I am afraid of what comes after high school

I am afraid of what comes after high school

I am afraid of what comes after high school

I have 290 days left.



67 Comments on “I am afraid of what comes after high school

  1.  by  Aj

    4 more months for me too. grad 2010.
    i have no idea what i’m going to do

  2.  by  Kev

    i can relate 100% i am in the same boat. im not as happy as all my friends are to graduate. im scared to leave everything i’ve ever known….unfortunately for me i only have a few weeks left

  3.  by  Mari

    I commented some months before about how scared I was… Now I’m at university and it’s been awesome! I’ve got the coolest friends, the classes are nice and it’s not that different from high school, actually…

  4.  by  janae

    i just completed my first year of college, which i hated until the last month of it. i have never been so excited to go back to school in all of my life. you’re gonna do great. congratulations, class of 2010. i’m proud of you.

  5.  by  clare

    i graduated 2008. It was the best thing i ever did. forget the people who say what comes after highschool is worse.. its harder to do what u want when u want, but it makes for a much MUCH happier life.

  6.  by  Pineapple

    I have another 3 years and I’m already terrified.

  7.  by  C

    I graduated this year, everyone told me I couldn’t do it because I missed so much school becauseof medical reasons- but I did it and I start university in a couple of weeks. Now I’m afraid they were right and I can’t do this.

  8.  by  Ramen

    THANK YOU. I’ve felt the EXACT same way as the secret-poster, and whenever I tell someone about it, they always reply with the same “it’s much better,” and “it’s not as bad as you see,” bullshit.

  9.  by  found

    Grad 2010
    i miss highschool more than anything
    i feel so lost now, through high school i felt like i belonged, i had a plan.
    i was happy then.

  10.  by  TheHeroWillDrown

    It is hell the little fairy tale is shattered they lied to you the entire time it’s a sham living is Pain….please hear these words and leave this horrible place before the “real world” rips every fiber of your body apart until your nothing more than a hollow shell and a mind that longs for the way things were in memories….

  11.  by  Mike

    Im scared too. I dont want to leave home yet I’m terrified of not getting into uni. I want to feel certain and safe about things, and its just impossible right now. Feels like everyone else has their plans sorted and although I know what I want to do, it feels like it won’t work out… because things dont usually work out the way I want them to. Its been like that for a while now. humph. Well, we just have to hope that things will eventually fall into place..

  12.  by  *c*

    I felt the same. I was scarred because school was all id ever knew. But im much happier now than i ever thought i could be 😀

  13.  by  the one that got away

    I felt the same way, but now I’m happier then I’ve ever been. I was so scared on my first day of college, but now that’s all I know. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  14.  by  maddy

    I was too. I was terrified because I didn’t know where I was going or what I was going to do and I didn’t…don’t know how to cope with ‘adulthood’! Whose idea was it to make it such an arbitrary age? But…the thing is, it’s okay. It’s terrifying, but it’s okay.

  15.  by  oh no not again

    I was scared of not having the grades for uni – but I have a backup plan. I already have the grades to be a Veterinary Nurse!! 🙂

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