I’m a christian girl saving herself for marriage

I'm a christian girl saving herself for marriage

I’m a christian girl saving herself for marriage

Who has a bondage fetish.

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  1.  by  Spencer

    I am a male who is a Dom, Christian and also saving myself for marriage. You are not alone. Bondage is the 2nd most common fetish, next being to feet (which is what I am also attracted too). God made us the way we were meant to be, there is nothing wrong or sick about you or anyone. Hang in there, I hope you and I the best in our searches for that special someone.

  2.  by  samntha

    we are creat it to be save for the best men ever, i also im virgin is the best thing that a girl have. im christian too and got dont like fornication 🙂

  3.  by  broken heart

    Fetishes and sexual attraction/preferences, etc., are developed AFTER we are born — mostly in our formative years, but to some degree in our adolescence, as well. God didn’t create people with fetishes and things…He created our spirits and gave us free agency (free will) to choose our lives and what we want to become. Anyone who assumes that God created people with certain fetishes, et al., is giving an “out” to pedophiles, etc., and that is WRONG. God didn’t create pedophiles; He created (some) spirits who later developed pedophilia BY CHOICE. That’s all.

  4.  by  Jenn

    I am trying to be a good Christian, but I also have a bondage/rape fetish. I can’t get off without at least thinking of being tied up and/or violated, and I hate it. I want to have “normal” sex so bad and have been trying for years, and prayed on it and tried all kinds of things to change my persuasion, but I can’t seem to shake it. I feel your pain. I feel so guilty, like I’m doing my husband and my God a disservice. I don’t know what to do either. Hopefully we can figure this out some day.

  5.  by  jenna black

    You’re not alone! I am a strong, Christian woman that has been married for 8 years now. We are as much in love now as ever, and in the past few years have really explored what we like (which is a lot) and don’t. As a Christian, it took a while to wade through all the passages, because I was raised in a home that made what I felt innatly wrong. The best thing I discovered was that when it comes to the marriage bed, God is very conspicuously quiet. If it doesn’t cause harm to the other, is done privatly between husband and wife and is something you both want then its allowed :). Amazing!

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