16 thoughts on “my ex boyfriend said i would always be a drug addict”

  1. my ex told me the same thing. and you know what… he’s right. i chose drugs over him ever time. i wish i was stronger. i think i really loved him too.

  2. I left my x because of his addictions. I never wanted to but it was ruining both our lives he turned his life around we got back together against all odds. Have never been happier, life is to short go after what really matters.:)

  3. My entire family does drugs… parents, siblings, aunts, uncles cousins….. they all make fun of me for not doing drugs with them…… i stopped going to family events and am looking for apartments……

  4. If you love him, rise up and fight. Your will is the only thing that’s separating you from getting help and kicking this addiction’s ass.

  5. not to sound like a dick– but you will always be a drug addict and so will I. BUT we dont have to use drugs anymore, we can live without them. On November 20th, 2008 i went into rehab, and i have been clean since. and it feels good, things with me and my boyfriend are rocky because of our use.. but i know that i am getting better and i can depend on people not drugs to help me through my struggles. maybe you should hit up an NA meeting– just to check it out, or if they dont have any in your area, check out an AA meeting. i hope it all works out, and congrats to Caroline. I cant wait to say i have years instead of days.. but that will come.

  6. Concentrate on yourself and what you know is fact. You control the drug, the drug does not control you. Take control of your life. You are the driver not the passenger.

  7. my exgirlfriend said the same thing to me, but i only started doin them again (i had been 10 months clean)because she liked doin it and i loved her so much i wanted to do everything with her….. i know ppl say theres hope and all that and i honestly applaud and congratulate their efforts and successes but for me its the only thing that fills the empty spot … im dead inside and only drugs are there for me to talk to

  8. The guy I’m starting to think I may be in love with is an exdruggie. He is awesome. I’m pretty sure if someone he liked told him that, even if he did go back to drugs, I’d go after them with a need to hurt them. He’s worked pretty damn hard to not go back to them.

  9. Please know you are STRONGER THAN ANY1 THINKS, including YOU!!! WE CNAT ALWAYS ACCOMPLISH THINGS ON OUR OWN BUT THERE IS HELP everywhere. in all shapes forms and sizes. never give up. we all have the potential to rise against the odds. bad things happen to everyone but only THE STRONG SURVIVE. KEEP REACHING OUT…GOD WILL SHOW YOU THE WAY.

  10. i left me ex because i believed the same thing. i cut him out of my life. he had his chances. but he will always be a druggie to me. i wish him luck, but i no longer have any faith in him. hopefully he gets better, but i am done waiting. i will never know.

    you’re addicted to being fucked up. god help you.

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