48 thoughts on “i told my boyfriend i was pregnant so he wouldn’t leave me”

  1. Would you be happier if he had stayed with you, knowing that he wanted to leave? Children don’t fix broken relationships. Grow up.

  2. wow…you should watch maury, having a baby dont keep a man..it just makes you look..sad. good thing you lied about it and didnt actually try to do it.

  3. Wow, way to be totally judgmental. People send in their secrets anonymously to avoid the judgment Why do you think they’re secrets in the first place. I think it’s you who should grow up.

  4. I’m sorry he left… I also think that lying to get him to stay was a mistake, because now you feel even worse. But I think he’s lucky to have someone who wanted him that badly.

  5. well seems like he wanted to leave, and you were making up a excuse for him to stay with you. grow up. he would have found out you weren’t anyways

  6. There are always better boyfriends. The trick is to still have enough love left in your heart by the time you find the guy who will treat you like you want to be treated.

    Spend too much time with assholes, and you will end up never trusting anyone with your heart again.

  7. if he loved you he wudnt have left you
    although i disagree with lying to “fix” a relationship

  8. i did this too
    it turned out to be a disaster
    he found out
    all of our friends found out
    i couldnt eat or sleep for days i felt so guilty and terrible and disgusted with myself

    and finally he forgave me and we are friends now

    you made a mistake, but it’s okay, just never ever do it again.
    you should never have to lie to make someone stick around
    someone should want to be around so badly that they never even consider leaving <3

  9. Eighth ! I Wish people were more considerate of the ones who are strong enough to send in their secrets THINKING they won’t be judged for them !

  10. You’re all right about Post Secret being a way for people to tell their secrets without being judged, but these are just the opinions of others…some will be good, others not so good. Hopefully no one would jump off a bridge because of some comment from a stranger telling them to grow up. Maybe the original poster of the secret will see some of the comments as constructive criticism, though I know saying “grow up” isn’t exactly any form of that. Anyways…it’s not right to try to trick someone into staying with you. Honestly, you shouldn’t have to trick someone, they should want to be with you. There are some girls who even get pregnant on purpose thinking that this will trap the guy they are with. Please don’t bring an innocent baby into this cruel world for the insane reason of trying to trap your man.

  11. I’m a guy who had a girl do this to him. I don’t think you understand the effect it has on a man’s psyche. I wasn’t going to get back together with her regardless of pregnancy status, but rather was prepared to be a father. When I found out that she wasn’t pregnant, not only did I resent her for trying to manipulate me, but I literally lost hope in humanity. Some people aren’t made for one another, I was leaving her because that was how I felt about our relationship, not because I thought she was a bad person or couldn’t find someone else. All it accomplished was that I ended up thinking she WAS a bad person. Sorry if this sounds “judgemental” but that’s what I went through, just so you know.

  12. In my opinion, I don’t think this site should even have comments to begin with. You submit your secret to get it off of your chest, silently acknowledged, and never judged. Commentary completley contradicts that purpose.

  13. its just a shame that he doesnt deserve her…

    im sorry your hurting, you will heal. eventually.
    i hope you find someone you deserve.

  14. im sorry that you had to go through that, and i hope that you find someone to restore your faith in humanity…=)

  15. i’m proud of the stretch marks on my stomach that i earned through my two pregancies…it’s the ones hidden beneath my pubes i’m ashamed of…i used to brazillian wax all the time, but i’m too ashamed to even let my husband see them…

  16. I agree too.
    And you don’t know the situation or reason behind any of these secrets. And maybe if you were in that persons position, you would think the same thing.

    Maybe your the one that has some growing up to do.

  17. I had a girl tell me she was pregnant because she had cheated on me twice and knew I was about to leave her. I stayed with her until I caught her lie because she claimed to have Morning Sickness so early in the “pregnancy” that I looked it up and it was extremely rare to happen then. I never could have trusted her again and instead of making me want to be with her more I was scared of her and did not want to be within 100 feet of her. When I thought I was going to be a dad she almost caused me to re-enlist in the Marine Corps because whether I wanted to be with her or not I wasn’t going to let my child grow up without his/her parents. I was adopted and know the pain of growing up without them. Lying about pregnancy is about the lowest most untrustworthy thing that a girl can do to her boyfriend. If you can’t live without him, find something you can do in a positive way that will make him re-consider leaving you.

  18. I did the same thing. He stayed. Then I had to tell him I lost it. Now I’m terrified to tell him the truth.

  19. At least now you know. Rather than REALLY being pregnant and him leaving you with a baby all by yourself. =( I’m so sorry honey. My boyfriend left when I told him I was “late” and might be pregnant. He didn’t care. He apologized 2 years later but I already knew that he wasn’t the kind of guy I should be with. Life sucks sometimes.

  20. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be. Maybe soon, maybe a long time off. Girl, you deserve someone who will love you through it all and who will never even consider leaving your side. You are beautiful, valuable, and loved.

  21. I tell all my bf’s that I might possibly be. if they stay, then I continue dating them. If they leave, then I move on to the next one. I don’t want to accidently become pregnant only to find out THEN that he will leave.

  22. I actually was pregnant. He still left. My biggest regret is that I aborted our daughter. He said he would’ve came back.

  23. i told my boyfriend i thought i was pregnant after a fight we had, it wasnt a lie, i had convinced myself i was because i was late, I thought it would make him realise how much our relationship meant. he came across angry at me when i came on. not long after, i was late again. this time i made him come to the doctors with me.. i actually was. i found out very early and although he was religious and against abortion i was only 17 so i knew i wouldnt be able to support a baby, i had a termination at 10 weeks and although he came with me to the appointment he was again so angry at me afterwards when all i needed was support – i felt bad enough myself without him telling me what a horrible thing i had done. that was 4 months ago and we have now broken up. if i had not had the abortion i would now be 24 weeks gone and on my own, this makes me think that i shouldnt regret the decision because i was right to think i wouldnt have coped, but this alone feeling has sent me into a sense of loss and i think im becoming depressed. i have nobody to talk to as he is the only person that knows about what i did and i get so upset every time i hear about the whole subject of pregnancy it hurts me to know that i killed my baby. and i hate this boy for leaving me so weak. we were together for over 2 years and he told me hw would always be there and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, i guess i should just be thankful that he had left and i am not fooling myself that i could have had a happy family. now i need to try and tackle my post-abortion emotions and self-hatred on my own instead of fooling myself that it would all be ok because he loved me.. he clearly doesnt 🙁

  24. Regardless of whether you lied or not, you’re better off without him if he wouldn’t stand by you. Stay positive!

  25. My boyfriends completely insane ex did this too… she wasn’t pregnant. And her and any other girl who goes that low should be set on fire.

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