I still love him. Everyday I try to convince myself otherwise.

I still love him. Everyday I try to convince myself otherwise.

I still love him. Everyday I try to convince myself otherwise. I’ve done a good job fooling other people .
All I need now is to fool myself.

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  1.  by  mbeth1263

    me too, and it hurts so much i don’t think i can stand it

  2.  by  Arod

    Im the Donkey she loves, and I still love her so much it hurts every day 🙁

  3.  by  Exodi

    I know how you feel, Only person I can hide it from is him and I think that that may only be because he really does know but he just doesn’t want to. I want to cry unrequited love is the worst.

  4.  by  Sally Sue

    although this may seem overwhelming now, and the least you would want is simple news but the truth is that one day there will be someone else to help you forget. someone that will show you why this previous relationship didn’t work out because you were meant for them. just hold out, i bet you’re stronger than you think you are. good luck

  5.  by  Mae West

    I am still in love with my ex-boyfriend from highschool we broke up 2 years ago. For some reason I keep holding out hope hope that he will miss me, and we’ll get married, Just like we always said.
    i love you for always

  6.  by  terri

    he fucked six other chicks while we were together, and the sad truth is, i’d probably take him back.

  7.  by  heartbreakdancer

    story of my life.
    the only problem was, that I let HIM go.
    now i have a new bf, he has a new gf..i still love him..he doesnt know…he thinks im over him..i hope he’s not over me.
    i dont know what to do. i still see us being together in the end, but im pretty sure he has other plans.

  8.  by  lovestruck

    I dated this guy. he seemed perfect, but when it came down to it.. he was a jerk. he flirted with any girl that would let him. he was good looking, the sweetest, the most coferatable and trusting person. until he left me randomly and dated someother girl within hours of breaking up with me…. and the worst part i NEED him. i WANT him. i love him. STILL!! i think theres something wrong with me… but i can’t hlep it.

  9.  by  babycat

    I have the same problem. I act like I’m so over it and that i don’t mind seeing other people, but secretly I just compare them all back to him. i think about him all of the time and the worst part is we are still friends…

    he came over the other day and didn’t leave for nearly 36 hours, and yet he still doesn’t want me back.

    it’s been nearly a year of this back and forth and yet i have not given up. i love him, i can’t stop.

  10.  by  Julian

    he was my best friend and it hurts to see him even now…i avoid him and tell my friends that i’m okay but all the time i just want my heart to be ripped out so i don’t have to feel it anymore

  11.  by  mhmm. . .

    ii know what you mean. i’ve had him and i’ve lost him. and right now he’s my bestest friend. ii don’t want that even if ii have some one who loves me. . ii only want him . . ii think that he knows .

  12.  by  tic

    i’ve been fooling myself for three years just for telling him no, when all i wanted to say is yes
    i felt like a stupid girl
    i still do
    cause i keep fooling others
    i keep fooling myself
    I wish i told him before

  13.  by  saraslover

    Im in love with my ex still… she says she is still in love with me… i treated her horrible the last time we dated… im so sorry and just want her back but she either is afraid i might do the same thing or she is playing me while she stays with her current BF… i love her so much though… i wish there was something i could change

  14.  by  metoo

    I keep holding on to hope.
    Hoping that he’ll look back one day, hoping he’s turn around, hoping that he’ll come back. To me.

    I just cannot let it go.

  15.  by  hunnybee

    5 years later and I’m falling back in love with him.
    do I tell him or do i keep quiet and jus settle for a friendship?!

  16.  by  bassistcat

    thanks for sharing. my recent ex…he chose a random bar slut over me. because ‘she had no place to stay.’ after a year together, we had a rough patch. then he just lets this female walk in. how i wish i could fool myself. again, thanks for sharing.

  17.  by  Danielle

    This is exactly the postition I am in. It sounds like something I could’ve written.

  18.  by  Rose

    The worst thing is… I’ve started to fool myself… and that hurts more than crying myself to sleep every night because I still love him…

  19.  by  Facebook User

    I’m still best friends with my ex…..he cheated on me 4 times with one of my good friends……the sad thing I’d probably start dating him again if my parents & girl friends wouldn’t kill me for doing so. & the sad thing is….I’m falling for him harder & harder every time I talk to him…..

  20.  by  L

    I understand this completely. He broke up with me and we were apart for 3 months and I ruined a great guy in the process. But when it came down to it, I loved my boyfriend more than I was capable of loving anyone else and that fact alone sucked.

    But I was lucky: he felt the same way and came back. Now I’m afraid that he’ll do the same thing again. I don’t think I could survive that a second time.

  21.  by  Renee2011

    I feel the same way, it’s easy to convince others, i never thought id have to put up this fake front for so long. i hate him for what he did to me.

  22.  by  Heather

    I completely feel the same. Sometimes I almost believe myself, but don’t.

  23.  by  jos

    Story of my life… this is what is happening to me exactly
    It frustrates the hell out of me…. I wish I could be as naive as all the other people…

  24.  by  jennifer

    Same with me. The ex and I just broke up a few weeks ago. He has abused me and my 9 month old child. Everyone tells me how much I should hate him and never want to talk to him again,but I’m the one that doesn’t even want to go to sleep because he’s there in my dreams and I’m telling him how much I miss him and want to be with him. I wish I could fool myself enough to just get one damn night of sleep.

  25.  by  Tree

    Wow. I’m kind of been going through this for almost a year. But there comes a time when you just except it and “move on”. Deep down I know if he ever needs something I’m there.

  26.  by  PregnantJuggalette

    Sometimes I wish I could just fool other people…that way at night when I cry holding my pregnant stomach with your child inside…that they’d just suspect hormones…

    I’ve never succeeded in lying about how much it hurts me to know I love you and you don’t want me.

  27.  by  Andrew

    one kiss… still paying for it 5 years later…

  28.  by  breaking heart

    He is the greatest man who ever lived, and he decided a little over a month ago that he doesn’t love me anymore. He won’t talk to me about it either. He is doing this mean, passive-aggressive thing where he won’t say boo to me, even though I pour out my soul to him almost every day in my emails. I would decapitate myself over this, except that blood is so messy, and I don’t think it’s right to make someone else clean up my mess.

  29.  by  Anne

    Nearly a decade later, I feel the same way.
    I foolishly assumed my first love could never be my last.

  30.  by  anonou miss

    i try everyday to convince myself that we were nothing more then an immature mistake…and to him i was. but i still keep a picture of us and the letters he wrote me at the bottom of a secret box because my new boyfriend thinks i threw them all away.

  31.  by  Me

    Me too! Things got weird between us because of outside influences & strange life situation & we both pulled away from each other instead of talking the whole situation through. We’re both too young & immature to handle the shit we’ve tried to handle, it was too complicated, we’re occasionally in touch now & if it’s meant to be, then it’ll be. I’m smiling, because even if we’re really over (& I really fking hope we’re not!), at least we happened. At least we were both so lucky to have that time together & to have that happiness & connection…It was so wonderful! Damn you, love, you’re a harsh mistress! 😀

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