I think I’d love myself if I was skinny

I think I'd love myself if I was skinny

I think I’d love myself if I was skinny

72 Comments on “I think I’d love myself if I was skinny

  1.  by  Riley

    Because I would have enough self esteem and self confidence and love and happiness to deal with them and work through them instead of just being depressed all the time

  2.  by  xlovexmyxbonesx

    I’ve never hated myself so much as when I weight 7st.

  3.  by  AnaRox

    Hey if you wanna be skinny i say Go Girl! It’s her choice haterz,,if she wants to be chosen by ana then she is gifted.

    stay strong,,stay skinny


  4.  by  brittany

    i almost died from anorexia. recovery is the best thing that ever happened to me.

  5.  by  Lucy

    I thought that as well, well i actually still do, however i was anorexic a few years ago, and you just keep thinking that way. I ended up becoming reclusive and refusing to see my friends. I realised and still have to keep telling myself these days that it is actually company and friendship that makes me love myself. Because if someone else can love me that i trust, i trust their love to love myself.

  6.  by  I wish i wasnt

    ive been super skinny my whole life…i wish more then anything i could be just a average sized girl..Everyone thinks i have a eating disorder..but i dont..i just cant gain weight..im 5’8..the most ive ever weighed is 110..those few weeks were the happiest ive ever been with my self…it bothers me when my friends who are your average sized female complain about being fat and talk about how they wish they could be my size..i just wish they could see how beautiful they really are.

  7.  by  Jessy

    Babe, lay off. It isn’t a HUGE deal because no one else on the planet really cares what anyone says on this page. We all have much better ways to use our time but seriously, chill. We don’t need your comment on everything.

    Yes you are bashing on people. Does any of this sound familiar? “Lifeless Barbie Doll” or you condescending tone? It’s because of your so called “bad ass” additive that people actually feel bad about themselves.

    Again, you look bad here. No one else. Lay off. If we wanted your opinion on every minuet detail we’d say so.

  8.  by  Jessy

    I totally agree! It’s because of sad, sad judgements (such as those above us)that secrets like this actually exist.

  9.  by  Jessy

    Again we don’t need your comment on everything. Get nice or get off.

  10.  by  Jessy

    I agree with you totally!

    And babe, it’ll be alright eventually. If I were a gambling sort of gal I’d place money on the fact that your a gorgeous, nice girl. Don’t put yourself down. Been there, done that, it isn’t fun.

    Try exercise instead of self-hating. It sounds a little lame but seriously if you can just try it you’ll find yourself able to eat the foods you love and not gain as much weight. Exercise helps your self esteem and can get you fit and at a healthy weight as I assume you’d want to be 🙂
    Good Luck!

  11.  by  gonzalez

    i think what she means is she wants to be normal and comfortable in her own skin.. some people don’t like to stand out.. and i know it’s wrong but most people judge another by how they look.. i know i hate when people stare at my stretch marks when i have a t-shirt on just because it’s a nice day outside.. i know when people comment on sites like this they will say the right things.. but TRUTH.. if you seen a over weight girl you know you would take another look and miss the skinny girl pass right in front of her.. stop being so fake people.. just be truthful with your own self.. hopefully there our pure hearted people out there.. haven’t meet one yet.. my search continues..

  12.  by  Jessi simmons

    i think this too, but the only thing that ever happens is me getting more and more fat, which means i hate myself more and more

  13.  by  Black

    I was happiest when I was a size 3! I know that may not be feasable anymore, but I am losing weight and it’s making me very happy.

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  15.  by  Helena

    I used to think the opposite,anyways I am all in the clear now and it doesnt matter anymore.

  16.  by  Jitters

    I’m skinny and people talk shit about me all the time. They call me disgusting because they think it doesn’t hurt my feelings. I’d love to have some curves! Be proud of who you are.

  17.  by  kb

    I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes it’s like you are just hiding behind the fat, because if you are the “fat girl” then you don’t really have to be yourself. But at the same time you hate being fat, and feeling like you aren’t good enough to be thin. Obviously we know that we should exercise more etc. so yeah I think you should find some activity you enjoy, but not because you aren’t “attractive”, but because you might be happier. Although I honestly think that not liking yourself goes deeper then how you look. I know it does for me.

  18.  by  tokeabelle

    being skinny doesn’t always make you happy. finally learning to accept who you are does (and I’m still getting there)

  19.  by  katk

    I lost 160 pounds and looked great and still felt fat and ugly.I learned no matter what my size, the only thing that matters, no one can see with their eyes anyway. You have to love you for whats inside, that is the stuff that matters.

  20.  by  emma 24

    I lost over 4 stone and I have never left happier…I still have two more stone to go to be at my ideal weight but life hasn’t been this good in a while. I think happiness is related to weight…how can you truely feel good about yourself when your not confident, don’t think you look pretty, can’t wear the clothes you want etc? The most important think here is not to focus your attention on becoming skinny, rather you should aim to get to a weight that is healthy for your height. If you really want to lose weight you can, but no one can do it for you, it has to be a choice you decide and you must attack it head on with persistance and determination….remember happiness comes from within….be true to yourself and ALLOW yourself to be happy…then the rest will follow x

  21.  by  ScarredBeauty

    Ironically, I wish I was curvy, but every time i try to get curves all i get is a stomach, and so I go back on a diet, then loose the stomach. But the cycle restarts all over again :/

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