I snuck off my boarding high school campus

I snuck off my boarding high school campus

I snuck off my boarding high school campus and got pulled over by the cops naked in the backseat of my college boyfriend’s rental car.




19 Comments on “I snuck off my boarding high school campus

  1.  by  fm

    i wish i could have had that oppurtunity to do all these naughty things with my GF. u r lucky 😉

  2.  by  coolcat89

    you go to culver!!!
    hahahahah my boarding school

  3.  by  Not a Friend

    She can brag if she wants. 🙂

    They don’t HAVE to be secrets we’re ashamed of. They can be secrets we’re proud of, but are too humble (or otherwise hesitant) to brag about in our every day lives. 😉

  4.  by  Adelle

    if you got caught by the police, how much of a secret is this?

  5.  by  JustMe

    That is freakin’ awesome. I love it. Public schools aren’t half as exciting it seems.

  6.  by  cantagreemore

    wait, how does everyone know she goes to culver?

  7.  by  Summer

    i got drunk at my boarding skool. crashed the dance with 2 other of my drunk friends. i’m on probation until this december. ehhh. my life already sucks. I could give a fuck if they expelled me. deep down though. I wish i had the guts to go all the way and be expelled.

  8.  by  Andrew #

    Got expelled from boarding school after the housemaster found out about me and his daughter… Soo worth it.

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