16 thoughts on “I wouldn’t hesitate to marry you.”

  1. Because girls grow up deaming about how they will be proposed to, something like getting down on one knee is a small detail, but can make all the difference. Don’t be such a jerk and refuse to get down on one knee, I bet if you tried it, you would get (dare I say, possibly have gotten) a much more emotional response, Go ahead, ask your wife or girlfriend if they think theres a difference.

  2. Its not arrogant, she just has her own dreams. some women don’t need the whole down-on-one-knee deal…it just depends on your woman.

  3. It’s not shallow at all.

    Notice, she didn’t say “I would marry you if you got on one knee…” she said “IF YOU WOULD STOP BEING SO FUCKING COOL.”

    Pride. It can be a millstone around your neck.

    Sometimes you need to get over yourself in order to really show your love for someone. It sounds like that is all she wants.

    Not shallow at all.

  4. 4 years isnt a major difference, seriously, my mom married a guy 8 years younger after dating a shit(sorry hate the bastard) who was 13 years older
    age is only numbers

  5. Age is a lot more than numbers. When you get to be too far apart in age your experiences are on different levels as is your maturity. However 4 years is nothing. Especially at 18. 18 and 14 is creepy, but the older you get the less differences you have.

  6. Boys dream of winning the super bowl, but we’re not going to quit playing football if it doesn’t happen.

  7. I think SHE needs to get over herself. What makes her think that she is such a prize. Like she owns the gift of marriage but the man has to step correct in order to receive it.

    What a bunch of hooey. Stop teaching your daughters this crap.

  8. I proposed to my fiancee last 4th of July on top of the Golden Gate Bridge during the fireworks show.

    I did get down on one knee, however if I hadn’t and she said no JUST because I didn’t get down on my knees it would make me extremely angry and hurt. If a guy cares enough to get a ring and propose to someone and you say no because he’s not on his knees then YOU are the one that is arrogant.

    I honestly do understand a girls desire to have the Hollywood proposal, but just because it’s not done like you see in the movies doesn’t mean he cares less about you. Shame on any girl who said no because he wasn’t on a knee. If he was sincere about his proposal and got the nicest ring he could afford within reason, and picked a time and location to do the deed yet you think it’s not good enough because of that one detail shame on you. Do you realize how nervous we are before we propose?? There’s also a very good chance that we could forget one of the small details in our plan no matter how many times we rehearse it in our heads.

    The proposal is not only about the girl. It’s about the both of you, and if you refuse to accept because of that then you obviously have lost track of why you are with him and have forgotten the true meaning and feeling of the love the two of you share. I beg for your and his sake to reconsider your level of arrogance think about the way you made him feel by turning down his proposal and talking so badly about him.

  9. That’s just stupid. He’s telling you he wants to marry you and spend the rest of his life with you and take care of you for the rest of his life, but that’s not good enough because he’s not doing it in the right pose?

    If he gives up, you deserve it.

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