I am seen by all

I am seen by all

I am seen by all

but visible to noone



8 Comments on “I am seen by all

  1.  by  missy89

    I am sure dat ur visible ..u jus need 2 believe dat u.r…self belief is a massive fing..n am sure when ur not derte..it is noticed ..even if it by 1 person!

  2.  by  sifu

    Thank you for describing how I feel so eliquently.

  3.  by  name

    It won’t be forever…unless you want it to be.

  4.  by  olive

    everybody feels like that but you have to put yourself out there, go and be known and et yourself shine out there and ppl will be drawn toward you!

  5.  by  TheHeroWillDrown

    Being a ghost is what I dream about.

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