I want to get pregnant so i will never lose him completely

I want to get pregnant so i will never lose him completely

I want to get pregnant so i will never lose him completely

29 Comments on “I want to get pregnant so i will never lose him completely

  1.  by  Brandy

    This is the dumbest reason to bring a child into this world! That’s called entrapment… And what happens if you do get pregnant and still leaves you? Your child isn’t going to have a father! No guy is worth the pain your child will feel when his/her dad walks out on them! You need to sit down and actually think about what you are doing to not only yourself, but to him, and to this “child” that you want to have! It’s not going to get better because you two have a baby together… it’s only going to get worse!

  2.  by  anonymous

    i did this..i got pregnant and my boyfriend stayed with me..I am so miserable. you will have him physically but you will never have his heart. now, we will live together and he beats me up every time we fight :=(

  3.  by  luca

    i did this..i got pregnant and my boyfriend stayed with me..I am so miserable. you will have him physically but you will never have his heart. now, we will live together and he beats me up every time we fight

  4.  by  victoria

    i did that. he left and got engaged to my friend. then he left her and is obessed with me now. what have i done to my poor son

  5.  by  jen0106

    this is the WRONG way to go girlie!! It will NOT make a man LOVE u..
    trust me on that one…

  6.  by  Jen

    I feel the same way, but that’s because he’s a firefighter, so if he dies I still have a little bit of him in our child. We’ve been married for 2 years…. So the rest of you chill out, that might be what she means.

  7.  by  Stacey

    He won’t stay with you.

    I had a daughter with my ex, not for the same reasons, and he left her. After being with us for nearly 3 years (me for longer, obviously), he left. He hardly saw her.

    Now he’s off in England (I’m in Australia) with some British girl…

    I hate him, so I don’t care… but regardless of my feelings about HIM… I feel so bad for my poor daughter.

    You will feel the same about your own child. You’ll have lost your love, but you will have made life harder for your child too (and yourself). Don’t do it. Please.

  8.  by  Friend

    Maybe she means she wants a part of him to be with her always if something were to happen and he left this world.

    I would rather be a single mother to his child than living with no reason to live.

    Don’t judge others. Don’t you know what happens when you ASSume?

  9.  by  Di

    I want to do same 🙂
    God is the one letting the creation be, and God is the One giving everybody’s life, I will love my kid, is important the baby to be loved, and I love it – thats the most important – Man are man, they do not suppose to have mothers feelings – often they just scare from responsibility – if you could efford it just do it …

  10.  by  Bri

    I know exactly what you mean.

    So that if something does happen, you will always have a part of him.

    I did that, I’m still married though. But just incase he does pass away or leave me, I can look at my son, who is a spitting image of him and still remember how great he was.


  11.  by  kt

    im 17 years old and in love with a 29 year old man, i want his child, not to tie him down to me, but to have a piece of our love with me forever. he’d be a greaet father no matter what happens, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to have a product of your love forever.

  12.  by  koyasha

    then leave him now, sweetheart. do you still “love” him? your child is not going to be happier with a father like that around!

  13.  by  koyasha

    I totally agree. I’m 23 and in love with a 34-yr-old. Our “relationship” – the last bit of it, that is – is falling apart. He’d also be a great father. He loves kids and I’m sure he would love his own even more. I don’t know where most ppl that comment on here live but where I live there are lots of women or even men raising their kids on their own and lots of them are normal happy children. On the other hand there are lots of kids growing up in a “family” who definitely suffer from whatever may be going on in their homes. I’d say it’s pretty much 50-50. Maybe some of you will understand what I’m talking about, people who grew up in a so-called perfect family surrounded by so-called perfect families probably won’t. And besides, who said that someone raising a kid on their own won’t find another partner who is going to accept and love the child. I am adopted so I know that it’s possible to really love a child that isn’t yours if you accept it. And no matter what – if someone is raising a kid on their own or with the baby’s father or another partner or whatever, all that matters is that the person(s) raising the child love it with all of their heart.

  14.  by  katie

    that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard but it isn’t the first time iv heard it…girls are stupid i swear

  15.  by  jen

    I thought about doing this, my partner at the time told me “you will end up in single motherhood becuase I will never settle down, i will continue to be the guy that i am and i’m never going to change”. he said if you do this it would be the biggest mistake of your life..trust me a child of yours deserves a better father than someone like me?

    intresting..true love?

  16.  by  Amber

    please don’t do it, that would be so unfair on your baby
    most people get pregnant for selfish reasons, and objectify their children, just remember those are human beings
    if you really want a child for the child’s sake adoption is the best course
    there’s no unselfish reason to intentionally get pregnant while there are already so man children alive in the world that need the love of a family

  17.  by  Duuuur

    he might not stay. thats just how it works. My neighbor did that. She and her husband hate each other and fight all the time. It’s got to the point where they physically fight. The only thing her decision changed is now they’ve got a kid crying in the front door…

  18.  by  Sweetpea

    oh good god LEAVE HIM! He’s telling you how he is!!!! There’s no changing him, so let it go!

  19.  by  anonymous

    i know the feeling too, yet i look down on people who have the courage to say it out loud

  20.  by  PregnantJuggalette

    We talked about having a baby…then when I got pregnant…he no longer wanted me…now I lie to his face when I tell him I just want him happy because what I want is for him to be happy with me and his baby.

  21.  by  123456

    this thought has crossed my mind before also. I’m glad we had an abortion though. because i am scared of what kind of father he would be.

  22.  by  breaking heart

    You gals don’t get it: The way in which she will never lose him completely is through their child. She will always have an extension of his genetic material by having someone around who has half of his DNA. Even relatives who are not even contemporaries sometimes have the same way of doing things. My dad is still so surprised that I sit in a chair the way his “fat, old grandmother” sat in a chair. The apple does not fall far from the tree. More things are genetic than what scientists have figured out so far. They just have to prioritize what traits they focus their work on. Plus, it’s all controlled by the guys in Congress, who choose which projects are going to get grants, and which ones are going to suffer.

  23.  by  molldoll

    I think she just wants a part of him because she loves him so much, but knows he doesn’t love her back. She doesn’t want to entrap him, so she wants a child that will be like him so she can give that child the love that she wanted to give the child’s father. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I think it’s sad when people have to raise children alone. It’s a lot harder than most people think.

  24.  by  breaking heart

    It’s far harder on the child(ren) than it is on either parent. They are new to this cold, harsh world, and to know they have a parent who wants nothing to do with them, or who doesn’t love them enough to make a happy home life for them, must be torturous. What did the kid ever do to them that was so bad? Even bigger a question is what malicious intent could this child have had for you in the first place? Except in the cases of sociopaths, none.

  25.  by  goldylocks

    im starting to wonder now that weve broken up that if i hadnt had my abortion and was still pregnant, would he still have left me? and if i had decided to keep it and then he had still left me, would i be able to cope having a constant reminder of someone who doesnt love me anymore? i hope deep down that because im so angry at myself for the abortion he will come back to me and i will have a baby with him and this will erase all of these feelings. i have slept with him since we broke up and although i knwo it didnt mean anything to him i was deep down thinking of removing my contraception to get pregnant from him because then things may change. that hasnt happened and thhis anger remainds.

  26.  by  maddy

    I understand.

    I’m so afraid that my boyfriend will leave me because…I don’t know, I’m afraid for silly reasons, but I’m still afraid and I want him to stay with me…

  27.  by  Secretconfessor

    DONT DO IT. If he doesn’t love you, or if you aren’t a good couple, the baby is only being USED.
    My ex wife got pregnant right away and knew I was an ‘honorable and loyal’ type of guy…she knew she had me…we stayed married for 20 years. We weren’t happy. It was SO WRONG…not just for me, but for her too. Don’t do it…if you happen to get pregnant, keep the child of course, but do everything in your power NOT to get pregnant…unless he wants this and you both love each other enough to add another to your loving home.

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