I hide my bottles of vodka under my daughters bed

I hide my bottles of vodka under my daughters bed

I hide my bottles of vodka under my daughters bed

P.S. your daughter always knew



12 Comments on “I hide my bottles of vodka under my daughters bed

  1.  by  anon

    Did someone add the “ps” thing after this was created?

  2.  by  Ta-ra-ra-ra

    i think its maybe a cycle thing, her mother used to hide bottles under her bed and now she does it as well under her daughters bed and she knew it when she was a child also.

  3.  by  JustMe

    Ahh… That almost didn’t make sense…
    Well. I hope you find a new hiding spot soon, before she finds out like you did. 🙂

  4.  by  JustMe

    I also hope that hiding spot is the garbage.
    An alcoholic parent isn’t really a great way to grow up…
    I think you knew that though, hm?

  5.  by  joyjoy

    i totally thought it meant this person was placing vodka there for that other persons daughter to find.. the other one makes sense though.

  6.  by  true

    My alcholic father would always beat me and I hated him so much. there are times when I thought of ways to poison his drink to kill him. But he stopped beating me after his Liver transplant.

  7.  by  Keith Shannon

    I don’t quite get it… Is the person who is hiding the bottles the stepmom or step father of who ever the daughter is? Is that why “your” daughter always knew??

  8.  by  Jelliss

    I felt a wave of revulsion when i read this.
    My dad was an alcoholic and the complexity, severity and depth of the impact that had on me is impossible to explain. He’s scum, but it hurts to say that because every time i speak to him i’m almost overwhelmed by how much i want to just forget and laugh with him. I can’t forgive him. He doesn’t deserve a daughter. He did things like this.

  9.  by  Sylvie

    I took this as the daughter confessing for her mother. But I guess there are many ways of interpreting it.

  10.  by  UNTITLED

    I just don’t think alcoholism is the way forward…. Think about what you might do if you were out of control. What about your Daughter?

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