he loves me the way i always wished and dreamed someone would

he loves me the way i always wished and dreamed someone would

he loves me the way i always wished and dreamed someone would

i’m terrified he’ll die and i’ll be all alone again… i’m not sure i remember how to do it.



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  1. I hope he doesn’t do anything dangerous for a living. You’re lucky. I don’t know who you are, but I’m happy for you.

  2. I Feel like this everytime I look at him and He’s not looking. I’m so Lucky to have him and can’t imagine life without him. I breaks my heart. I don’t feel so alone now though. Thank you. maybe we should live in the now. X

  3. I know how you feel. I am so afraid right now because mine has high blood-inflammation levels and we don’t know why yet. I am scared everyday. Our first child arrives two weeks.

  4. I’ve recently met my soul mate. Our bond is so strong we can see into each others worlds as if we were sharing a single life but I can’t be with her as she is married to a guy I’ve known since I was 5. Now I spend my days cursing not going to the party that he met her at.

  5. oh gods… this is virtually exactly my middle-of-the-night fear (or my ascribed fear, ascribed to mah h00min existenz) that had me get up out of bed and get online and hash it out. WOW. Thank you postcard sender, and all of you. It’s visceral, the scariness when my mind goes into an imagined catastrophic future. My life has taken so many twists and turns and I have learned so much of how filled with illusion/delusion my mind can be with restless/neurotic/catastrophic worries… so I am more than a little embarrassed to find myself taken in by this worry. it does my heart good to know I not — far from! — the only one. hugs

  6. emric, hugs your way. i hate hearing your pain. it can be so painful! i am in a place of being soulmates, being a counterpart. my partner is beautiful. his happiness is my own. just awesome compatibility. we were up front and did not meet behind anyone’s back~ but it did take work. his prior marriage ended. if our story says anything it’s that *anything* is possible. thework.com

  7. He showed me what its like to be loved unconditionally.

    He died.

    But even though i miss him everyday, it was worth it <3

  8. I completely understand, i have the same fear.
    But just enjoy life, and it will all work out in the end.
    I know thats way easier said than done, but its worth a shot–for happiness.

  9. i completely understand & have this same fear.
    when you find someone amazing it scares you to death to possibly lose them.
    just be happy & thank God for every day that you’re together.

  10. I completely understand this; it kills me. We may just be 18 and 19; but he has suffered 3 brain tumors as it is. I have a huge fear of people who I love, and who love me will just disappear but the fear when it comes to him is HUGE; and I don’t know if I could pick myself up again if I lost him.

  11. I feel your pain and there is nothing I can sY that will make you feel better so I am going to give you. Hug >:D<

    Pass on the hug. Hug a random person today it will make you feel better and might just sAve someone else

  12. That kind of reliance i have felt before..of which i have endured and overcome after an episode of overwhelm events whereby i struggled to keep it to myself, that kind of pain that i have to bear all alone after losing the man that i loved so dearly.Its just scary to feel what you felt but i’ve been there and done that and its true when they said “Live in the now…”that will help to cure.

  13. I feel like this everyday. Death has a hold over me I cannot explain, and I fear the death of my lover more than anything.

  14. It sounds like you found someone pretty awesome. Me too.

    Worry takes me away from joy. I LOVE the man I am with – but I wouldn’t have been this happy with him, if I allowed myself to fear.

    He is older than me. He might die before me . . . I might die before him . . . there is no way of knowing. I am so glad that God has put us together now, though.

    If he dies before me, I will have our memories – I want to make lots of them!

    If he dies before me, I will have wisdom.

    Part of me hopes he dies before me – so he doesn’t have to bear the pain of loosing me.

    Plus, I believe we will meat again.

    When in fear, I search for me to love.

    Thank you for your post. Reflecting on this helped me put my fears into perspective.

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