My girlfriend had sex with my best friend

My girlfriend had sex with my best friend

My girlfriend had sex with my best friend….

My best friend’s name WAS Samantha

(P.S. Lesbian sex isn’t that hot when your in love)


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  1.  by  Sxo

    Awesome secret. If you ever read this thank you so much for sharing.

  2.  by  Jamal

    I think its stillpretty hot
    like insanely fucking hot

  3.  by  jimmy

    something like this happened to me
    and my friends always wonder why
    i look away when 2 girls make out
    its heart wrenching
    thank you for sharing

  4.  by  Mistaken

    from a girls point of view.
    lesbian sex is never hot. haha
    I hate when girls do girl on girl
    because a lot of time it is not because they are lesbians necessarily
    it is because they crave attention.
    and that’s sick.
    I call these girls sluts.
    honestly, i do.
    Ive never kissed another girl.
    I don’t plan on kissing another girl.
    Why would a guy want to watch his own girlfriend cheat on him – whether it’s with another guy or girl.
    it’s just wrong.

  5.  by  Mistaken

    why would it be okay for your girlfriend to cheat on your with another girl….
    but not with a guy?
    Isn’t cheating….cheating?

  6.  by  Zee

    the best of friends, turn out to be the worst of friends.
    It’s a matter of learning in who you place your trust.

    Cheating is cheating.
    Whether your a guy or a girl.

    There’s no excuse. Ever.

    You’ll get past this. I promise.
    People who truly care about you, will help you realize that.

  7.  by  justanotherprettyface

    You took the words right out of my mouth.. everytime I am somewhere in public (really have only seen this at the bars) the girls are doing it for the attention they get from guys. It is truly disgusting when the only reason they are acting this way is for attention.

  8.  by  Spttin' in the Face of Fools

    Ok, everyone. This is not sexy, hot, funny, or complicated.

    The two people the guy (assuming that the poster is not a woman) is supposed to be able to trust had an afair.

    That realy stinks. Im sory that happened, but maybe this happened because she (or shes) wasnt right for you.

  9.  by  pollyz

    Wow… same thing happened to me. I know how much that can really hurt. Fortunately, karma nipped them in the butt big time. Hope they both learned a lesson. They were most likely never worth your time in the first place.

  10.  by  Heart Broken

    i feel your pain its happend to me twice… it just hurts

  11.  by  Kate

    I actually am a lesbian and I think it’s DISGUSTING and SLUTTY when straight or bi girls make out or have sex just for a guys attention – maybe if the girl actually had some substance or intellect than she wouldn’t feel like she had to fake girl-on-girl for a guy. I feel bad for this guy though 🙁 he didn’t even want the girl-on-girl action but this girl skanked it up anyway! EW.

  12.  by  Stephanie

    I am a lesbian. I’ve never ‘made out’ with my partner in public but I have showed affection, which is my right, sorry. There isn’t anything worse than some loser coming up to you (man OR woman) trying to get in on your good thing. Most men think lesbians are sluts and that they must want someone as a third because *GASP!* how could we POSSIBLY be satisfied without a penis involved??? I have also had more than one woman attempt to break up/intervene/want involvement with myself or my partner or both. If you see two women kissing, unless some guy is obviously the boyfriend, ASSUME they love eachother, no need to look away. It IS cheating if she had sex without his consent, but the threesome he wanted in the first place not going his way??? Well that’s always a risk ANYONE takes if you decide to bring in a third. Most people, no matter what sex, looking for a threesome are unsatisfied in some way with their relationship or partner. If she left her boyfriend for a woman, perhaps she was a lesbian in the first place and he helped her see that. It may have hurt him, but what a tremendous human being he is! ALSO FYI-ANYONE WHO IS ‘STRAIGHT’ WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES HAVE SEX WITH A MEMBER OF THE SAME SEX. Most people are a little bit bisexual, and by nature, scientifically speaking PEOPLE are hardwired to be attracted to women, no matter what sex they are which is why a female can be turned on by another woman much easier than a man can be by another man.

    As for the last comment, it doesn’t say anywhere he didn’t ask for the threesome, you’re only assuming she ‘skanked it up’.

    There was a lot of assumptions made about this postcard. I’m a little embarrassed for all the uneducated people out there harping about lesbians and how disgusting we are.

  13.  by  Stephanie

    Why would you kiss a girl if you aren’t a lesbian or bisexual??? Especially since it’s so ‘gross’? And for the record, I don’t know any lesbians that have ever let someone else watch them have sex. I’m assuming you think girl on girl in porn is gross. I AGREE. Also for the record, unrealistic and fabricated.

  14.  by  Robyn

    Look. There are actually some people who actually believe they’re in love: just with someone who happens to be a girl as well. These people dont neccesarily do it for sex. In fact, they do it for what they think is love. And to them, sex is just, well.. normal sex. Nothing super hot or super wild. It’s.. just.. sex.

  15.  by  SAM

    my boyfriends the exact same way, and i love it. it just seems to me the guys who want their girlfriends hooking up with other girls aren’t really in it for love, they are in it to get off.

  16.  by  Marie

    has anybody noiced the third girl in the picture with the really creepy eyes?

  17.  by  SAM

    You realize the girl you replied to wasn’t attacking lesbians; she was saying she hated it when straight girls make out for attention from men, which has been discussed in this thread. In fact, the girl who posted this said she was lesbian herself!
    In regards to;
    “As for the last comment, it doesn’t say anywhere he didn’t ask for the threesome, you’re only assuming she ’skanked it up’.”

    No, it doesn’t say anywhere he didn’t ask for them to hook up, but use common sense! How many men would send in this if he didn’t mind some one he loves kissing another woman? It doesn’t say it’s a threesome, it’s CHEATING.

    Also, “I’m a little embarrassed for all the uneducated people out there harping about lesbians and how disgusting we are.”
    Most of the people ‘harping’ about girls hooking up with other girls are talking about the girls who are straight and do it because they want attention, not because they are a lesbian. I don’t know about you but if I was a lesbian I would feel offended at girls kissing for attention.

  18.  by  oandh

    Yes and no.

    Obviously it was done “behind the back” and was wrong, but it *might* be somewhat mitigated by the idea that a guy wouldn’t mind when they told him (he still should have known prior to that). Many guys wouldn’t care, perhaps they assumed (made an ASS out of U and ME) he was one of them. I wouldn’t care – and you’re wrong SAM, I am very much in love. I just couldn’t possibly be intimidated or made jealous by a female suitor to my emotionally-straight soul mate.

  19.  by  SAM

    So what? Whether she feels something emotionally for the woman or not is completely beside the point. If that is your reasoning then there would be no other reason but prejudice to reject her going out and having sex with a man she doesn’t feel for emotionally and just wants to screw.

  20.  by  koyasha

    My ex boyfriend always said he wouldn’t mind if I cheated on him with a girl, it would be ok. So I had sex with a girl because I’d always had bi-sexual tendencies and wanted to find out if I really could be with a woman sexually. My boyfriend didn’t mind, he was interested what it was like. But when it came to other men, he was a jealous person.. I don’t know, I guess for some people this is just “different” but it doesn’t mean they love more or less.

  21.  by  SAM

    that’s because he gets off at the idea of two girls together and he was willing to use you in his fantasy. I’m sorry, but if someone can honestly have no problem with some one they are ‘in love’ with having sex with some one else, the love is lesser. if you passionately feel for someone, truly and deeply, you will not want them to be with anyone else no matter what gender they are having sex with.
    i can understand how a man could find two woman together arousing, and how they would enjoy being in a threesome. but i don’t think that when you are in love with some one you would be happy for them to have sex with some one else even if they are female.

  22.  by  koyasha

    hey sam! thanks for your answer. I’m not sure as I can’t see myself being in that situation but my ex just didn’t take “gay sex or love” seriously. to him such a thing as homosexuality doesn’t .. “exist” maybe? he laughs at gay people. He said he could never see a girl as a rival. I accept his opinion but having been in love with women myself, I know this is not true. You know if I’d try to picture myself in a situation like that.. if my boyfriend slept with another man, I’d be disgusted. I am not homophobic it’s just that two men together (that is when I watch porn and see it) turn me off big time. But since two girls don’t turn him off, I can’t understand what he must be thinking or feeling. He even wanted to marry me and have kids with me so I’m not sure what “true love” means to him? He’s still the person I’m closest to but I’m in love with someone else now (who lives in another country, tho).

  23.  by  Mark Green

    It has a first name and barely covered eyes. Post Secret should realize that people will figure things like this out and forward it on, and censor as appropriate, or censor faces stronger. It can have terrible consequences, especially when confessions are revealing things that _other_ people did.

  24.  by  teej

    Its fucked, maybe even more so than heterosexual cheating. Its awful, and makes one feel completely inadequate, useless and like they’ve had part of their identity stolen

  25.  by  Black

    Anyone who thinks having a threesomew in a loving relationship is impossible or lessens the love is obviously an inexperienced person. Or probably just very immature/insecure.

  26.  by  Luffy

    Any man who does not consider lesbian sex cheating is stupid. Sex is sex and love is love. My boyfriend knows I am bisexual and would be just as upset if I were to sleep with a woman as he would a man because do you know what the definition of bisexual is?! It means someone who can LOVE a man or woman. Sex to a bisexual person is the same, whether it is with a man or woman, so this girl cheating on her man with another girl was the equivalent in her mind of cheating with another man. It is cheating with another PERSON. Period.

    PS. Zee and Stephanie, a woman who makes out with another girl from male-attention is 99.9% of the time straight. Please don’t lump bisexual women in with them, Stephanie. A real bisexual woman would not stick her tongue down another woman’s throat for a man’s entertainment. Unless it was behind closed doors in a threesome or something. Women who do that in public for cameras and GGW are seeking attention because they are so insecure they think that is the only way to get it. Generalizing the lesbian culture by those annoying little drunkards is just… stupid.

  27.  by  anon

    I found out in college that my casual girlfriend was seeing someone else- another woman[I’m a male]. I broke things off b/c she lied, not b/c she was bi- whether I was the other man or the only man, the principle was the same, no trust-no relationship.

  28.  by  Li

    Did anyone else find this postsecret disturbing?

    To begin with it seems like all three people involved are women. The girl in the background on the right has her eyes scratched out and they look bloody in the picture. Further, the person “sam” is referred to in the past tense as though she no longer exists aka is no longer alive.

    I can only hope that I completely misinterpreted this.

  29.  by  isa

    Being bisexual myself, I hate those girls too.

    And gently tell them to go fuck themselves, without my help, whenever they try to hit on me.

    But the worse thing about this? They make guys think, when I’m with a girl somewhere, that we are doing it for them, and that they are welcome to break us apart or try to join the thing. And I’m discrete. Imagine what it is like for those who… Aren’t.

  30.  by  AIR

    I am a female that has not only made out with females but has also slept with a few. I date, love, and f**k men but my experiences with women do not make me slutty, disgusting, nor were they an attempt at getting a man’s attention. I think everyone, heteros, bis, and gays should stop labeling sex and just enjoy it. Period. HOWEVER, WHAT THIS GIRL DID WAS EFFED UP. IF THERE WERE LIES INVOLVED, IT WAS CHEATING, NO MATTER IF IT WAS A GIRL OR A GUY. PERIOD.

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