22 thoughts on “I’m jealous of people who can say no to drugs”

  1. Being jealous never helped anyone.
    You need to stop, but when you are ready.
    Make them your motivation.
    If they can do it so can you.
    You aren’t alone…

    I almost lost a friend to an overdose.
    I’ve lost my cousin to chronic rehab visits..he’s lost his two little girls to them as well..

    Eventually your biography becomes your biology…
    don’t let the instant high control the rest of your life..
    You can be happy!
    You just have to want it as bad as you want the drug you don’t think you can leave behind..

  2. Everyone has the ability to say no to drugs.

    I felt like you did a couple of years ago.

    There is hope and it is within you.

    Only you can help yourself.

    I have faith in you.


  3. I know what you mean. I used to tell myself I would never do drugs but I wasn’t strong enough.
    Although it was only a few times its still the biggest regret of my life.

  4. i agree with all these people, its never too late to turn your life around. After 8 years of not being able to say no to any drug put in front of me, or thought that entered my mind, i stopped— I haven’t used in 47 days and its hard as fuck, but i know that theres a better way out there. I said i’d never do a million different things, and i think i’ve done them all. and i dont want that anymore, so im doing all that i can to not. millions of people do it everyday, and you can too.

  5. I started using drugs at 13 and then my life fell apart so fast, i’ve been in rehabs, jails, been raped, i’ve prostituted myself, tried to kill myself, and so much more! I was jealous too. but i’m 20 now and have been clean for ten months today. Narcotics Anonymous helped me do that one. i feel for ya. But you can do it too!

  6. You’ll say no when you’re ready to.
    It looks like you’re pretty close to being ready to if you’re already jealous of the people that aren’t stuck like you are.
    What you need to realize is you aren’t really stuck.
    The drugs are just making you think you are.
    There are so many better natural highs out there.
    Find them.
    I have faith in you.
    You just need to have faith in yourself.

  7. Congratulations on the days of sobriety I hope you have kept it up. That is about the longest that I have been sober since I was 12, I’m 19 now. I can completely relate to you doing things that you said you would never do. I have crossed so many lines in the sand it makes me sick to think about it. I wish I could have just said no.

  8. i feel the same way as this.
    its so hard to say no to a drug and it kinda scares me.
    ive been doing drugs for 5 years and feel that i cant stop.
    its a love; its an addiction.

  9. dont be jealous of that im telling you from experience
    you take that first hit and if you love it its got you hooked
    pride yourself for being able to say no.

  10. It’s not hard. Just say it’s not your scene, then gently tease them for doing it. Play it off like it’s nothing.

  11. I hope that you can stop, especially since you want to, you just have to try and believe.
    Honestly thou, even though I know that getting high and drun is bad, I really want to do it. I wish I was on drugs…

  12. my biggest regrets are drug related. they have ruined my teenage years, relationships, respect from my family. i still struggle to say no sometimes. and im scared i’ll have a “relapse” even though i was never an actual “addict” but sometimes you get caught up in the moment, i know how you feel. lets say no together.

  13. I used to be the same way. I hated that I did so many harmful things, and didn’t do anything about it. I believe that it made me who I am today. I wouldn’t change for the world.

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