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  1. why don’t we practice abstinence instead of abortion? do fourteen year olds really need to be having sex? probably not…. would someone love to raise love and keep her baby if she is incapable of it YES. how about adoption instead of abortion? We should all be allowed to grow up to be who we can be as opposed to having our lives cut off before we are even given names or being held for the first time.

  2. Brooke if she wants an abortion why should she have to go through the pain of having the child and having to give it up for one stupid mistake, aslong as the baby can’t feel pain it is not a living thing it is nothing more than a tumour.

  3. I am 19 years old, and had an abortion. First off it was with my boyfriend of three years, who in the end still got scared and took off. Despite the fact he was 25. My first thought was raise it on my own. However I am struggling enough to feed my own mouth let alone a new one. Which led me to my next decision, adoption. I had this decision for quite some time. Then it dawned on me, what if this child doesn’t get the life I want it to, what about the millions and millions of other babies in the world that need a home. What about the fact that our world population jumped from 6 billion to 7 billion in a decade. There are more of us then rabbits. I also took into consideration my whole life I have done nothing but selfless acts to make others happy why for a change could I not be selfish. Why would I have to give up my body, that I already struggle with, ruin my reputation as a person, puke every day, more than once, not be able to eat properly, sensitive to smells and all the other ‘joys’ of pregnancy if in the end I didn’t get the reward. I am sorry. This is the 21st century. Being pregnant was terrible for me, I was miserable. All I did was cry. Not to mention I hate the world we live in now, from our government to humanity as a whole. Why bring a child into a world I can barely stand myself?

  4. Lilly, you helped me. I was 19 had an abortion and still to this day harbor guilt, but you’re right…and one day I will have kids and will be able to give them the life they deserve.
    To the 14 yr old, life is hard enough, and I was in college, could legally work, and had my own drivers license and car….I don’t condone abortion over adoption, but the babies having babies need to realize that in this world there is so much more to it than that hormonal boy who says he loves you. Education, career, falling in real love, and cherishing the blessings not stressing over the hardships.

  5. How about people learn how to keep their legs closed….simple solution. Also, if you have an abortion, you SHOULD feel guilty for the rest of your lives..cause you just killed an innocent unborn. Which is MORE than a tumor, you know they have a heart beat at four weeks right? Theories also suggest they do feel pain. I can’t imagine a more selfish act, it’s completely unjustifiable.

  6. Make the mature decision to have sex=making the mature decision to deal with the ‘consequences’ and not kill another human life because you fucked up with yours…

  7. How come we’re judging her so negatively… People make mistakes and this is not the first time a 14 year has gotten pregnant… This thing is for people to be open and honest about how they feel – withOUT feeling judged… I think we can be more supportive…

    I hope you’re doing well and that you have a supportive system around you to take care of you and your child.

  8. I use birth control and have religiously stuck to it to it since I was 14. I had a pregnancy when i was 16 and miscarried four months in. I was on bc when I got pregnant. And honestly that miscarriage was the best thing that could have happened I feel not a single ounce of guilt or sadness. Because I knew it would be a mistake to bring a baby into this world. And don’t get me wrong I love kids I want them one day. But why suffer if you and that baby don’t have to. So don’t judge an say oh well dont spread your legs or use bc. The world don’t always work the way we wanna think it does, so assinine people need to start being more open minded and stop judging!

  9. Abortions are great, the people that confuse them with Birth control are just idiotic. Yeah, sorry I don’t want to have a baby so it goes into welfare because I wont feed it well or raise it well. Tough luck, those opposing abortion are mostly men or conservative nutjobs from Arizona than say a person exists two weeks BEFORE conception…what?

    I rather see unintelligent, uncapable, and minors abort their babies, than to have to see more people who don’t deserve to parents stand in line with their foodstamps on hand.

  10. I was 14, pregnant, and had an abortion. Kudos to you for doing what I couldnt. I hope you and your baby are well.

  11. Little fourteen year old, who is probably twenty-something now, I hope that no matter what actions you took with your pregnancy, you are happy and at peace now. In the end, the only thing that matters is a life worth living. That goes for mother and child. Best of luck to you.

  12. As the daughter of a teen mom who was told to abort me, a lump of tissue, I say fuck you assholes.

  13. Why are people assuming that a 14-year-old consented to sex? It is remotely possible that she did, but infinitely more possible that she was raped or coerced.

  14. apparently several of these people posting would gladly take in the thousands of children that others have opted to abort… How about if we don’t believe in it, thenwe don’t do it in our own lives. God bless each of you who have had to go through something so scary. Youare not alone in this or unforgivable. It is between you and your creator only. Thank you for being bravev enough to share on here. Namaste

  15. wow, statistics shows over and over again that “abstinence only education” does not decrease teen pregnancy (the opposite is true) Only contraception and sex education prevents teen pregnancies.

  16. firstly, we don’t know how or why this girl got pregnant. for all of the “keep your legs closed” people out there- what if she wasn’t given a choice? also, for all the pro-lifers, go read the Book of Luke again. “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.”

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  18. The only person who could say that a baby is a tumor has never sat crying in a hospital bed after having to deliver their stillborn baby. Go fuck yourself asshole!

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