28 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure he’d kill himself”

  1. yeah, that really sucks. I’m probably that other guy for some other girl. kind of hurts to know that they know what they’re doing. I mean if it’s gonna hurt him that bad why didn’t you break up first? and honestly it’s gonna hurt him worse to find out later cause it will feel like you’ve betrayed him in more ways than just in love.

  2. The love of my life cheated on me with a 33 year old man. we’re 18. She didnt tell me for three weeks and thought id never find out. I had always known.

  3. Do what feels right to you..that’s all I can say. You’ve already sipped on poison. So at this point, making the ‘right’ decision is close to impossible. It’s really a lose-lose. Morally, atleast.

    You love your boyfriend? End the affair. Do not tell him, and hope it all goes away.
    If you don’t…end the relationship. Explain you just don’t feel the connection, and do not reveal the other man.

    For your sake, I hope it ends well…or continues amicably..
    Because…it would be a heavy conscience to bear, living knowing he killed himself over your selfishness.

  4. i was in the same predicament 2 months ago
    and when i finally ot the guts to break up with him,
    the other guy left me too.
    thats when you find out, neither are worth your time.

  5. I just have to say that since you have already done this… keep it to yourself. It’s only fair that it eats you inside and not him. Telling this kind of secret only spreads pain and solves nothing. Obviously you are missing something very vital in your relationship to go off and do this…. Why not try to bring to your relationship what you are missing?

  6. I have been on both sides of this, having had a promiscuous wife and having slept with other men’s wives. There is more of it happening than you may be prepared to imagine. You may also not realize it now, but if you can be patient, time reveals that it doesn’t really matter that much. My wife and I are still friends, and I have wonderful memories of my lovers. Of course, I am now 64, and that was long ago.

  7. Violent is right.

    How arrogant some women are to think that if a guy doesn’t want them, there must be something wrong with them.

    They believe that, even though they are cruel, dishonest and lying cunts, they are still inherently deserving of “Prince Charming”.

    If you were willing to cheat on your boyfriend, why would you not cheat on him, too? If he was smart, that is why he left you.

  8. I think you are giving yourself and your impact in this guy’s life waaaay too much credit. If you are a whore and are cheating, you ARE NOT worth it!!!!!

  9. hey! Did you forgive her and are you still together? I think the age difference is the smallest problem in this case, tho.

  10. I understand if you meet someone else that you know you are going to get involved sexually with. However, have the common decency to break up with him/her ahead of time. I love my fiancee and don’t plan on sleeping with anyone else for the rest of my life. But, if I was going to pork someone else I hope that I will have the decency to tell her that I’m interested in someone else and that it’s over. In fact there’s no need to give any details or even tell him/her that you are interested in someone else as long as you tell them it’s over before you bump uglys with someone you are not currently in a relationship with.

  11. Women are like monkeys… they never let do of one branch until they have another in their grasp.

    Be honest with him. Tell him. Stop being such a scum.

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