7 thoughts on “I wanna move back”

  1. i want my boyfirend to move back…. ive waited 9 months, only 2 more but i dont know how much longer i can last..

  2. i know exactly what thats like. i was in a relationship from 3 yrs, 1 of those years was long distance. I couldnt take it any more so we broke it off & it’s been a year since then. i still miss him. i would move back (to another country) just for him.

  3. Me too. Its been over a year since I moved home, leaving him.
    I want to come back just for him. I’m scared to move back to find out he’s forgotten me and does not have the same feelings for me.
    i made a huge mistake leaving him.

  4. I want her to move back,
    so we can be together again.
    My heart breaks every single day because I miss her every single day.

  5. I’ll be moving back “home” in a week, but before that, I’m moving in with him, to spend these last few days together.
    I will use the money that my parents send me for the dormitory to pay him mom back, though I know she will not want to recieve it.
    That’s why I’ll leave the money in a box on the counter… shhhh! 😉
    I wish I will be able to come back next fall! Instead of dropping out of uni, and being a screw up… he wished it too…

  6. thats how i felt about my best man after my husband and I moved out of town… 2 years was far too long to be withou him… and now i miss him that much more because all I can do is look at him…

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