Mom, I hate you for calling me fat and telling me I’m ugly

Mom, I hate you for calling me fat and telling me I'm ugly

Mom, I hate you for calling me fat and telling me I’m ugly

but i’ll never tell you




57 Comments on “Mom, I hate you for calling me fat and telling me I’m ugly

  1.  by  Alexa

    Wow, I thought this website was so people could feel comfortable telling their secrets, for you people who are bashing on people for opening up and sharing what they have to go through, which is a tough situation on them you have no right to be on here, I’m sure you have secrets that you don’t want people to make fun of you on, and this website isn’t for a competition as to whos life is worse, it’s so people can come together and know other people understand their pain, and hurt. There are always worse problems out there than whats going on in anybodys given life… but it doesnt mean you can’t talk about it.
    The biggest reason I came on this post is because 1. my mom did the same thing to me, if I didn’t wear make-up or fix my hair I wasn’t pretty enough, she always insinuated that I needed to work out more so I would loose weight. And reason 2. Just because there are people on here who are negative, don’t hold back on what you have to say, its people like that who ruined the postsecret app, don’t worry about them. And thank you for this post…There are many people out there who need to see this.

  2.  by  breaking heart

    @Alexa #: What do you know about anyone’s rights? Are you Frank Warren’s lawyer? Did you draw up the policies for posting comments on Post Secret?

  3.  by  breaking heart

    I don’t think I can stand to read any more of these posts; so many of you are being psychologically tortured by your families. Ever considered applying for emancipation, or talking to a social worker to try and get yourselves away from your f’ed-up families? I would recommend both. Nobody deserves to be treated that way. @Jill #, people can be driven to suicide by their horrible mother; that’s where most, if not all, youth suicides spring from, horrible mothers. It is also possible to divorce one’s parents. If my parents themselves were divorced, I would divorce my mother, but my folks are a package deal, and my dad is a good person. Be strong; you are so much better than your mothers, etc., will ever be. 🙂

  4.  by  Zipporah

    @ breaking heart
    I already looked into emancipation, and I cannot be emancipated in my state. And social workers can’t help me because there are more kids that need more urgent attention of course. So, you put up with it. Some people aren’t that strong and just can’t deal with it, not everyone is the same.

  5.  by  Broken Heart

    There is also the option of running away from home. It’s generally not advisable because of the risk you take getting sucked into a sex-trafficking ring, but if you have a great best friend or a very kind boyfriend (maybe a year or two older than you)…there could be some hope there. I wish you the absolute 100% best outcome in this problem. I do not envy you in your situation. God bless you, always. 🙂

  6.  by  Zipporah

    @Broken Heart
    Oh no, I’m not going to run away. It might be bad, but there must be people with much worse. I only have 3 years anyways. 😀

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