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  1. I wish someone had written this on MY behalf. It made me cry to read it. What happened to me happened 20 years ago and I’m still destroyed by it, regardless of how I try to forgive…

  2. This has made me cry. It tells a story in so many different ways. I can strongly relate to this as well. 🙁

  3. There is a very real difference..between justice and revenge.
    Though it may feel right…the need to destroy someone’s life as you feel yours has been..
    It won’t bring you the peace you think it will.

    Have faith that everything happens for a reason. Live it. Embrace it.
    There’s nothing that can be done for what has already happened..
    and though it’s something that will pain you, and you will carry forever..
    No amount of vengeance is going to take that pain away.

    Living your life as happily as possible, proving that you know how to pick up and move on..
    being that branch of support and kindness to someone else…
    THAT is how you prove your worth. With kindness, evil is fought.

    Your scars may be real…but life is not yours to take.
    Your conscience won’t let you live it down.
    Don’t let someone else’s mistake, be your greatest downfall..as well as your greatest sorrow.

  4. careful murder is murder even in retribution. Zee is right killing someone WILL NOT change anything positively, you’re desires have crossed justice and been perverted to wrath. Im not religious but hatred toward other humans is on of the worst things you can do

  5. I believe murder would be too good for him. I want him to suffer. It has been 34 years and I am still healing.

  6. Really now? Hatred towards another person is the worst you can do!
    It reeks of privilege of never being in a situation like this, though i do not mean to discredit your life or experiences.
    hope you have not had an experience as bad as that. and in case you have had, hope no one is as judgemental as you sound right now!
    perverted to wrath!!! UGH! who speaks in such pretentious language any more?

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone thought this about me. You need to realize that everyone has problems and if someone does something horrible, they probably need your help, not your hatred.

  8. He told me that & he meant it.
    I’m 15 it happened 10yrs ago…I still think about it EVERY day.
    No one knows except him, I trust no one even my ‘Family’.

  9. I try to avoid being judgemental like you but I felt I had to voice my opinion. I’m sorry for my “pretentious language” if it confused or disgusted you. I’m not trying to start a fight but I can relate to this secret. Nandini please try to be more sensitive to people’s right of free speech. Voice your opinion too sir or ma’am (my apologies but I can’t tell from your name) but PLEASE don’t attack me for what I believe.

  10. EXACTLY! always remember that the other person has probably been a victim as well and they have their own messed up story too.

  11. i don’t know if the person who said this is serious, but it really is the thought or intention that counts…just the fact that this person is there to defend her is what really matters

  12. I agree wholeheartedly with you, Zoe.
    Although killing may be wrong, irrational anger at the pain of your loved one’s expense is unexplainable.
    There’s no defining it.
    No undermining it.
    I’ve felt this anger toward only a few in my life so far, and I can honestly say that the killing stage fades away, but the hatred, the anger never goes misplaced.
    And Olive. Just because someone’s life was fucked up, doesn’t give them the right to fuck someone else’s life up.

  13. “Pretentious language”?

    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised to read such a comment, in the age of “ZOMG!”, and “ROXXORS”, and “PWN!”.

    It would appear shortening words or creating new, small ones is laudable as opposed to widening one’s vernacular…and intellect…with a more extensive vocabulary already available.

  14. All though you may think you’re doing the right thing killing the person who did this to the loved one in your life you are only going to hurt that loved one even more. Besides losing her innocence to some horrible man, she is then going to lose her father/husband/brother/lover to the jail system.

    Let the police take care of it. Two tours in Iraq taught me that taking a life or even injuring another human being does not have a good feeling associated with it. Plus if you got the wrong person think about how you would feel? I completely understand the desire for revenge but it will do entirely more harm than good. This country is great partially because of the fact everyone gets a fair trial. If they are found guilty they then receive a punishment that is given out by an unaffected hopefully unbiased 3rd party. Let the system run it’s course and justice will be served without your loved one losing you in the process. Why make her lose more than she already has just so you can get revenge. Revenge is more for you than it is for the one that is hurt. So don’t be selfish, think about it for a bit.

    With all this, I’m extremely sorry for you and your loved one who was harmed. I hope for swift and harsh justice for the offender.

  15. There is a difference between vengeance and justice. Murder is murder, whatever the cause. Members of my family are homicide detectives and police officers. They’ve seen the horrors that occur when people take justice into their own hands. It’s not like I don’t understand how horrible people can be. I think this one is about rape, and that is unforgivable. But let the justice system handle it. You will never be a good friend if you are in jail for murder.

  16. I’ve been in the same situation, twice, and I’m only fifteen, she’s 19. There’s just one difference between me and you, I know who one of the guys was, he died in a car crash, it may seem cruel, but the evil cunt deserved it, I was glad when I was told. But even so, If I EVER find out who the other guy is, he’s dead. Good luck, my friend.

  17. I know who he is.
    I know where he is.
    The main reason I didn’t?
    You say you love him still.

    So I avoid the possibility of seeing him because I don’t believe I could stop myself beating him into a coma.

  18. I wish someone wrote that for me. I wish someone would kill you, I wish everybody knew what you really are, for what you did to me.

  19. I can relate to this secret…
    if someone ever hurted my little brother or little sister, they would deeply, deeply REGRET it.
    I am a nice and a cheerful, and a peace loving person, but… touch what I love, and you will suffer consequences.
    I think that’s pretty normal. Everyone wants to protect, or when they fail in doing so, take revenge on behalf of their loved ones.
    Oh, and in this case I do know who hurt my loved one.

  20. There are endless ways to be betrayed, you can cast a thousand false judgements, and the sins with no name that you could commit are more than even I can know.

    But there are sins that I can’t doubt are worthy of blood spilling, for more beautiful that the concept of “Justice” sounds to some.

    If this is related to one of these, I don’t nor will know, but what I do know is that if any, any of the very few I find dear suffer from them, I will spill the blood of the perpetrator to the very last drop by and with my own hands even if it takes me a whole lifetime to do so.

    I won’t gain anything, I will lose much, but that the pain is residing in the past doesn’t make it any less real.. or so is what my scars are telling me.

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