15 thoughts on “give me my heart back”

  1. I can’t believe after all that you have done to me and how much you have hurt me, that you still own my heart. I don’t know who I hate more, me for letting it continue to happen or you for hurting me os much, or my parents for making me feel like I have such low self-worth that I deserver somebody as low as you!!

    I need to take my heart back for me. I wish I knew how.

  2. me too! and here i was- feeling like no one could ever understand how it still stings after 2 years. he’s oblivious to my begging though; completely absorbed in happiness with the one he left me for. “I’ve given you my best/Why does she get the best of you?” I’ve gotta stop allowing the past to antagonize me like this. “they say time heals everything/but i’m still waiting… ” i wish all of you the best.

  3. I wish I could say this…
    It’s been three and a half years.
    But then, sometimes.. I feel like I dont want if back??

  4. What sucks is I was the one that made the mistake and left with her heart in my hands.
    I still have hers.
    She still has mine.
    But I fear in the onslaught of confusion that we’ve both damaged the others too much for repair.
    I’m terrified to be without her.
    She’s terrified to be with me.
    I’ve broken the only heart that’s ever mattered to me.
    How do I fix it?

  5. Take it back!!! Nobody can give it back to you!! I know it’s not easy but you’ll figure it out, whatever it takes! you know s/he doesn’t deserve you. one of the most amazing things about the heart is its RESILIENCE!!! And more importantly…. you can never take back the time you’ve lost, but you can ALWAYS cut your losses and make up lost time.

    (can you tell i’ve been there before?) 🙂

    good luck.

  6. My boyfriend left me last night on my lil sisters bday…I’m a week late on my cycle and I hope I’m pregnant so he would have a reason to be with me again

  7. its been almost two years and she still has my heart i think about her everyday and wished i could go back and change things. i still see her and it pains me to see her with the other guy she cheated and left me for but makes me feel worse that she cheated on him with me and made me believe she would come back to me to find out she just wanted to use me part of me still loves her and part of me hates that i still love her (circle)

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