I’m afraid no one will ever love me again

I'm afraid no one will ever love me again

I’m afraid no one will ever love me again….

They can’t love me because I hate myself…

And it’s entirely your fault


36 Comments on “I’m afraid no one will ever love me again

  1.  by  Meg

    Don’t ever let someone make you hate yourself. You’re an amazing person, and horrible things happen to good people because they’re strong enough to get through it all. People love you- and someone special will love you. Let it happen when it’s supposed to. Everything happens for a reason.

  2.  by  amber

    no one can every make you worthless. you are worth more than you could ever know. stand tall, you’re a choice daughter. there’s no reason to hate yourself. if there’s something you don’t like, change it. you have the power to create an ideal you. if you have a bad habit, set a goal and do something about it. as for love, wait a while. it will come. whenever i’m down on myself i find ways to serve others and it takes my mind off of myself. good things will always come. i promise.

  3.  by  stephanie

    i completely understand and it hasn’t stopped hurting yet… i did find someone to love me, i’m just afraid if i tell him what happened he’ll stop.

  4.  by  Meg

    If it’s true love, he’ll listen, understand and be supportive 🙂 The one who you’re meant to be with will always be there for you.

  5.  by  Bre

    You summed up my existence as of right now. It does get better, though, I’m positive.

  6.  by  Pato

    Trust me it gets better. I have been there and I found someone who loves me even more than I could EVER imagine. He loves me & is gentle with my heart because of what that bastard did to me.

  7.  by  lonely wolf

    sometimes you have to let go of the anger before you can heal. And sometimes you need to be happy alone before you can be happy with someone else. Good luck…

  8.  by  Unknown

    Don’t be scared to speak on it….I told him everything, and he married me 3 days later.

  9.  by  :(

    I feel the exact same way.
    Fuck abandonment..
    God, I hope it gets better.

  10.  by  bassistcat

    i hope to find what you found. thank you for the hope.

  11.  by  vanessa

    amen to that.

    i still can’t let him go.
    he’s now with the girl he cheated on me with.

  12.  by  Zack

    Hah, I know exactly how you feel.

    If I wasn’t good enough for the one I would have given anything for, what am I worth?

  13.  by  emma

    oh bother.
    i’m so with you on this 🙁

  14.  by  kentuckykentuckykentucky

    im afraid no one will love me again, as much as you did.
    and im not sure if i want them to.

  15.  by  Erin Margaret

    This secret frightens me because one of my friends feels like this. I use to think this way until i realized that I was the only one in charge of my own happiness… whether or not I live or die, smile or frown, laugh or cry, it is all up to me and no one that affect me otherwise unless I let them.

  16.  by  insignia

    I can totally relate…i’ve tried to turn my hate into something good for others like the Peace Corps and what not, but I still have unbelievable urges of pure hatred for a person(s) that I truly believed ruined my life, and what’s worse no one really knows so they look at me like some crazy bitch…hang in there we’ll get better 😉

  17.  by  Suzanne

    Honey I know exactly how you feel, I feel in love and he didn’t want me. ever since that moment I have hated myself. Now I dont feel like i’m good enough for anyone because i wasn’t good enough for him. I want to be loved so much but I cant because I hate myself and nothing can change how i feel about myself. Thankyou for letting me know that somewhere out their someone feels the same way that I do, thankyou for sharing my pain

  18.  by  Liz

    my ex ruined my life, he changed me in such a way i didnt think possible now i find it impossible to trust i hate myself for not being the best i can for my current bf but im so weak now that i cant handle the complications of a relationship.. yet my current bf is perfect (literally.. perfect), i have tried leaving him and explaining that he deserves more than someone who treats him just average the way i do.. but he won’t let me.. but i really don’t feel as though i could keep going like this..
    if i saw my ex again i think it would end in a serious crime scene 🙁

  19.  by  Anonymous

    Eh, don’t feel too bad. You look attractive and at least you’ve got that going. I’m too hairy, fat (went from 350 to 280 for my health, at least, but my body refuses to go lower and now I can only manage my weight), and ugly. The best I have going for me is masturbation and if that’s the way it’s gonna be, that’s the way it’s gonna be. I’d rather people go out with someone better looking and be happy than go out with me sympathetically, heh

  20.  by  Wish

    I sometimes I feel the same way…all the time

  21.  by  Allie

    When I found out the love of my life was sleeping with someone else…

    (and with us, things were wonderful – I was so in love)… it ruined all of me and i dont think i will ever come back.

    I hate myself. i hate who I became in response to the deepest betrayal. I felt, at one time, beautiful and loving and lucky and trusting. And now I am a horrible, miserable, worthless piece of sh*t.

    When I say I will get myself back to show him that he doesnt have that kind of power over me, its a lie. Because he does. I miss his love.

  22.  by  Allie

    I dont have anything to say to make you feel better. I am with you. We were great together – beautiful love. i guess only beautiful to me. i dont think i see reality anymore. i feel like everything has been a lie.

  23.  by  amanda

    who are you really? it took me years to be at peace with myself after what happened to me. i lost all respect for myself and felt worthless because of one person. it has taken me 4 years to find love and love myself enough to embrace it. and for many people, it takes so much longer .. you have obviously never felt this hurt and have absolutely no right to judge.

  24.  by  satellite

    ive been hurt for along tym by my ex-husband. its so painful i cant hardly breathe & crying all d tym everyday. i dont know how long i can stop crying & feel depressed & feel ugly & worthless. i feel that no one will love me bec im not pretty, im not sexy, im not smart.

  25.  by  aPerson

    From what I can see of you, you are BEAUTIFUL. Your hair, to name one thing, is GORGEOUS. I’m sure you’re beautiful on the inside too. One day, you’ll find a boy worthy of your inner and outer beauty.

  26.  by  TheHeroWillDrown

    She took everything from me and I wonder in nothingness now. But let me assure you one who is lost as I am, I love you.

  27.  by  Sabrina

    If that’s you in that picture….

    You are absolutely beautiful. Even if your eyes are blacked out 😉

  28.  by  sarah jones

    thats exactly how i feel, hating yourself is a hard thing to get through !
    and to say you love yourself??? whoa thats big !

    good to know i am not or that we are not the only poeple who feel this way

  29.  by  K.D.S.

    I struggled with this same feeling for 2 years. I did so many messed up things but, I finally found a guy who is amazing and loves me for me. You WILL find someone. Don’t give up hope.

  30.  by  SPC Moore, Mike

    I feel the same way you do; I hate myself. I’m a combat veteran of the Iraq War and I’ve accomplished a lot in my short life (I’m 25) but I still feel like I am incapable of being loved. You look beautiful in your pic, if you work on your self-esteem, I’m sure you can find a good man!

  31.  by  anna

    If that’s you in the picture, you have beautiful hair.

  32.  by  Chrissy

    Alajjana it’s not her fault is his for putting her down. My advice fpr you is to believe in your self don’t let anything in your way and there will be a man out there for you it you believe.

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