10 thoughts on “our psych teacher knew”

  1. I hate that people throw around the word “whore,” as if someone could be a whore just by having sex with one person who is already “committed.” A whore is someone who is indiscriminate about their sex partners. I met someone who really IS a whore…
    Seriously, if someone sleeps with someone YOU LOVE, you’re really insulting your love by calling his other sex partner(s) “Whore.”

  2. you’re fucking dumb -_-
    I don’t know if other people agree with me, but if the person I love sleeps with someone else and cheats on me, I have NO problem insulting them or the person they slept with. I mean come on, they didn’t give two shits about insulting and hurting me so why should I be bothered with insulting either of them?

  3. No, you’re the one who doesn’t get it. If the piece of trash you’re love cheated with is a whore, then your love is equally trash because a whore, being indiscriminate about their sex partners, would have no required standard for them to meet. Since your love is such gutter-trash, then you, too, must be a whore.
    BTW: Nice language, goof. Your ignorance is showing.

  4. Hey breaking heart, are you retarded? Yes a whore is someone who is indiscriminate about their partners?
    If I sleep with anyone between the ages of 18 and 60, does that mean I’m not a whore because hey, I’m age discriminate and won’t sleep with someone who’s 65?

    Bitch please.
    And how would you know the 3rd person was in love with the committed party?

    Your logic also sucks, even by your own definition of “whore”. You’re saying that if the “other woman” is a whore, then the boyfriend must also be a whore, which means the girlfriend must also be a whore.


    If you say that love makes sleeping with someone NOT a whore-ish move, even if the boyfriend slept with everyone under the sun, as long as the girlfriend loves him, then she’s not a whore. So your deductive reasoning is just retarded.

  5. Dean, YOU’RE a bitch, and if anybody’s not using logic and human-level reasoning, it’s you. I can’t type at nearly the rate at which my thoughts fly, so sometimes things get left-out here or there. My logic is perfect. Yours is pretty hard to follow, hopefully only due to your inability to express a cogent thought. If you have nothing constructive to add, please do everybody a favor and keep your verbal diarrhea-spewing trap shut. With all that sleeping-around you’re [obviously] interested in doing, be sure to double- or triple-up on the contraceptives; even if you don’t play a role in your children’s lives, they may want to someday meet you, and heaven help the poor dears when they see what trash-stock they come from.

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