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  1. Kinda of sad, but I can relate…
    I have wanted to have a relationship with someone who is into the same stuff with me too.
    I haven’t found the person, but instead I found someone who was a Christian and who completely turned my life around. I have been drug free for about 2 months now… Im hoping I will last, but for some reason this relationship is working out. Opposites attract and always are better for eachother.

    But I used to be like you…

  2. Don’t do it. I’m that girl…and I think being around you makes it easier NOT to go those drugs
    Please don’t fall with me

  3. Err… NO U DON’T, seriously kid, i am a support worker to those who are homeless due to drug addictions.
    it is not glam or romantic. some of the people that i work with have previously had a wonderful family life with an excellent job. they then became addicted to heroin, cocaine, vallium… and they loose the happy family, the job, the house, the self respect…. to feed the addiction they rob old women and men, break in to houses. mug kiddies in the street. use dirty needles to inject with. some of these guys have lost all self respect and will never see their families again. and believe me their not all old guys, some are males and females ranging from the age of 17. they have nothing and they will stay that way unless they clean themselves up!
    they try, but they will never have the same prospects in life as a kid who said no to drugs. so dont be stupid kid!!! BTW i’m not an old preacher i’m 28

  4. I’m that girl.. i was the pothead, the party girl, the druggie, then finally the junkie. being an addict is harder than a full time job, its fucking horriable. I got help before it was too late, i didnt end up on the street, i didnt have to sell my body– but you know for damn sure i was getting close, and i know people who have been there. I went to a couple rehabs, came out of the last a month ago and now have almost 2 months clean and it feels fucking good. And i’m going to have to disagree with you, sage. Addicts have every chance in life that everyone else has, some people have better coping skills then others, and my coping skill was using, Im in the process of changing that through the program of NA and it helps tremendesly, and i feel that each of us that had been through so much only has that much more to gain, and that much more appreciation for those great things life has to offer us.

  5. i want to smoke it cause does. thats the only reason i fight my personal morals… i might try it with him some day soon…

  6. You don’t you don’t you don’t.

    My sober boyfriend is the only thing keeping me tethered to a life without drugs.

    She wants to be sober. Don’t become an addict for her.

  7. God is so good. you shouldn’t close him out.. and he has way more power than anyone has inside of them.

  8. It does seem romantic. It’s not, but it sure seems it. I hope you don’t have to walk this path. You’ll wake up one day and realize you’re in a world you thought you wanted (but didn’t), and you hate the “friends” who you know will disappear as soon as the drugs do (and they will), and you hate who you’ve become.

    When the glamor fades, it’s just dirty needles and ashes.

  9. It’s kind of funny that the first person who commented about God is named “Emily”, and the second pro-God commenter is named “Rose”.

  10. I thought it seemed “romantic” that I could connect with a guy I was attracted to because we were both addicted to Heroin. We enabled eachother in ways I never thought possible and so many things I hadn’t even considered began to happen and I ended up in a hosptial in the Icu for a month and he ended up in jail for 8 months.

  11. What on earth is romantic about drug addiction? It is the most horrendous thing, not only to experience but to witness. You want a arelationship with someone in which you would do both? Experience addiction and watch someone else addicted?
    I have a lot of patience and understanding with many secrets here that many are opposed to but I take full and complete offense at your idea of “romance” – like the people that romanticise suicide and eating disorders, mental illness, disability and self harm – really? Why? Can you name one romantic thing about it? Is it the idea of being locked in a desperation together? You’d be watching them kill themselve, however much you hate yourself there would be the person you love killing themselves. It doeosn’t bring you closer except in drugged up moments, when off drugs there is distance and tension and the only thoughts are to drugs and not to each other.
    I sincerely hope you do not follow this route to be close to her, or, God forbid, “romantic”.

  12. The part about friends will disappear once the drugs are gone is so very true. Me and my husband were hooked and now that we are clean nobody stops by anymore. I guess they werent’ true friends anyway or maybe they are and they are staying away so we won’t be tempted to use again. I hope its the second thing.

  13. Ahhh memories. Of snorting the oxy, having the chick snort em, and Ffucking the night away muahaha good times.

    I can understand finding a chick who does the same shit as you, but if ur this lil sober shit and u wanna get into drugs to impress her then go fuck urself

    Get a spine and go get a life, if u already do drugs.. then hell their hard to find, especially any of them with moral/intellectual fiber.

  14. This secret pissed me off. As a struggling recovering heroin addict, reading SHIT like this is a complete and utter disgusting shock.

    You should be ashamed. Flat out.

  15. I was in love and we were addicted to drugs…. trust me, it seems romantic, but it all turns to shit in the end, because really you are just living a false reality and you find in the end, that you loved the other person, but not as much as you loved your drug and it was the same for him too.

  16. wow, that is how mine basically ended too, except thankfully a lot better for me, now I am just pregnant, which inspired me to stop using, and he is probably going to jail for a year and a half

  17. i wish i could be an alcoholic with my boyfriend. i feel like he’s got another life outside of the one with me when he goes out drinking with his friends. i feel jealous and lonely being the sober girlfriend who sits at home waiting, hoping he doesn’t drive.

  18. When im not on pills im shy and very inconfident. When im high ill talk to any girl even if i dont know who they are.

  19. I am head over heels with a man who is a crack addict.. He hasnt always been a crack head… I smoked it with him twice, and it was amazing, which scares the shit out of me… I am almost 40 and I know better, but I feel so close to him when I do..

    this f*cked up thing called life… I guess we have no control over who we fall in love with… I loved him before he was a crack head… I love him now, and I will be there after…. i hope…

  20. Please don’t. You don’t realize what you can get yourself in to if you really start becoming addicted. Recently, a boy I attended highschool with overdosed on some pretty serious drugs. Not only is he dead but the guy who sold them to him is locked up for a pretty long time. These two boys were so young but the drugs took over the best of them. Please, if you’re not an addict already then don’t become one.

  21. I am addicted to drugs with a girl, and that’s a really dumb idea, I’m in the best relationship in the entire world and we love each other more than anything and the absolute only problem is our drug addiction. Addiction is not fun, glamorous, or romantic, and it takes all the fun away from even being high because it doesn’t get you high anymore. What an ignorant thing to wish for.

  22. Been there, tried it, got the scars to prove it. Not as romantic as you’d think but definitely a learning curve; I’d suggest you try it but don’t go moaning about it in two years time when shit goes south and your on your own?

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