it might have just been going to museums and taking the train for you

it might have just been going to museums and taking the train for you

it might have just been going to museums and taking the train for you

but for me, it was more. it’s been two years now, and i still hope every day that you’ll come and talk to me, and finally tell me the truth of what it meant for you.

16 thoughts on “it might have just been going to museums and taking the train for you”

  1. i have a friend, of 5 years, whom i would hang out with in the city, going to museums and taking the train. in the last few months i’ve fallen for her but i can’t say so because she’s six and a half years my elder. i’m seventeen.

  2. This reply caught my eye and I have a few questions. You can’t say so to her or the world? do you know how she feels about you? If you are in love with each other it would be difficult so say that you share the same feelings. a teenager’s idea of love is much different than an adult woman’s. 6 years is a big age gap. are you a boy or a girl? how do you know her? I’m imagining a teacher. You should be enjoying your youth, i get the feeling she’s taking advantage of you..

  3. I disagree. He probably is a junior or senior in high school and crushing on his big sister’s friend. We’ve all been there. The lure of an older woman is strong. My advice is to wait until your outta h.s. and then see if you still have a thing for her or if it was just a fleeting crush. then go for it if you still do. The museum trips are a nice touch. You’ll have to alot of that to let her know your mature enough for a woman her age.

  4. I know this isn’t you, despite its similarities to us. You have feelings for everyone else but me (which you’ve made clear to me. I can’t compete with them and I’ll never be your type) so this can’t be you. Nevertheless, part of me wishes it were, because I am so confused by what I feel for you. I can’t even think about what I feel without feeling overwhelmed with guilt at my thoughts. I’m deliberately and consciously choosing to ignore the confusion of emotions I feel for you. This isn’t you, so it doesn’t matter and I can keep closing my eyes and pretending it doesn’t exist To the one who did write this, my advice is to wait until you’re older to go for it.

  5. Your hostility reveals yoru age. She says she’s confused and feeling guilty. It’s wrong and she knows it. You probably know it too. You said you couldn’t say so. I would read the advice of the person below this. And her own advice to wait until it’s legal, but chances are you’ll have lost interest by then and found a gir your own agel to crush on. You should just forget about each other.

  6. When I first read the reply on here, it brought up a lot of issues that I had buried and ignored. I didn’t even realize I felt like that until I read it, and I’m still confused by it. I’ve spent a good deal of time thinking about it and what I’m supposed to do in this situation.

    It’s not an issue because it’s not him. And i’m not the person he’s thinking of. And he should wait to tell her. But I don’t think he should wait FOR her. For the person I thought of, this is a complete non-issue because there are tons of girls interested in him, and that he’s interested in….

    And I do feel guilty and I wouldn’t ever go for it. I’d hate myself forever if I did so now. I can barely stand myself as it is. It hurts every time he talks about other girls and I feel like a complete moron for even caring. But it’s not fair to him. And it has the potential to destroy one of the best parts of my life. So I just ignore it and hope that it’ll maybe go away, because i know that even when he’s older, it won’t ever happen. I’ll never be good enough. Honestly, I’m not good enough to be his friend as it is.

  7. You arent a goo friend if your even thinking about taking advantage of him. He’s too young to fully understand a grown-up relationship. Why are you friends with a boy that young anyway?

  8. Oh fuck this.

    Some people get so caught up in social norms and fabricated “age of consent”.

    Depending on where and when you were born, this may not have even been an issue.

    If it will cause problems for you, wait until they cross that line of “acceptability” in society. “17? oh that’s way too young, you’re a wicked succubus!” 6 months later. . . “18?? Go for it!”

    Ridiculous. . .

  9. Projection much?

    That goes for everyone here with an agenda.

    Too painful to remove that plank in your own eye?

  10. wow I couldn’t agree more with you, “Not a Friend”!! In my state it’s legal to have a relationship with whomever you want to as soon as you’re “16”. And I really don’t see why it would be that big of a problem for a 17-yr-old young MAN to have a relationship with a 23-yr-old young woman. You (disguisted) make it sound like they’re talking about a child!

  11. I’m twenty five.
    I’m in love with a guy seventeen years older than me. Problem? Oh yeah.
    It’ll never be reciprocated, but it doesn’t make it hurt less.
    Six years- nothing.

    Go for it, or you’ll ALWAYS be curious, and you’ll ALWAYS regret it. And when you get to an age where you give up caring about strangers’ opinions… you’ll see that there is absolutely no problem for you, just for all those pious, disapproving people who deserve to be ignored if they’re going to start putting rules on love.

    Don’t listen to ANYTHING other people say.

    I spent years doing just that, and if I had never listened and gone for it earlier, we’d be together. And my life would be SO much better.
    And you know what? Now I’ve given up caring what other people think…
    WOW, you would not BELIEVE how good it feels!

    Anyway, six years barely changes a person. And does it matter, if you love them for who they are? It’s not like any of you are too young to make your own decisions or be sure about your own feelings. What an immature and narrow-minded view it is to say that a person cannot be in love with someone just because they weren’t born in the same year. Don’t let them influence you.

    I won’t tell you what to do specifically in your situation, because it’s not my place and I don’t understand the circumstances properly. All I will tell you is, once again, because it is SO important-


  12. Oh, just to add…
    I read something a while ago about a couple who’d been together, and happy, for eight years.
    There was twenty four years between them.

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