NEED my Daddy, and he’s not here. Tell your Mom how much you love her. I wish I could tell my Dad.

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