I have internet boyfriends

I have internet boyfriends

I have internet boyfriends, and I never let them see my body. It’s my body that keeps me from having a real boyfriend.

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  1.  by  Kelly

    The right man will see past the outside. If you stop looking for love, love will find you 🙂 Be proud of who you are , those who judge you aren’t worthy of you.

  2.  by  skinny

    Yoou don’t want pictures of your body circulating the web anyways . Internet boyfriends are lame

  3.  by  Tracy

    I think the same way actually but I don’t have internet boyfriends

  4.  by  anonymous

    I used to have an Internet boyfriend.
    we believed we were perfect for eachother. when he turned 18, we were supposed to meet.
    but we didn’t last that long. it was only four more months…
    now I’ve broken his heart.
    I miss him more than anything.

  5.  by  jdub

    I had a internet boyfriend for 2 years. He was 3 years older. Thing is he lived in Canada, and I live in America. I could tell he really seriously loved me the last 5 months of our relationship.. He left me for some other girl, and told me it was just because he didn’t want to hurt me further down the road. I think it was because he’s afraid that I was something real to him. I still want him back. My mom still is a bitch about the whole thing. But now it hurts when she talks about the phone bills because she doesn’t know he broke my heart, and I can’t tell her that he did.. I’d still take him back.

  6.  by  bella_italiana

    I still have an internet boyfriend. He lives in california, and i’m in canada. I went to visit him this past summer, and over the internet and phone, we knew we were perfect for eachother, and in person it was that much more amazing. I’m not saying that it’s ever really right to meet someone in person that you met online, because there are some crazy people out there, but i got to know him soo well and talked to his parents that i knew it was okay. I’m head over heels in love with him, and i know i want him forever.

  7.  by  Stacey

    Lots of internet boys fancied me. I never had a problem with my personality, just my body. I only ever offered headshots. I feared that if they saw me for real, they’d stop talking to me.

    I ended up showing one internet boy more of myself… and we even met face-to-face.

    I’ve been with him 8 fantastic months, and am so in love. He doesn’t care that I’ve had a child, and therefore have stretchmarks, saggy skin and a caesarean scar. He doesn’t care that I’m overweight.

    Even though he has the perfect body.

    He loves me.

  8.  by  Unknown

    I had the same issues, and I met a guy online and knew after the first phone convo this was it. Sounds nuts, but he flew 3,000 miles to be with me and we were married less than a month later. Its been 2 years, and one beautiful baby boy later, still good, and he sees in me what I can’t always see in myself.

  9.  by  theweak

    This picture leads me to believe you are somebody I know.

    I still think you are beautiful.

  10.  by  T

    I feel the same way. If I was taller, would I be more popular? If I was thinner, would I be more fun? If I had bigger breasts, would I be more loved?
    My ex didn’t love me till I weighed 45kg. I now weigh 55kg and he left me 6mths ago. We are still friends, he says that he still loves me, and when I visit him I feel like we were never apart. But now I have my heart back, I can’t be with man I was never good enough for, regardless of how much I long for him. He did me a favour by ending our romance, because I couldn’t do it.

  11.  by  Jay

    I know what you are saying, but I’m sure that you are beautiful, from head to toe and inside and out.

  12.  by  scaredycat

    I met my first boyfriend online. He was down south and i’m from up north. We were madly in love with each other, and he even proposed to me a couple of times. but i broke up with him because i was scared he wouldn’t love me if he saw me in person, and now i regret running away from that.

  13.  by  curious

    this sounds exactly like what happened to me, may i ask his name?

  14.  by  Emily

    It’s strange to see one of these secrets… and in a split-second to know exactly who it is. This is your secret to keep, even if it’s an old one. But for what it’s worth, let me just say that even if you feel as fragile as glass… you’re still as beautiful and strong as any diamond.

  15.  by  Stranger things have happened

    I wonder if the person who wrote this is a cutter. She looks pretty enough that I wonder if it might be more than normal self-esteem issues.

  16.  by  Jena

    I’ve had boyfriends id never seen in person, met through a friend. I then met this amazing guy who loves me for me, even if I don’t think I’m pretty. And trust me, I’m not small. 250 pounds. Forget what you think you’re supposed to look like and let someone fall in love with the real you. Trust me, you’ll be happier. And there are people out there who will do that.

  17.  by  Brie

    My friend had a boyfriend she met over the internet. He was emotionally abusive and almost ruined her life. My only advice is to be very careful you don’t know what you are getting yourself into!

  18.  by  Ashley

    They won’t look past the outside, they will LOVE the outside. I used to think this of myself and am now with a man who loves me for me. Even though I still battle my self image, he reminds me everyday how beautiful I am and that he thinks I’m perfect.

  19.  by  Amber

    well if that’s you in the picture you seem pretty from what’s visible ^^
    besides if a guy doesn’t like you for who you are then who needs them
    if they love you then they’ll appreciate your looks more than anyone, especially yourself, and they’ll make you feel comfortable in your own skin
    plenty of guys find the archetypal barbie body to be a turnoff anyway, so let them see the real you and you might be pleasantly surprised 🙂
    also I’m sure you don’t need to be told but do be careful meeting people online, you meet some nutters wherever you go but the internet makes it easy for them

  20.  by  Amber

    anyone can have confidence issues, look at all the gorgeous people who’ve ruined their bodies with cosmetic surgery

  21.  by  Mia

    I loved my internet x boyfriend (we met quite a lot) more than my current boyfriend who I met irl. I don’t think it being online or in real life have a say in who you get along with and who will steal your heart.

  22.  by  fiona

    I just split up with my ex who i was with for two years and who i loved more than anyone else ive ever known.He broke my heart when he finished with me and I quickly replaced him by jumping into another relationship with a different guy. My ex recently got in touch and said he wanted me back, that he realised he’d never really appreciated me and that things would be different if i was willing to give it another go. My new boyfriend treats me soo nicely and makes me feel more confident than ive felt in a long time but im still considering getting back with my ex….is this a mistake?

  23.  by  paulina

    i talked with this guy for a year. we finally met a couple of weeks ago. he dumped me yesterday, i wanted to know why. cause i just couldnt understand. he always told me he couldnt live without me and i was everything to him and suddenly this.
    finnaly i got out of him the reason why he didnt want me anymore.
    he said “i want a skinny girl”.
    i was so afraid to meet this boy but finally did cause i though i could trust him and i believed what he told me, that he wanted me how ever i looked. but he didnt and now i will never be myself.
    i have allways had problems with my weight, i always hated myself cause im overweight.
    now i got dumped because im too fat. i want to die.

  24.  by  nocturnesthesia

    “Internet romance” is a joke. It’s not your body that keeps you from forming real relationships, it’s the fact that you’re too far gone in a fantasy world.

  25.  by  Jasmine

    He has issues hes shallow, forget him he’s not worth having ur heart broken

  26.  by  Helena

    I used to do this long time ago. You dont need a great body to be loved, I know it sounds preachy. I even took the plunge to meet one, and I can tell you we were happy, although my own self steem lead me to leave him in the end.

    Long story short we met in Orlando, I live in 3rd world country and he was an aussie. My anxiety after we met was so much I just couldnt handle it so I quit. He was ever so lovely.

    Hard way to lean. Anyways I did learn a thing or two and here I am as Happy as ever

  27.  by  Sweetpea

    I have the EXACT same issue! I’m talking to this guy and we fell in love! He lives in NY and I’m in FL. And he said he would love me even if I were 300 pounds, the problem is, what if he’s lying??

  28.  by  breaking heart

    Honey, there is a man out there for every fetish, etc. I had a friend who told me about a friend of his who had overwhelming facial hair (a woman), and she found a guy who has that fetish. Every kind of so-called “imperfection” is beautiful to someone. The problem is weeding through all the jerks who are going to talk smack at you about your different feature(s) until you find him. But when you do find him, it will have been sooo incredibly worth it. Take it from me: I have put up with having so much crap said about me, but a Marine officer once called me “a delectable morsel of feminine pulchritude.” I thank God every time I remember this message. I love him more than anything. I don’t get to be with him, but that’s about something else.

  29.  by  lynn

    i had a freind lik that and i got ride of here cuz she would pretend shes skinny on th intrnt whn shes not

  30.  by  Ari

    I had the same thing,my body has always held me back.I felt so happy when i talked to strangers and had “relationships” with them. Until my mom found my account and took it away. I feel awful to admit it, but i wouldn’t take it back. I miss the attention and ‘love’ that boys gave me. I fell in love for the first time over the internet. i only told my best friend. Now its 1 year later, only my best friend knows how many times he broke my heart. Trust me, that same boy broke my heart over and, the pain isnt worth it.

  31.  by  Celia

    I’m sure that if you gave one of those guys a chance, they’d love you for who they are!! Not everyone is shallow. I thought the same way, but I met this guy and he loved for what I was…Give someone a chance!!!!

  32.  by  breakingheart

    I’m with Ashley. I never, ever thought I could attract someone awesome with my looks, but I was wrong. It didn’t hurt that I presented my personality honestly on the dating site, either. My sweetie is just wonderful, and he’s gorgeous, too. There is a fetish for each and every different look under the sun, and it’s worth weeding through all the losers when you finally find that one man who loves you for who you are and how you look. I had been looking for about 15 years before my sweetheart found me. He was, and is, worth the wait!

  33.  by  Sean

    You are super cute. I’d love to be your boyfriend

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