34 thoughts on “I know we hurt each other”

  1. I tell everyone i would never take him back but that is one big lie. I say i hate you but i don’t, i allowed you to hurt me the way that i have never lket anyone else ever hurt me.

  2. This is so my secret.
    I was in a crazy relationship with this guy and he hurt me in more ways than one.
    But for some strange reason my heart is completely his.
    It’s been a year since we have been together but if he called me and told me he wanted me back I would break up with my boyfriend in a heart beat.
    Kind of pathetic but true…

  3. i wish this was from my ex.. this is the way i feel too, and i wish it was him who posted it saying the same back to me

  4. Ironically enough, I think I may know who sent in this secret since the girl in the picture (from the back) looks like me. For that reason, I chose to remain anonymous.

    So if this is who I think it is, thank you…and I love you too. I’d take you back in a heartbeat as well if I could.

  5. its ironic thats so me.ill always get short fused w.my bf but i kno w.out him im nothing and ill always tak him back and i kno if something badly ever happened well always be together and love each other.

  6. I love him with all my heart.
    but he’s going away for the coast guard soon
    and i am afraid he will forget about me
    I don’t know who i would be today without him.

    he is still the boy i love, and always will

    because somehow i can’t seem to understand why we still talk or hang out
    but destiny i guess has made sure we dont lose touch
    and somehow even after everything..
    i think we made each other happy atleast for a time in our lives.

    <3 december

  7. I love him more than I’d ever meant to, and as much as everyone tells me to forget him, I’d take him back in a second.

  8. My ex checks my facebook several times a day. Does she want me back or is she waiting to be mad again?

  9. At the end of the day, when everything from the day has melted away and washed down the drain with my make-up, when everyone else’s convictions that you are terrible for me are finally silenced, I am left with the same ache in my chest that says exactly what this card says.

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  11. i feel like this is kind of my situation but i have no idea
    maybe i’m the only one who would take them back…. and it’s too scary to find out

  12. i feel the same way too. i’ve broken up with my ex for 4 months now but we keep calling eachother and telling how much we love eachother. we both know the relationship wont work but its so hard to let go. i know that i’ll love him forever.

  13. I wish this secret would come true for me…
    If she called I would come back to her in a heartbeat.
    She’s my everything.
    I just wish she would believe me when I say I’m sorry…

  14. i often wonder if this might be true. i know it is for me.. even tho i say i can’t forgive you… even tho i said it would take a miracle for me to ever consider it… i’d take you back in a heartbeat.

  15. Ahg, I feel the same way.
    I still love him, with everything I have.
    Even after the countless times he’s hurt me.
    & even though all my friends tell me to
    forget him and move on..
    I’d take him back in a heartbeat.

  16. i have two kids with him. we cheated on each other. he did it first. but i did it alot more. and now we are divorcing and he will never know what a big mistake we’re making. and now he is in lvoe with someone else. and i carry his last name.

  17. i broke it off w. my love of 1 1/2 years 6 months ago. it broke my heart, and i was flooded with haunting memories of our relationship. We were perfect for each other, but i knew that deep down in my heart, i didn’t want to be with you forever.

  18. I love you. I still do. I know I really should care that you cheated on me and that you probably dont care about me. But I love you, I still love you, no matter what. It kills me that I had to break up with you. It eats away at me that you are not who I thought you were. You’ve flipped my entire world upside down, im so unsure about everything. I love you. forever.

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