we only made out

we only made out

we only made out

he never kissed me

I tried to hold back all feeling

it was just a fling

all of a sudden he stopped talking to me

I pretend it doesn’t bother me

but I think about him everyday

44 Comments on “we only made out

  1.  by  elise

    i’ve been trying to push off similar feelings for months now. seeing this just made me admit it to myself

  2.  by  agirl

    he’s such a jerk! try talking to him alone but act cool…

  3.  by  Kate

    This is exactly – word for word – what happened to me. Only very very recently (the past couple weeks) have we started building a friendship again, but it’s like starting from scratch; meeting a whole new person. Every day I miss those months we lost, and I wonder if there ever could have been more.
    I still have feelings for him.

  4.  by  someone

    and i think maybe if id be prettier. was distance really the issue?

  5.  by  One who understands

    I understand how your feeling. this happened to me too but you have to realize that life goes on. Don’t dwell on it or you’ll start feeling less of yourself and wasts years of your life like i did.

  6.  by  annie

    i know
    it’s been months. i’ve done so much since him, but seeing him makes me feel as shitty as i did the day he had his arm around me and told me he had a date with another girl
    thank you for making me feel not crazy anymore

  7.  by  heartbreakdancer

    to be honest, distance was probably the issue.
    i am an EXPERT on ling distance things
    and they never turn out good.
    i wish they did, and i’d try and stick with them to see if it was worth it
    but it killed me more and more everyday.

  8.  by  hoLee

    I know how you feel this guy did the same thing to me this summer and I think about him all the time

  9.  by  Veronica D

    I went through the exact same thing, only before he stopped talking to me he told me he was falling in love with me and I was too afraid to open up, now I struggle with never knowing whose fault it was and could it ever be repaired.

  10.  by  AwesomeE

    I am doing the same thing. He calls occasionally so we can “see each other”. When we are together promises are made and I hope maybe things will change.

  11.  by  Mistaken

    Your completely not alone.
    Atleast making out was all you did.
    I sadly am going through the same thing….
    except I had sex with him – third person I have ever been with.
    He just up stopped talking to me about a week after…..
    it tears me up, literally.
    I mean it’s like getting punched in the face, continuously.
    It’s like seeing the blood drip down your face but not having the guts to wipe it away for fear that youll realize it’s real.
    It’s like wanting to cry constantly because you realize that he meant so much to you and in return you meantt nothing to him.
    It’s been three months now.
    Some things I guess you just dont get over quickly.
    Some times i feel like I may never.
    I know I will….you will too.
    It just takes time I guess.
    Everyone always says…tell them how you feel.
    I won’t tell you that.
    Cuz i did…and it didn’t do nothing.
    I just wanted to keep talking and talking and talking…wanting it to get better and change and be the way I want it to.
    but it didnt.
    I just made me feel more stupid.

  12.  by  Holli

    Ugh, the sameish thing is happening to me, kinda.
    We’re going out now but that like all we do is make out, ever since the first day.
    I’m not even sure if he really like me.
    I feel like I’m getting used. =/

  13.  by  Amanda

    This is one of my favorite songs of all time-
    Make Up Smeared Eyes-Automatic Love Letter.

    It truly portrays beautiful the difference between love and lust.
    I hope all you ladies realize how much you are actually worth and as hard as it is have the strength to get up and say “I deserve better”…
    You are all looking at post secrets which mean that you all must have a compassionate and very caring side.
    Believe it or not, so many guys out there are looking for that.
    I wish nothing but the best for you and remember–
    There is someone out there for you.
    There always is..:)

    May that sun always shine in your favor.

  14.  by  ali

    omgsh! this exact thing happened to me!
    and this was posted o my bday!

  15.  by  Samantha C

    I know who this is in the picture. I went to a private middle school with him. He loved this girl so much…

    I am sorry 🙁

  16.  by  Samantha C

    I still can’t get over that I know who this is… small world.

  17.  by  justanotherprettyface

    I am going through the same thing now. I also had sex with him, second guy in my life. We were together every day and then one day it all stopped. I found out he was lying about everything in his life and even had another girl he was lying too as well. I still can’t get over it and wonder what I did wrong to make him just decide to one day never speak to me or return my calls again. Even though deep down I know I didn’t do anything wrong it tears me apart inside and I don’t know what to do to stop thinking about him.. makes me sick and this was over a month ago..

  18.  by  lovely.

    like all you did was make out
    but he never actually gave you a real kiss..
    like he just was about making out, and not giving you a loving kiss or whatever.

    it makes alot of sense to me ha.

  19.  by  Bre

    He was my first, he told me he was in it for the long haul… he hasn’t spoken to me since.

  20.  by  anonymous

    i know the boy in this picture
    his name is dane
    i really hope this is an awkward coincidence…
    where the photo was just used for it’s concept.
    but the eyes being censored out…scares me.

  21.  by  Mrs. Cookie

    I can sort of relate to this.
    And this is a great song, by the way.

  22.  by  Jammin

    Your not alone…

    I mean emotional affairs suck… especially when you started to invest yourself in that person…

    Hold your head high, and remember…
    You’re not Hopeless…

  23.  by  Alice

    Oh, wow.

    This is almost exactly what happened to me.

    I had sex with him. The third guy I had ever been with.

    I live a few feet away from him–he doesn’t leave my mind, ever. Every time I walk by I feel like I’m going to scream, especially when I hear his voice or hear him playing music.

    I can’t talk to him.

    I hate passing his room–I want to see him, yet I don’t at the same time.

    I want him to come out so we can talk. I don’t want him to come out because I’m just going to think about us having sex.

    I wish I hadn’t had sex with him.

    I wish I had stopped after the first time.
    I wish we were still friends.

    I wish I didn’t have to ride down the elevator with him or have the same friends, talking like we never had sex or have seen each other naked.

    I wish I were a better person.

  24.  by  suzzie

    this is the same EXACT thing that happened to me…and now i feel like nobody is good enough for me because i always feel like i did something wrong.

    i have horrible insecurities now, i know how you feel seriously.

  25.  by  chatontriste

    This happened to me too. I’m sad it’s happened to a lot of people, but glad to not be alone.
    I saw a guy constantly for 2-3 months, and everything was amazing. Then he cut me off. Just like that. No reasons, nothing.
    This happened in spring of ’07, and I still think about him all the time. I look at his facebook page every day. I haven’t seen him in over a year, and the times when we would run into each other, my face became hot and I felt shaky and like I wanted to dissolve. All I want is to see him but I know if I were to, I would not be able to function!
    I fell for him so hard, and he has no idea what he did to me, or if he does, he has no soul.
    I’m seeing someone now and he’s nice, but I’ll always carry the torch for this other guy.

    I feel like I have a terminal illness.

  26.  by  Joanna

    The same thing happened to me. I thought he liked me, but turns out he was drunk. The next day he didnt remember who i was. Sometimes i find myself checking his facebook, hoping he misses me. I dont love him and i never will. But he made me feel special.

  27.  by  xx

    i ABSOLUTELY agree with the last 4 lines.
    ..talkin like we never happened.

  28.  by  iknowwhothisistoo

    i know who both the people are in this picture TOO!!!

  29.  by  dane

    ok this has nothing to do with me and alex
    I love her to death and i would give up my eyes before I let her go (photographer speaking)

    really appreciate someone found a personal meaning in the photo, but please tell me before

  30.  by  Meggs

    I hear you.
    Same position right now.
    It was a summer fling turned nothing and now i would probably do anything to get that opportunity back.

  31.  by  e

    i understand.

    i hate the fact that i understand.

  32.  by  Believe

    every now and then, the memory of that one blissful, perfect night, hits me like a bulldozer. it knocks me down, dominating my mind and emotion and it replays over and over. all the beautiful words he said, the friction of our skin touching, and the feeling that i was, for the first time, truly loved. It swallows me up for a little while. But then i have to stand up, brush myself off, and place it firmly back in the past where it belongs. Because after that night it was over. That was the night he walked out of my life and left me to drown in a puddle of his lies. But you know what? Not a day goes by that i don’t thank God that things turned out the way they did. It all happens for a reason, and the right one is out there. I walk so much taller now, stronger, more confident, more beautiful. Because it is only through feeling the devastation of the bottom that we can truly appreciate the wonder of the top. You will love again. And you are loved right now. God had his hands on you right now, even if you don’t realize it. I love you too. Whoever you are, wherever you are, I love you.

  33.  by  Liz

    Similar thing happened to me… only i had sex with him.
    didn’t even know his midle name. he was a friend of a friend, and he liked my other friend.
    but i liked him, and he seemed to like me too.
    but after we had sex it was like it never happened and we all hung out with the other girl that same night. and about a week later, they had sex… in my house.
    i wish i never had sex with him.

  34.  by  Abby

    I’m by no means a virgin. But the most powerful thing I’ve ever experienced was a kiss from a guy. I was 14. This is exactly what happened to me. Its been 5 years and he suddenly showed back up in my life. I just can’t even bring myself to say anything to him except a half-hearted “hey”.
    Am I wasting my second chance?

  35.  by  Nameless Heartbreak

    I had this happen to me a few months ago. It was my b/f’s best friend too. But I really liked him. And I really miss him now. But oddly enough, it makes me happy that they’re still friends, even if he doesn’t talk to me.

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