I don’t know why anyone wants to be pretty

I don't know why anyone wants to be pretty

I don’t know why anyone wants to be pretty

I hate being beautiful

I hate that you’re only nice to because of how I look

I secretly aspire to be a burn victim

At least then I’ll know who really loves me

I miss being ugly

136 thoughts on “I don’t know why anyone wants to be pretty”

  1. you need to get better friends then…
    it seems to me like it is not your beauty that is the problem.

  2. why do you think you are surrounded by people who aren’t really your friends in the first place? Obviously not for their sparkling personalities. You deserve better friends than that. It is NOT your beauty that is the problem. Pretty people don’t have to be friends with other pretty people. Perhaps is is your own shallowness that placed you in shallow hands…

  3. i think from one side, it might be understandable why you wish you weren’t attractive, but if your reasoning is you don’t like being surrounded by fake friends, DON’T BE. it is easy to accept the people that are beautiful on the inside into your life, the only reason i see that you would have to have fake friends was if you where superficial like them.
    i can understand how being attractive you could feel false, and unattractive. i come from the other side, the honest and true friends, family and loved one i have in my life make me feel beautiful when i think i am unattractive. honestly, if you open yourself up to the people who will care about you for YOU, you can have that. stop playing the victim.

  4. is it bad that this made me feel good about myself?? at least i know the people who are nice are for real =]
    there are people who love you for you. never doubt that.

  5. Insecurity breeds whatever situation someone is in.
    I wasn’t attractive at school. I felt incredibly lonely, my self esteem was nowhere because I was bullied for being “fat” (even though, looking back now, I wasn’t nearly as big as I believed and as they made me believe.) I developed an eating disorder, lost a lot of weight and gained a “lot” of friends and then I started to worry that they weren’t real, that they were only friends with me for how I looked (once again, looking back, I didn’t give them much credit. With losing weight I had gained an exterior confidence that I hadn’t had before and that was why I was more approachable) and I retreated again.
    It is shown that people who are more attractive have a higher chance of being hired after a job interview than someone that isn’t and even though inside I know that I would rather be hired on my qualifications, experience and personality that is not something I can necessarily dismiss as a bad thing.
    Both sides there are burdens and concerns and insecurities. But I have been both and both made me hideous, both brough different masks to me. I would never ever wish to be a burns victim – I think thats a disrespectful comment in its flippancy, but sometimes I do wish I could go back to being a hideous teenager and have grown as that person and taken confidence and strength from that rather than almost killing myself in a quest to be beautiful. But would I take measures to go back? No. Because even though we may worry, sometimes righteously, that the friends we have are “fake” the world is much kinder to us now than it ever was when we weren’t attractive and that is sad fact.

  6. this is so typical of someone beautiful. Anything to get attention. I hate pretty people who say they are ugly 10 out of 10 times they just want confirmation of their beauty. Get over yourself.

  7. My thoughts exactly.

    If this person ever -really- became a burn victim, we know they’d be crying and wishing for what they once had.

    You sound incredibly selfish. If I were a real burn victim, I would be so offended right now. I still am.

  8. Oh, give me a break.

    I know that I’m attractive also. I’m not vain or egotistical about it; I dress modestly and use little makeup, yet I still get complimented on things other than only my looks. Why? Because I have such talents and personality, and I showcase them. If you want people to compliment you on things other than looks, give them something to compliment. Be a standout individual. Work hard on your skills.

    Don’t wish away something that millions of people wish for. That’s just pathetic.

  9. while i can’t say i’ve had the exact same experience as this secret poster, i can most certainly relate, as i’m sure most of these people posting negative comments can if they push their own lack of self-esteem out of the picture for a minute and examine their lives. all of us have certain traits that get us unwanted attention, whether positive or negative, from society and people in our lives. while yours may be a lack of a certain characteristic, it remains the same that you are facing the same discrimination as someone with an overabundance of a certain trait. if there is nothing you should take from this secret, it is that people are so willing to change themselves to fit into society- to wish upon themselves such a thing as becoming a burn victim- to feel better about themselves as people. businesses make billions and billions of dollars a year to play off these insecurities they’ve created, telling us we are never good enough. to the previous commenter, i think it’s ridiculous to say that this “pretty person” sent in this secret to get more attention- this is an anonymous project, after all. the grass is always greener it seems, but secrets like this should remind us that this is far from true. beauty, like money or power, does not bring real happiness. the fact that this secret holder is being met with jealousy and bitterness and not compassion and empathy just shows that this art project still has a long way to go in reaching its true potential in opening people’s eyes and hearts. step out of your own shoes for two seconds and see the world through this person’s eyes. maybe it’s not all you imagined it to be.

  10. When I was nine I burned myself badly playing with gasoline. that was twenty six years ago. I will never get over it. I cry all the time. I think about killing myself all the time but I never will. I would do anything to be pretty girl. and I am a boy. That girl is an idiot.

  11. it’s always greener on the other side. fortunately i’ve seen both sides and neither one is as grand as the other. you should learn to love yourself, as hard as it is, but toally worht it in the long run.

  12. You guys need to stop saying mean things on here.
    People don’t post these secrets to get judged, they post them to get it out of there system. So don’t say she’s “selfish” until you have lived her life.

  13. My thoughts on this topic: it’s true. Beautiful people do get treated differently from normal or average looking people. I find myself in the average category. However, my best friend is in the gorgeous category. I’m a freshman at college and I mainly hang around two other girls. They are two of the prettiest girls I’ve ever met. A lot of times I feel really ugly standing with them, hanging out with them, etc. It has caused me to become really insecure (in a drunken stupor I even started crying to my best friend asking if I was going to be replaced because our new friend was prettier than me, more likable, etc.). Sometimes I think, what makes them any better than me? Why is it that when we meet new people, they look back and forth between those two, and barely make eye contact with me once? Why is it that when people greet us it’s either “Hey Alice and girls” or “Hey Melanie and girls,” but never “Hey Emily and girls?” Why is it that every guy we come across is hitting on one of them, before he even knows what any of us are like? Now, don’t think I’m self-loathing or trying to get sympathy or some BS. I’m just showing the other, “ugly” person’s side of the story. Neither is fun. Both suck. That said, I’d probably agree with the person who posted this. I’d rather be ugly than pretty because then I’d know people like me for me. Heck, half the time I dress like shit anyway and look like crap. So yeah, I know I’m the “ugly” one, but at the same time I roll with it, and in the end, I kind of like not showing off my pretty side all the time. When I do it just makes a bigger impact, and when I do find someone who really loves me for me, I’ll find pride in making myself look prettier for them, not for the attention of everybody else out there.

    Also, I think my best friend may have the same feelings as the girl who sent in this letter. Beauty is great, but it can also be a pain. I think my best friend wishes she didn’t attract all the male attention she does. Though in general, I’m sure it has it’s perks. But I definitely could understand why someone would rather be “ugly” than pretty. I’m one of the “uglies” and I prefer it that way, but there are still certain days when I wish I was the one who people were interested in talking to, instead of my prettier friends.

    On a side note, I don’t consider myself ugly. Like I said in the beginning, I think I’m average. But I’m just using ugly as a comparison adjective because it works better.

  14. I feel nothing but contempt and disdain for every person in this thread who uses the words “fat and ugly” synonymously. If you think being fat makes you ugly, you should know that A) There are plenty of very beautiful large women, and B) Fat is not exactly impossible to reverse. And if you are one of these people and you think the OP is the shallow one, have another look in the mirror.

  15. Everyone on here is effin stupid. That was a wonderful postcard IMFO. I am not pretty yet and I can understand exactly what she is saying. If you are gorgeous you simply cant be a “real” person. Ugly people hate on pretty people. So all you haters are ugly. GET OVER “YOURSELVES”. Anyways I will be pretty here in a few months, and I am scared I am going to regret it.

    My secret: I dont give myself to anyone completely because I am not comfortable with my body, and I think thats why my ex boyfriend dumped me. My motivation to get skinny and take care of myself is to make him want me back, so that I can dump HIS sorry ass.

  16. There are days I feel the same. I hate how there are guys at the mall who only come up and talk to me because I’m pretty.

  17. true.. i really believe the way i look is the only reason some people talk to me. but still..honestly.. i wouldn’t want to be ugly. human nature. there are ups and downs to being conventionally pretty and conventionally ‘ugly’

  18. Is this even real? You can’t have it both ways.
    Make better friends, suck it up.
    Your life can’t be so horrible that
    Stop being so superficial, from what I can tell,
    you shouldn’t miss being ugly.
    Your personality still is.

  19. i know how it feels to have the burden of beauty to the point of wishing to have some noticeable flaw. when i was younger i was pretty and i knew i was. i did really horrible things to many people who had esteem issues. Then i had my first boyfriend. he was cute and several other girls wanted him but i had him. i was pretty, healthy, smart and because of being obsessive with my own physical shape i was solid muscle at 16. this caused me to weigh more than other girls my size. it didn’t bother me until he found out. that relationship destroyed my entire personal image. but i realized it wasn’t a bad thing. i was able to step out of the light and actually see the real beauty of other people. a beauty i knew i did not have because i was judged on my appearance and i couldn’t see past that judgment.
    call it superficial or whatever else you want to label it as or call her stupid for feeling this way that just shows that you are just as bad as those that set pretty people on a pedestal. just because a person is pretty doesn’t mean that they are excluded from judgment. sometimes it is better to be invisible with a hidden beauty than to have the burden of attractiveness on the outside.

  20. Love this comment. this secret is conceited. Make new friends or change. You don’t have to be attractive, if you want to be a burn victim so bad then go try it out. Maybe then you’ll see how ugly you were inside by thinking this.

  21. I went from being a fugly duckling to [what most people agree is] attractive. I’ve hooked up with guys far above the standards that I would have had if my appearance had not changed. However, I’ve never had a relationship (this includes friends and boyfriends) with someone who I didn’t sincerely connect with.
    It’s not that hard to tell whether or not someone likes you based merely on your appearance. Don’t ever give a part of yourself to someone who doesn’t truly care.

  22. i agree.
    But i also think society has a very warped perception of beauty… Straightened, died hair, caked on make-up and expensive clothes don’t mean beautiful to me. People that spend alot of time on their looks, to me, are ugly.
    I think that people with great personalities, values and morals are alot more attractive than a girl that knows how to do her hair.

    Anyone can look good if they want to, it all depends on if you can be damned, and if you think it’s worth it. If you are shallow and narrow-minded, chances are, you’re going to look that way, and attract people who think that way aswell.
    Also: it’s not black and white. It’s never: she’s ugly, she’s pretty. I think they’re both horrible words.

  23. There have historically been some matriarchal societies, although none of European origin–some Native American tribes, as well as some ancient (and some surviving) groups in Asia live(d) in matriarchal societies…but ours is definitely an oppressively patriarchal one.

  24. I am sorry about how you feel and the emotional distress…I hope that you can come to realize that not everyone values you for your appearance. I know that there are some “Attractive” people I like, and some I don’t…. and some “unattractive” people I like… and some I don’t.. I won’t pretend to know what you are going through but i have a little bit of feedback meant in the best way possible… We all have different gifts. You can use your gift of beauty to help and bless other people. If people are immidiatly nice to you and approve of you because you are pretty, you can use that influence to stand up for people. Show a kind spirit to everyone especially people with low self esteem or people who are rejected by their peers for whatever reason. If you hear someone belittling another person you can speak up and say “don’t be rude”, Or “that’s not cool” or whatever the situation calls for. Because you feel your true dignity as a peson is not respected, you can empathise with others. I don’t think your beauty would bother you as much anymore because when you feel beautiful inside, it shines through and people notice. You would also know that you have friends because you are a friend. Anyway, that was longer than I intended and maybe you already do these things. I hope you feel peace with yourself and others very soon. 🙂

  25. Maybe you should work on how beautiful of a person you could be inside instead of what you look like on the outside. You’ll attract good, genuine people who won’t care that you’re beautiful if you show them who you are.

  26. I hate this stuff.
    You are NOT the prettiest person alive.

    Grow some depth and you won’t have to worry about this

    ALSO become less obsessed with your own looks. No one cares as much as you do.

    How horrible it must be to look PERFECT like you think you do. haha.

  27. Why would anyone diss this person? They obviously feel strongly about this. You guys don’t know how they feel. I don’t either. I sympathize with this person.

  28. “this is so typical of someone beautiful. Anything to get attention. I hate pretty people who say they are ugly 10 out of 10 times they just want confirmation of their beauty. Get over yourself.”

    I totally agree

  29. just be thaknful on what you have. God made you beautiful for a reason. use it for His glory and you’ll surely find your beauty’s worth.

  30. I love being beautiful! but sometimes people asumme that’s all you are.. and you end up believing it! and for the ones who are insulting her you’re just fucking jealous you’re ugly as hell, and not only physically you’re as superficial as she may be…..you who don’t know can’t critise her.. just because we got blessed in physical attributes doesn’t mean life is perfect.. there is much more to it than looks…. but I think you should take advatages of what you got and really not wish you were a burning victim cuz if it happens I’m sure you will regret your thoughts!

  31. Don’t worry, dear. Pretty fades – and it does so fast – so you won’t be facing this dilemma for too long. Just make sure you cultivate some interesting aspect of yourself, so that after the pretty has faded, people will still have a reason to notice you.

  32. i love being beautiful. because i like shutting down fake people and making the nerds i have crushes on feel sexy. 😉

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