I’ve sat and watched you date and kiss all these guys.

I've sat and watched you date and kiss all these guys.

I’ve sat and watched you date and kiss all these guys.

yet I wish you could open your eyes to the guy who’s been there through it all.



34 Comments on “I’ve sat and watched you date and kiss all these guys.

  1.  by  Jamal

    you stuck in the friend zone huh?…been down tht road myself once upon a time…

  2.  by  Lost

    Honestly man, the issue is that girls are waiting for a fairy tale relationship, and it isn’t until they get older that the realize what they passed up those many times. You are not alone here.

  3.  by  m

    if you tell her exactly that, and she still doesn’t open her eyes, she doesn’t deserve you

  4.  by  Katie

    If she’s smart, she’ll realize it soon. I’ve been on the girl’s side of the story, and unfortunately it took me so long to realize that he was the one for me that he was about to give up. He went out on a date, and I got jealous. He meant to do it, and I finally realized what he was feeling all along. We’ve been dating for over 3 years now.

  5.  by  Zee

    You need to tell her how you feel…if you don’t she might never know…
    Sometimes, well…most times, you have to paint people the bigger picture. The one you wish they’d see.
    If your feelings aren’t reciprocated, don’t let it ruin your friendship…
    Just know that loving her as a person shouldn’t mean you can’t fall in love with someone else.
    Everyone deserves to be loved.

  6.  by  Julian

    it’s okay, been there and when i got the nerve to ask, i was painfully shred to pieces
    but sooner or later you’ll find that its not that painful anymore

  7.  by  GBrie

    wow guy
    seriously.. wow..
    i know exactly what you’re going through.

  8.  by  Anonymous Girl

    I’m a girl going through this with a guy. I know exactly what you mean.

  9.  by  Cara

    My best friend is in love with me and I know it.
    I hate it because I can’t tell anyone I love him back, because he’s my twin sisters ex…

  10.  by  NoNYmou

    it sucks just as much being a girl. ive seen my buy friends with horrible girls, but i am stuck as the friend..

  11.  by  mittymonarch

    you go to my school..

    i know this picture from your myspace

  12.  by  Friend

    Or maybe she just doesn’t love him.

    And maybe she just doesn’t love you.

    And maybe you are not the knight-in-perfect-armor that you think you are.

    I know I could never be attracted to someone as arrogant and condescending as you.

    There’s a little article about “nice guys” that I think you all should read…

  13.  by  Kevin

    Tell him.
    Your sister may not understand, but if she doesn’t then she’s not as close to you as your love. A lover who is first and foremost your friend is hard to replace, and you should not let him pass you by.

  14.  by  seabark

    I am feeling exactly the same way with a girl right now. I think we both know that deep down inside there is something between us, but we are both afraid of ruining such a great friendship. It hurts the most when she comes for advice on a guy, and you help her get another boyfriend, just to see her get hurt by him in a few weeks.

  15.  by  helpless

    it sucks even more if the girls aren’t horrible.

  16.  by  wishiwaswithtyler

    this is exactly how i wish my best friend would feel about me :/

  17.  by  Raye

    I am pretty sure this is the first comment from you that you have EVER left that didn’t make you sound like a dick. Thank yoU! 😀

  18.  by  KK

    I was just the friend for 5 years. I counseled him through relationship after relationship fighting to keep him with all of his girlfriends for years. Meanwhile I always hoped he’d dump them (my best friends) for me.

    We’ve been together for over 2 years now.

    It can work… just be there for her.

    Good luck… relationships like yours make the longest-lasting ones.

  19.  by  annnnnna.k

    hahahahhaah i totally agree.
    but thats probably just because he couldn’t think of a dickheadish way to comment this one.

  20.  by  asdfh

    ha, you just gave me hope.
    ive been going through the same thing for 3 years.
    guess i’ll just have to wait it out haha.

  21.  by  sophie

    I was the best friend for 2 years. He asked me out a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t be happier =)
    Never give up hope – I almost did, but I’m so glad I didn’t.

  22.  by  Daisy

    Or maybe girls want someone who will love them for them. Someone who is sweet or sexy but he could have flaws…. not every girl thinks perfect IS perfect

  23.  by  Just that girl

    Not all girls. I’m female and a teen. I know a fairytale relationship is unreasonable to expect.

  24.  by  anatidaephobia

    i totally thought of spiderman! 😀

  25.  by  Jen

    I know how you feel, except I’m a girl. It sucks watching him go through relationships, especially his current one. I think he’s really happy with his current gf. 🙁

  26.  by  LMW

    I’m the girl in this situation and please trust me when I say it hurts her, too. I WANTED to fall in love with him. All of my family and all of my friends wanted me to fall in love with him. I couldn’t force it, though, and now he’s finally found someone else and I’m happy for him. I’m living with my boyfriend and he’s living with his girlfriend, and we got very lucky because our friendship is intact. Good luck to you both.

  27.  by  CD

    The “friend zone” will always suck and it isn’t a gendered thing. But she can’t make herself fall in love with you.

  28.  by  ditzyblonde457

    I am the girl in this situation, or hopefully was a girl in this situation, and I never knew how much I could hurt before this. I have cried and pined and tossed and turned over him, but it just isn’t going to happen – He doesn’t feel the same way. But to think, I’ll wait a bit longer, he will come around eventually, the answer is no, he won’t, he doesn’t, if he did, something would have happened already. It’s time to make peace with the fact that that person will never love you back in the same way – You have a great friend and you have been in love, that doesn’t happen to everyone – but let go of them in that capacity – move on. Don’t move on with the intention of making them jealous – Just let go.

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